EAA Chapter 1007


Chapter 1007 – Reunion Part 5

Shu Ning raised her gaze slightly when she said in a calm and indifferent tone, “Su Ning, I initially decided not to deal with you as the only person that was at fault was your mother, nothing to do with you. It’s a pity you didn’t cherish that chance.”

“Wh-what are you going to do?”

Su Ning finally feared for her life when she saw Shu Ning slowly nearing her. She pleaded anxiously, “Daddy, save me!”

Yet, Su Zhen, who had always doted on her, didn’t help. Guilt and remorse filled in his eyes with deep sorrow within them instead…


‘So the woman that I had loved for so many years was like tigers and wolves, stopping at nothing in getting what she wants.

‘Her gentleness and kindness had already been long gone…’

“Shu Ning, I was wrong. I know that I was. Please forgive me…” Su Ning’s body shuddered.

‘I don’t want to die. Worse still, I am unwilling to be killed under the hands of my enemy.’

“Wrong?” Shu Ning sniggered. “It’s a pity there is no cure for regrets. Su Ning, you are weaker than me now so you can’t kill me. But once you become stronger than me, I believe you will do everything you can to kill me. Hence, since I am really afraid of death, I must kill you.”

‘There is nothing absolute in this world. Even if I were to cripple Su Ning’s cultivation, there will still be a possibility for her to rise up again. Thus, I must kill her for my safety!’


A sword pierced through Su Ning’s chest before she could even say finish a single word. Her body instantly stiffened instantly as she looked in despair at the face reflected in her eyes.

In the end, with bloodshot eyes filled with loathsome, Su Ning used a hoarse voice to say, staring at the face that she had a bone-piercing hatred for, “Shu Ning, even if I become a ghost, I certainly won’t let you off!”

Shu Ning pulled out her sword from Su Ning’s body. Blood spurt out from Su Ning’s body, instantly painting Su Ning’s gravely pale face crimson-red. She looked so sinister under the sunlight…

Yuan Luo Xin didn’t dare to squeak out a single word at this moment, not to mention suggesting Shu Ning to be his Granddaughter-in-law.

‘All of those Spiritual Realm experts had died under the hands of the white-robed woman. If I were to be like a fool to continue suggesting that, won’t I be seeking death? I would have been as brainless as Su Ning if I really continued suggesting Shu Ning to marry into the family…’

“Yue Er,” Shu Ning glanced indifferently at Su Zhen that had a regretful expression on his face before shifting her gaze to Mu Ru Yue. With an elegant smile filled with scholar grandeur, she said, “I will be leaving this place. How about the two of you?”

Mu Ru Yue replied with smiley eyes, “We will be heading to the Dou family in the Tian Mo City.”

Currently, the Dou family was already being governed by her uncle Dou Yi Jun. The Xiao family had also met with them. Hence, it was about time for her to reunite with them…

“Alright, let’s go together.”

Shu Ning chuckled and with slight ripples in her eyes, she continued, “I had come here to avenge for my Mother. I don’t want to continue staying here after accomplishing what I wanted to do.”


Mu Ru Yue smiled as her line of sight glanced at Shu Ning and Zi Qian Jing’s face. An indistinct glow flashed past her eyes with her smile intensifying.

“Ning Er!”

Su Zhen stumbled a couple of steps as he said, heartbroken and sorrowful, “I had misunderstood you. I wonder if you’re willing to return back to the Su family. I will give you all of my love. Once you return, you will be a bonafide eldest young mistress of the family…”

Shu Ning’s steps slowed down as she replied with a cold smile, “I will say the exact words I had said to Jin Kai a couple days back to you. It is impossible for a broken mirror to regain its original form. Once you made a mistake, you can’t just use other things to compensation for it. This is especially so when you had hurt the people I care for…”

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