EAA Chapter 1015


Chapter 1015 –The Gathering Part 7

Shu Ning gave a glance at Zi Qian Jing who was standing silently at the side. She smiled gracefully and introduced, “He is Yue Er’s son.”

Claps of thunder seemed to have struck above An Xi’s head, making her body stiffen.

‘This man is Mu Ru Yue’s son? Can it be my ears are playing tricks on me? How can such a thing happen? How on earth was she able to give birth to a son that is only a few years younger than her…’

‘I must have heard it wrong. That’s right, I must have.”


An Xi muttered to herself. It was as if she could fool herself that what she heard was just in her imagination when she said that to herself…

“Elder sister,” Xiao Qing Qing leaped into Mu Ru Yue’s embrace. She raised her beautiful face and smiled innocently and pure when she asked, “You’re finally back. But did my little nephew not come back with you?”

Everyone’s gaze shifted toward Mu Ru Yue at that instant. It was as though they were waiting for her response.

Mu Ru Yue’s body stiffened. She could only relax her body after a long period of time. She replied smilingly, “Huang Er needs to settle some matters so he left temporarily for a period of time. He will be back soon.”

‘Little Huang Er’s identity is too sensitive after all. People perhaps may try to make use of him. Hence, I can’t let him appear in public now…’


Xiao Qing Qing sighed with slight disappointment.

‘It has been so long since I had seen him. I really long to see my little nephew that has a jade carved-like appearance.’

“Can the two of you please follow me?” Murong Qing Chu’s gaze landed on Mu Ru Yue’s body. He even swept an indistinct gaze at Ye Wu Chen. With a gentle tone, he requested, “I have some words I will like to speak with you privately.”

Mu Ru Yue withdrew her gaze and nodded slightly as she agreed, “Alright, let’s go to the study room for a chat. Mother, Shu Ning is my friend. There are also these people that I will need to trouble you in entertaining them.”

Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen started to follow closely behind Murong Qing Chu while she said that, quickly vanishing from the courtyard.

The man had his hands behind his back within the study room. Gentle sunlight shone down from the sky, landing on his silver-white coloured hair. He looked like an aloof immortal that had exited from a painting.

Mu Ru Yue looked at the man before him as she queried, “What do you want to tell us?”

The man gradually turned his body. With a slight smile in his aloof eyes, he revealed, “I had foreseen the future of the continent recently, seeing some scenes. The entire continent will be in a terrible state in the near future. Everyone will be living within deep water and scorching flames.”

‘That scene was too horrifying. It is so bad that I don’t dare to watch it a second time…’

Mu Ru Yue’s heart sank.

‘I don’t care about those people in this continent that aren’t related to me. But there are my family members that I love fondly here.”

“What is your purpose of you telling us this…”

“I just wanted to inform you that your time is running out.” Murong Qing Chu smiled faintly as she continued, “You must increase your might when those people are still stuck at the border of this world! To those experts, being just at the Spiritual Realm won’t suffice…”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart slowly sank further. A pair of large hands gripped her hand tightly as though he felt her unease.

The warmth of his hand calmed her down. She looked at the aloof immortal-like man under the sunlight.

“I will quickly raise my might!”

Murong Qing Chu smiled as he asked, “Do you know about the Eighteen Levels of Purgatory1?”

‘Eighteen Levels of Purgatory?’

Mu Ru Yue’s heart shook. The words that Xiao Jing had said before she died replayed in her mind.

‘Feng Jing Tian is being tortured within that Eighteen Levels of Purgatory! I can already imagine what the Eighteen Levels of Purgatory will be just by its name…’

“You seems to be aware that your friend is within that Eighteen Levels of Purgatory.” Murong Qing Chu smiled faintly and with a soft gaze, he continued, “What I want to tell you next is regarding that Eighteen Levels of Purgatory…”

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  1. Miki: I am sorry but I had somehow misread the place and wrote this as Eighteen Levels of hell previously.

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