DEMG Chapter 9


Chapter 9: A Gamble (1)

After seeing Ning Ling Yu walk back, as Xie Jun Yan frontally faced Ning Ling Yu’s elegant face, his pupils contracted and his breathing stopped!

Ning Ling Yu’s aura was of natural beauty, not at all inferior to the glamorous and outstanding Cao Shan Shan or the flirtatious and playful Zhuang Mei Na!

This was the reason Ning Ling Yu could attract Xie Jun Yan until the point he was obsessed, to the point where he would not give up!

Xie Jun Yan left no trace of greed in his eyes, he blinked and put on an expression of kindness and caring, and towards Ning Ling Yu, he asked: “Ling Yu, are you alright? Why are you crying? Mei Na can be insensitive at time, don’t mind her…”


He pandering was clearly felt through his speech.

Zhuang Mei Na hoped that Xie Jun Yan would help her by insulting Ning Ling Yu, but after seeing his behaviour, she angrily snorted, pulling her arms out of his arms.

“Oh, so that idiot is your brother? I’m sorry, I never knew!”

Zhuang Mei Na had successfully attacked Ning Ling Yu’s weak spot, and she was pleased. She deliberately waved her chin at Ning Ling Yu, and her face full of makeup had an expression of disdain.

“Zhuang Mei Na, just because I never made enemies with you, don’t believe that I’m scared of you! I’ll say it again! My brother isn’t a good-for-nothing, you watch yourself!”

Zhuang Mei Na was scornful after hearing, and sarcastically said: “Your brother isn’t a good-for-nothing? Isn’t your brother last in the test? Hasn’t your brother been beaten up every day? Being laughed at every day? And he still wants to date Cao Shan Shan? Doesn’t he know how to piss of and go look in a mirror? If he wasn’t a good-for-nothing, I really don’t know what a good-for-nothing would be!”

Zhuang Mei Na had no mercy, she only used “your brother”, not even Lingyun. Evidently, she wanted to add more pain by exploiting Ning Ling Yu’s weak spot.

Ning Ling Yu bitterly said: “You! …” She wanted to defend Lingyun, but could not refute her.

Because Zhuang Mei Na held her weakness, she couldn’t debate at all.

“Alright, Zhuang Mei Na, we’re all students, you have to understand Ling Yu’s feelings…”

Xie Jun Yan saw that many classmates were unfavourably circling them, and scared that Zhuang Mei Na would incite the crowd’s anger, he quickly stopped her.

Although Ning Ling Yu’s family background wasn’t great, she studied very hard, her appearance was impeccable, she was a student committee member, and she always wholeheartedly helped her classmates, so she was popular and prestigious.

It could be said that Ning Ling Yu was the dream goddess of the boy’s in seniors’ first class, and seeing Zhuang Mei Na furiously attacking her, they were extremely dissatisfied.

Zhuang Mei Na did not think this way. She had a rich family, she had unbeatable charisma, and these people would not dare to touch her, so she became even more arrogant.

“Xie Jun Yan, are you my boyfriend or her boyfriend?! Are you helping me or helping her?! So what if I say her brother’s a good-for-nothing trash! Good-for-nothing trash! Toad!”

Ning Ling Yu’s eyes were red, she bit on her lower lip, breathed erratically, and started shaking! She lifted up a finger towards Zhuang Mei Na and was so angry, she couldn’t speak!

Looking at Ning Ling Yu’s anger, Xie Jun Yan derived a perverted pleasure. In his heart, he thought: “Heh! If I didn’t want you to love me completely, 10 of you wouldn’t be enough!”

But Xie Jun Yan’s face still showed concern for Ning Ling Yu, towards Zhuang Mei Na’s helpless expression, he sadly frowned, and was about to speak, but heard shouts from seniors’ 2nd class!

“Who wants to bet? Who wants to bet? The little gambling god Tang Meng’s the dealer, we’re betting how many laps that damn fatty can run! One lap is twice the payout, 2 laps is 3, 5 to 10 is 6 times, 10 is 21! If you don’t get the exact number, you lose, not one cent will be paid!’

The second class’s ‘little gambling god’ Tang Meng was Clear Water City’s deputy police chief’s son, and was one of Clear Water First high’s four evil young masters. He was born to gamble, and worshipped Chow Yun-Fat’s (an actor) movie “God of Gamblers”, so he nicknamed himself the little gambling god.

Since high school, all competitive events he had betted!

Grades, the school sports competition, inter-class basketball and soccer, any events that could be bet on, were bet on!

This kid was tall and mighty, wore a floral formal shirt, jeans, had that gangster-like haircut of Cheng Ho Nam (from the movie Young and Dangerous), he was unruly and wild. Although he skipped school, fought a lot, and chased after countless girls, he never bullied the weak.

Since Tang Meng worshipped the God of Gamblers, he respected the gambling rules, when gambling, he obviously wanted to win big, but when he lost, he always paid up.

Even though many students disliked him for being born rich, they still respected him for his honour of the gambling rules.

