EAA Chapter 1008


Chapter 1008 – Reunion Part 6

Su Zhen’s heart trembled.

‘How could I have predicted I would have such an outcome today?’

“Ning Er, are you really unwilling in forgiving your father?”

He was still holding onto the last strand of hope until now.


‘Blood is thicker than water after all. I don’t believe my daughter really won’t ever forgive me…’

“Let’s go.”

Shu Ning shook her head with disappointment, no longer looking at Su Zhen. She walked out of the manor, disappearing from his gaze…

Su Zhen’s legs lost their strength as he looked at the departing figure, falling to the ground. Boundless remorse devoured his heart, making him feel a heart-wrenching pain.

The Su family no longer regained its former glory after this battle. Furthermore, several people of the North Devil Palace had died at this place. Perhaps people of the North Devil Palace might even come knocking on their doors…

Mu Ru Yue stopped walking once she stepped out of the manor. She looked at the man by her side and asked with a raised brow, “Jing Er, why were you with Shu Ning?”

Zi Qian Jing pursed his lips slightly before he told her everything that happened after she left. Mu Ru Yue’s expression momentarily turned grim when she heard the part where he almost died under the hands of the North Devil Palace’s people.

Even though Ye Wu Chen didn’t comment anything, there was an intense storm brewing in his purple eyes. A layer of gloominess covered his handsome and charming face.

“That’s right,” Zi Qian Jing looked at Mu Ru Yue and asked, “Where is little Huang Er?”

Mu Ru Yue paused for a moment before replying, “It will be a little inconvenient for him to be out here.”


Zi Qian Jing frowned slightly with suspicions in his eyes.

‘Could it be something happened to little Huang Er? Otherwise, he will always be sticking by Mother’s side with his personality…’

“Shu Ning, thank you for saving Jing Er.” Mu Ru Yue held onto Shu Ning’s hand as she said with gratitude.

Shu Ning chuckled as she replied, “Hadn’t he also helped me? But what I didn’t expect was he is your son…”

“If you don’t mind, do you want to come with us to the Dou family?” A glow flashed past Mu Ru Yue’s eyes as she suggested with a fake smile.

Shu Ning nodded. “Alright.”

But when she turned her head, a golden figure under the sunlight entered her eyes making her frown subconsciously.

Jin Kai looked dazedly at the woman’s elegant and beautiful face. Time seemed to have stalled for him at this instant, making him want to just look at her for all his life and eternity…

“Shu Ning, yo-you’re alright?” Jin Kai walked two steps closer but he didn’t make any inappropriate gesture in the end. He continued, “I was really worried for you.”

Shu Ning cast her gaze toward the man’s handsome and fair face with an elegant smile on her face.

“Jin Kai, you don’t need to treat me well as I won’t be able to reciprocate.”

“It’s alright.” Jin Kai focused his gaze on the woman before him. With a peculiar glow in his golden pupils, he continued, “It will suffice for me as long as you stop pushing me away. I will use my entire life and eternity to compensate the harm you previously experienced.”

‘If it was the usual, Shu Ning will definitely chase me away. But she didn’t do that this time. Perhaps this is a great improvement…’

Shu Ning’s heart trembled slightly.

‘Perhaps I’ve been treating Jin Kai coldly due to what he did previously. But it is undeniable this man truly is in love with me.

‘It’s a pity I’m destined in not liking him…’

“Jin Kai, I got to go. Perhaps we won’t ever be meeting each other again after today so I bid you farewell. On another note, your fiancee Su Ning has already died. But there are countless good-natured girls in this world that are worthy for you to cherish. But that person won’t be me…”

Shu Ning no longer said further as she walked past Jin Kai’s side, heading toward the sunlight before her…

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