EAA Chapter 1011


Chapter 1011  –The Gathering Part 3

“This isn’t good. Elder, something terrible has happened.”

An anxious voice was heard from behind at this moment.

Yan Tai’s gaze darkened slightly as he swept a cold glance at the panicking subordinate rushing over. He asked coldly, “What happened?”

“Elder, people of the Medicine Sect and Martial Sect have come. Moreover, the group is being led by the head leaders of the Medicine Sect and Martial Sect.”



Yan Tai’s mien turned ashen at this instant. He said with gritted teeth, “Why have they come at such a moment? They even have two Supreme Realm experts leading the group.”

A group of people had already redoubled the siege and barged in from outside when the crowd didn’t understand what was happening.

Not to mention people of the North Devil Palace, Xiao Tian Yu and the rest were similarly stunned. They were obviously clueless about what was happening…

“Is this the Dou family?”

An Xi, who was standing in front of the people of the  Martial Sect, blinked her eyes and with a candid smile on her baby face, she asked, “I wonder if Yue Er is here…”

Qian Cheng Yan didn’t say anything. He just glanced at An Xi before he surveyed the crowd, looking for Mu Ru Yue. However, he was let down when he failed to see the person he was seeking.

“It seems Master isn’t here.”

He sighed, desolated.

‘It has been ages since I’ve seen Master ever since we separated at the Chaos City previously. He longed to see her again…”


When Murong Qin swept a gaze past the crowd on the pair of youthful man and woman, a trace of amazement shone past his eyes.

“Spiritual Master and a Divine Body? Master knows these kinds of talent?”

It was only by luck in meeting these kinds of physique. Yet, two of them had appeared before him this time…

Yan Tai’s expression was gloomy when he asked coldly, “I wonder why has the head leaders of the Medicine Sect and Martial Sect has come here for.”

Yao Sheng (medicine sage) glanced at Yan Tai upon hearing that. He had a glacial expression with his sharp eyes brimmed with coldness. On the other hand, the head leader of the Martial Sect, Mo Fei (not fly), looked like a benevolent elder. Yet, nobody dared to judge the book by the cover in determining his personality.

This old man hid knives within his smile. He could stab you anytime with a knife without warning when your guards were down.

“North Devil Palace?” Yao Sheng chuckled coldly before he ridiculed, “It seems the North Devil Palace is not placing the rest of the sects in this continent in their eyes, daring to make such a large commotion in public. Moreover, you’re delusional in wanting to govern the enter Eastern Island! Since so, you can’t blame us for teaming up all of the sects in this continent to fight against you!”

Haha!” Yan Tai laughed brazenly. He suppressed his fury and rebuked coldly, “Do you really think you can oppose our entire North Devil Palace? What a joke! The three of us are only the tip of the North Devil Palace. Currently, our palace master possesses a might where none of you all will be a match for him!”

Mo Fei chuckled and replied, “Yan Tai, you are really belittling the might of this entire continent. No matter what our ending may be in the future, you at least will already be dead by that time…”

Yan Tai’s complexion became gravely pale momentarily.

‘We previously had three Supreme on our side with only one Supreme practitioner on the other side. Yet now, the enemy has five Supreme practitioners while our side only has three…

‘They had essentially overwhelmed us with numbers.

‘But I refuse to accept this. I can’t accept being defeated by these people.’


Yan Tai suddenly laughed frantically. His rampant waves of laughter filled the entire manor, not disappearing even after a long period of time had passed…

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