After class seeing Lingyun hoisting a sandbag running furiously, he did not look like he would stop. Suddenly in his heart, he felt the itch of 10 thousand ants, and so came this voice!

His voice was extremely big, every senior heard him, and all the curious people from their classes circled around him.

“Brother Tang, I’ll bet 50 on 1 lap…”

“100 on 2 laps!”

“80, 1 lap…” “200, 1 lap…” “150, 2 laps…”

As the class leader, Xie Jun Yan’s head hurt from trying to meditate the 2 school beauty’s conflicts, now seeing Tang Meng operating his gambling, everyone went over and he could finally relax.

He complacently tugged at Zhuang Mei Na, he smiled faintly and said: “Come, let’s go and see.”

Zhuang Mei Na was like a rooster who just won a cockfight. She arrogantly swept her eyes across Ning Ling Yu and intentionally said disdainfully: “What’s there to bet on. That loser hasn’t even finished half a lap, even if he ran until he died, it would still only be a lap!”

Xie Jun Yan’s back faced Ning Ling Yun, and his face immediately changed into an evil smile, he said softly: “Last time Tang Meng won 10,000 RMB, now he has the guts to gamble on this, I’ll make it so he loses all his money!”

Those words were intentionally for Ning Ling Yu to hear, the sound wasn’t too loud or soft, and it easily traversed to her ear.

First Ning Ling Yu was attacked by Zhuang Mei Na’s vicious words, now she heard Xie Jun Yan’s “unintentional” slip, she became so angry, she could bite through metal!

After rejecting Xie Jun Yan countless times, the ice cold yet smart Ning Ling Yu was clear, that although the school had its four tyrant young masters, added up, they couldn’t compare to the evil of the prime rich player, the son of the deputy mayor!

These tyrants were only bad on the outside, but Xie Jun Yan was evil in his bones! He was a smiling tiger, a cunning person who did not need to use a knife to kill!

She only quickly thought about it, and after seeing that steadfast figure on the track, her eyes flashed with determination, and walked in the direction of Tang Meng.

She wanted to bet on her brother on more than 10 laps, and even though she had no suspicions that she would lose, but she did not hesitate and wanted to use this special method to cheer her brother!

As long as that strong, loving, protective brother can rise up again, she would do anything!

No one could believe the ethereal and fleeting Ning Ling Yu could burn so fiercely in her heart!

“Tang Meng that bastard’s gambling again, this time he’s even using our class’s Lingyun, Shan Shan, why don’t we go and see the commotion?” Looking at their class’s students all heading in that direction, the strange Zhang Ling immediately started to pester Cao Shan Shan.

Although Cao Shan Shan’s expression was very calm, her heart was in turmoil, and like waves, coming and going, her feelings struck at her heart!

She knew her own identity. Lingyun and her could never have any interactions, so her feelings toward Lingyun was non-existent, like much of the other male students.

This morning, she suddenly became a part of the whirlpool of Lingyun’s rumour, she was at first angry, but now that she thought about it, it must’ve been spread by the bored students, so her anger was dispersed.

As for her harsh words after class, she wanted to maintain her face in front of Zhang Ling.

But now, looking at Lingyun, she was reminded of her own brother, Cao Tian Long.

Lingyun’s determination and dedication, that everlasting expression, that body exuding strength, was identical to the arrogant to the max of her bright brother!

“Come, let’s go!”  Zhang Ling was scared that Cao Shan Shan would’nt go, and wanted to use her venomous tongue to convince her, but she heard Cao Shan Shan’s sentence.

She was confused now… how come Cao Shan Shan seemed as if her whole personality changed? Maybe? There really was something between them?

“Wow, what wind is blowing today? I start a small gambling match, and lured all 3 beauties! I say, my beauties, do you all want to bet?”

Tang Meng did not think that his shout conjured up these 3 beauties, even with his outward personality, he was astonished, and was almost shocked still.

“What, Tang Meng, since you’re betting, how can you not invite us too?”

Cao Shan Shan’s smile opened up so brightly, it was like a 100 flowers blooming. The surrounding male students were all intoxicated, and forgot where they were.

“Welcome, welcome. Of course I welcome you all. I really don’t understand how this fatty got all the beauties’ attention…”

Tang Meng had a face of pondering and suspicion, and thought towards this morning’s rumors.

“Tang Meng, stop saying bullshit. I’ll be putting 2000 on that trash running at most 1 lap!” Zhuang Mei Na saw that Cao Shan Shan came, and her spotlight was once again stolen, and was impatient.

Tang Meng twisted his head and looked at Zhuang Mei Na, and said: “Alright, alright, alright. Zhuang beauty bets 2000 on 1 lap, if you get it right, you earn 2000!”

Then, his sight switched from Zhuang Mei Na to Xie Jun Yan. “What? Master Xie, do you want to play? Do you want to earn back the money you lost?”

Tang Meng was taunting him, and Xie Jun Yan slightly raised his eyebrows. His eyes flashed with ferocity, and he said: “Alright, I’ll accompany you and play!”

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