EAA Glossary



Crown Prince Jing- Ye Tian Feng’s title (Ch 2)

There is a difference between Main Wife (世子妃) and concubine (侧妃). The Main Wife holds greater powers over concubines. Eg. Differences between the Empress and the concubines.(Ch 4)

Martial grades in the Martial God Continent

Houtian Realm-First to Ninth Stage martial practitioners

Xiantian realm after the Nine Martial Stages of the Houtian realm.

Xiantian experts can call themselves as a monarch. (Ch 5)

We (朕)= How the Emperors of the past referred to themselves. (Ch 6)

Not knowing the worth of the treasure makes you innocent, but knowingly hogging the treasure to yourself is a crime.’ (Ch 6)

Ben Wang (本王) was used by princes in the past to refer to themselves. (Ch 9)

Your servant (臣妾) is how concubines refer to themselves before the Emperor (Ch 16)

Ben Huang Zi (本皇子) means Royal Prince (Ch 19)

Innate test ranks in increasing order (Ch 10):

red, orange, yellow, viridescent, green, blue, purple ,and colourless.

Medicinal age in increasing order (Ch 21):

10-year-old, 50-year-old, 100-year-old, 1,000-year-old, and lastly the rumoured 10,000-year-old medicinal plant.

Money currency in Thunder Phoenix City (The city where MRY first reincarnated to) (Ch 21):

1 silver coin equated to 100 copper coins and 100 silver coins equated to 1 gold coin.

Lovely Romantic moment with YWC and MRY

YWC first kissed MRY (Ch 20)

I believe it was YWC that bashed up Ye Yi Hua for MRY (Ch 33)








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