EAA Chapter 1000


Chapter 1000 – Zi Qian Jing’s Crisis Part 4

‘No matter what, I still dote fondly on Su Ning. Although Su Ning’s pretentious action had disappointed me, I am still reluctant in sending my most beloved daughter to be ravaged in the Yuan Manor.

‘Hence, I can only sacrifice my eldest daughter…’

Shu Ning’s expression slowly turned grim. But just when she wanted to say something, a languish voice was heard from in front of the crowd. His voice was like music, pleasant to the ears.

“If she is unwilling to marry, nobody can force her.”


Shu Ning was stunned for a moment when she heard that voice. She shifted her head to the source of the voice, instantly a slender figure that was walking towards them under the sunlight entered her eyes.

The man’s appearance was god-like handsome. He had a languish smile on his face. His silver robes emitted a faint glow under the sunlight, subconsciously garnering everyone’s attention.

Su Ning had already known Shu Ning had picked a man up. However, she didn’t see him at all for the few days that the man had entered the Su family’s manor. She wasn’t expecting for the man to be this handsome, getting jealous at Shu Ning’s luck.

‘Why can’t I be the one to pick up such a magnificent handsome man?

‘If he was to be compared with Jin Kai, there will be a heaven and earth difference, can’t even be compared on the same level…’

“Who are you?” Su Zhen’s expression darkened as he asked coldly, “I don’t need you to meddle in the matters of my Su family.”

“I’m sorry,” Zi Qian Jing smirked languishly as he continued, “But I owe her a favour. Therefore, if she is unwilling to marry into the Yuan family, you can’t force her to!”

Shu Ning snapped out from her initial shock as she commented with a cold expression, “This matter has nothing to do with you. Even though I’ve saved your life, I don’t need any repayment. You seem to have recovered more or less already. You are to immediately leave this place! Don’t meddle with my business!”

‘Yuan Luo Xin is a Spiritual Realm expert. If he were to fight with Zi Qian Jing, that brat won’t stand a chance. I saved him but I didn’t want to implicate him…

‘I can only make him leave now…’

Zi Qian Jing’s smile became increasingly languish as he shifted her gaze to the woman at his side and said, “I don’t like owing favours…”

Shu Ning was stunned. But she realized her voice was stuck in her throat when she wanted to say further.

Hmph!” Su Zhen snorted coldly as he said, “It is just a stinky brat that is overestimating his might. Are you planning to oppose my Su family by yourself? Since you are seeking death, I shall grant you your wish!”


Su Zhen released all of his body’s aura. He then rapidly soar through the sky heading toward Zi Qian Jing like a sword. He aimed his eagle claw-like hand toward Zi Qian Jing’s throat with a gloomy gaze.

Zi Qian Jing had casually placed a hand behind his head from the start. Following that, he glanced at Su Zhen indifferently. A large hammer seemed to have struck on Su Zhen’s heart at that moment, making his body to crash heavily onto the ground.


Su Zhen was so shocked that he widened his eyes. His body trembled uncontrollably as he said, “Spiritual Realm! You’re a Spiritual Realm expert…”

The crowd was stunned at that instant as they looked at the man’s handsome face in disbelief, inconceivable…

Shu Ning gasped in shock as she looked at the languish figure with astonishment. Her heart seemed to have been knocked by something, making her gasp.

‘It is in my wildest dreams to expect that the severely injured man that I had picked up is a Spiritual Realm expert!

‘I wonder what kind of couple had given birth to such an abnormal being…’

“Spiritual Realm?”

A gloomy voice was heard from a seat. Zi Qian Jing raised his head, landing his gaze on Yuan Luo Xin’s elderly face…

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