EAA Chapter 1001


Chapter 1001 – Zi Qian Jing’s Crisis Part 5


Zi Qian Jing frowned. He relaxed his brows after a long time as he chuckled and said, “So that’s the case! You used a secret technique to forcefully increase your cultivation from the Heaven Realm to the Spiritual Realm. But the price for that was half of your life force.”

Experts that had reached the Spiritual Realm would have a thousand years of life force. But Yuan Luo Xin’s life expectancy was still at the Heaven Realm. Moreover, since he had forcefully increased his cultivation, it had resulted in reducing his seven hundred years of life force from reaching the Heaven Realm by half…

Hence, not everything was free in this world. If you wanted strength, you had to pay an equivalent price!


Yuan Luo Xin sniggered after being seen through by Zi Qian Jing. “So what? I already possessed the might and can use that power to threaten people or for happiness!”

“No!” Zi Qian Jing shook his head as he continued, “It is due to your life ending today! I certainly won’t let you oppress Shu Ning. Hence, let’s have a life or death duel!”


A tyrannical aura exploded forth from Yuan Luo Xin’s body. He laughed brazenly as he leaped out from his seat, landing before Zi Qian Jing.

“Brat, you are young but you got lot of guts to say such brazen words. Since so, I shall teach you a lesson on behalf of your parents!”

Suddenly, the temperature in the surrounding suddenly dropped drastically at this moment.

The man’s gaze was ice-cold as he looked at Yuan Luo Xin and said, “You shouldn’t have mentioned about my parents!”

‘My parents are the reverse scale in my heart. Anybody that disrespects them die!’


Yuan Luo Xin didn’t think much of him as he pressured his aura toward Zi Qian Jing. But Zi Qian Jing had easily lifted his hand under the immense pressure, easily dissipating his aura.

“Stinky brat, take this move!”

Yuan Luo Xin’s expression changed greatly. With his palm coated with a layer of scarlet flames, he struck his palm toward Zi Qian Jing’s head.

Zi Qian Jing smirked slightly when he saw the other’s approaching attack, slowly raising his hand…


Intense flames surged from his body, instantly obliterating everything in the main hall. Yuan Luo Xin’s body was pushed backward.


He had heavily crashed onto the floor.

He widened his eyes in shock as he looked at the silver-robed man walking toward him.

“Do you know why you lost that quickly?” Zi Qian Jing smirked as he continued, “How can gaining power from external force be comparable to genuinely training to gain your current power? Hence, any Spiritual Realm martial practitioner just needs one move to instantly defeat you…”


Yuan Luo Xin shrieked out with all his might with his body shuddering.

‘I have lost this time. I’ve even lost so terribly that I don’t have any dignity left…’

The Su family’s father and daughter were stunned. The divine-like being as the head leader of the Yuan family to them had been instantly defeated by a man.

‘Th-this is too shocking…’

“Mister Zi? Shu Ning looked dazedly at the side of the man’s handsome face. It was obscure to her why a person’s figure had appeared in her mind.

‘Mu Ru Yue!

‘That’s right, no matter if his grandeur and his other characteristic, this man looks too similar to Mu Ru Yue. However, Mu Ru Yue hasn’t even reached thirty years of age today so how can she have a twenty-year odd-year son?

‘I must be overthinking…’

Shu Ning shook her head as she shifted her gaze to the dazed Su family’s members. She smirked with slight derision…

“Th-this mister.”

Su Zhen snapped back to reality as he said flattering, “This is just a misunderstanding. Don’t you like Shu Ning? If you like her, I can let her marry you…”

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