EAA Chapter 1006


Chapter 1006  – Reunion Part 4

The beauty’s last trace of hope disappeared. She was afraid Mu Ru Yue would forcefully make her consume the pill. She hastily confessed, “I will say! I will! Head leader, I admit that I was the one that killed that bitch. I had also purposely found a person to make him imposter a Daoist priest to deceive you and frame Shu Ning. Please have mercy on me. I did that all due to the child in my tummy at that time…”

Su Zhen’s body shuddered as if he was tased once. Following that, a wave of fury erupted in his heart. He said with gritted teeth, “Mei Lin (plum gem), you have really caused me a lot of misfortunes!”

‘If it wasn’t for her, how could I have given up on such a daughter with an outstanding innate talent? If it wasn’t for her, how could I have chosen to make the situation fall to the current situation…

‘She was the one that implicated the entire Su family!’


Hehe!” Shu Ning chuckled lowly as she said, “Does that mean that you can freely rob a person’s life for that bone and flesh in your belly? I had come back to the Su family for vengeance! If you had only chased me out of the family, I could have let this matter go. Maternal grandfather had always doted on me all these years after all. But you had killed my Mother, making it impossible for me to even have a glimpse of her in my life! What rights do you have to kill her? What rights do you have to make me be motherless since young?!”

Shu Ning’s voice trembled. Her usual calm face brimmed with fury. Her gaze seemed to want to rip her corpse into tiny pieces!

“Lord Madam Su, I certainly won’t let you off. I will personally send you to hell to apologize to my Mother!”


The air before Shu Ning suddenly condensed. Following that, with a slight raise of her hand, a long sword appeared in Shu Ning’s palm.


A glow was shot out from the sword, landing on Madam Su’s neck.

Blood spurt out from her neck instantly.

Madam Su didn’t have the slightest chance in begging for mercy as she collapsed on the ground…


Su Ning shrieked out with all her might in fury. She glared furiously at Shu Ning and shouted, “How could your mother’s lowly life be comparable to my Mother’s? Even if your Mother dies a hundred times, it won’t even be able to be comparable to a single life of my mother’s. My Mother originally had known Father first. It was due to her family background being too weak that my father chose to marry that slut you are referring to as mother! You should have died along with your Mother. My Mother shouldn’t be merciful in leaving you with your lowly life that year!”

Shu Ning’s eyes darkened gradually as she raised her head to look at Su Ning’s crazed expression.

“You should know that I hate people insulting my Mother the most!”

Su Ning snorted coldly. With her expression distorted, she rebuked, “So what if I insult her? She deserves to die! If she had died earlier, Father wouldn’t choose to marry her to increase the family’s power, allowing her to snatch away the position that rightfully should be my Mother’s all along!!”

‘That’s right, that position originally belonged to my Mother.

‘Even though father was the one that court Shu Ning’s mother, my father won’t make any mistakes. If there is, it could only be Shu Ning’s mother’s fault!

‘If it wasn’t for her existence, how could father dump Mother to marry her?”

Shu Ning shook her head and commented, “Is this how Madam Su brought you up all these years to be an extremely arrogant, domineering girl with big boobs but no brain?!”

“What did you say?”

Su Ning’s expression changed greatly as she pounced aggressively toward Shu Ning.

“You bitch! I’m going to kill you!”

Nonetheless, a mighty grandeur burst out from Shu Ning’s body before Su Ning could even reach her.


Su Ning’s body flew backward.


She crashed onto the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood. Her complexion had instantly turned gravely pale…

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