EAA Chapter 1157


Chapter 1157 – Alchemy Pill Auction Part 10

“She had already died for so many years. Yet, you still can’t forget her. Do you know my heart aches a lot whenever I see you in pain due to her? It is good you have finally settled down, quietly staying by my side…”

“Wu Wang, I know you must hate me. You hate me for betraying you for the Dan family. But I did it all for you. I don’t want you to continue to suffer nor willing to see your worn out yourself. I can only make you into such a state so that you can lay down all of your sorrows and stay by my side this way…”

Zhu Zi Yu’s gaze became gentle. With a slender long finger caressing his handsome face, she said with deep affections, “Wu Wang, don’t worry. I will help you take good care of God Sect. The Dan family promised me they won’t invade God Sect for as long as I exist. I know you’ve sent your daughter to the lower realm’s large continent. Moreover, the Dan family has also dispatched people to snatch away the Alchemy Book in her hands. However, you don’t need to worry as I won’t let your daughter die under your enemy’s hands…”

“I will kill her myself!”


Zhu Zi Yu’s expression was filled with killing intent at that moment as she continued, “It will be a humiliation to you if she dies under the Dan family’s hands. Only people of God Sect qualifies to kill her! Wu Wang, please forgive me that I can’t let your daughter live. If she lives, she will eventually find you. Moreover, the Alchemy Book has the power to save you… If that happens, what will be awaiting you will be those pain again! Therefore, I can only kill her for you! Wu Wang, I believe you will be able to understand what I’ve done. I won’t let her hurt you after all.”

‘I no longer want to see his previous haggard appearance. A sword seemed to have pierced through my heart when I saw that state of him.

‘Hence, I chose to betray him to stop him from suffering…

‘The only power that can make him sleep dormant forever was the combination of my power and the Dan family’s might!

‘I believe this man will surely not blame me no matter what I do. It is all due to my deep love for him…’

“Wu Wang,” Zhu Zi Yu smiled as she looked gently at the man and continued, “I’ve fallen in love with you the first time my eyes landed on you. It’s a pity you already have a wife at that time so I can only watch you in the dark. I have even hidden my feelings for you while staying behind you… Currently, your wife has already died. The rest of your life should belong to me then. I won’t share you with anyone else. Even if that person… is your daughter!”

Her eyes became increasingly gentle when she said that. It was like a breeze… 

Nobody in God Sect would be able to imagine Wu Wang that had disappeared a thousand years hadn’t died and had been within the God Sect!

Moreover, Zhu Zi Yu, who had been sustaining the God Sect, was the main culprit in betraying him.

All of these were out of twisted love.

“Chief, someone is looking for you outside.”

Currently, Mu Ru Yue was discussing something with Ye Wu Chen but was suddenly interrupted by that report. She frowned a little before pushing open the room’s door, walking out.

“Who has come looking for me?”

Wang Hai rubbed his head before he said, “It is the old man that bought the God Foundation Pill and there’s a youth by his side…”

“Are you referring to the old man that was wearing a conical bamboo hat?” Mu Ru Yue raised her brow as she continued, “I’ve already guessed that my path will definitely cross with his again. But I didn’t expect it to be so soon. Wu Chen, let’s head out to have a look…”

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  1. Why is it that all the women in this novel who are rivals are crazy but the men are so accommodating ? I love this novel even with the crazies so thank you so much for translating it. <3

    1. Post

      well the woman is delusional so FL’s dad might not be as accommodating as she thinks. She may react like how can you do this to me when I love you so much!!! Maybe a song track like smoke and mirrors from Youtube may be a good song to express some psychotic/ delusional woman that are in love 😛 Thanks for loving this novel <3

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