Celestial Emperor Han Chapter 7


Chapter 7 – Bleeding Wound


As the sun set in the west; in the forest located in the depths of the northern mountain range that led to the Jiang Family Mountain Villa.

Several hundred tall and sturdily built men dressed in flexible armour were walking in line, coming out from the dense forest. Each of them had war blades and notched bows in their hands, walking as they continued to chat merrily with one another.

On the watchtower located on the mountain villa’s high wall, an observer rang the warning bells, sending an alert to the entire mountain villa.


“The martial artist guard squadron that had entered the mountains are back!”

The guard squadron had entered deep into the northern mountain range in the autumn to hunt. After 3 whole days, they had finally returned.

Almost everyone had a gigantic corpse of a demon slung across their shoulders.

Very quickly, all of the worried spouses and children anxiously waiting in their homes rushed out. Upon arriving at the martial arts training grounds before the villa doors and seeing the approaching squadron, smiles appeared unconsciously on their faces, as everyone appeared to be well, without any mishaps.

In this world, going out to hunt was equivalent to putting one’s life on the line.

The mountain villa’s large doors were opened, as many of the martial artists who stayed behind to guard the mountain rushed out to help.

“They’ve hunted so many demonic beasts! Looks like we’ll be able to refine quite a bit of demonic beast blood essence. The efficacy of our coming winter’s Great Sacrificial Ceremony will be pretty good. Most importantly, no one’s injured.”

“Being able to refine so much more blood essence from those demonic beasts, we should be able to have the greatest sacrificial ceremony in the past couple of decades.” said the vice leader of the mountain villa guard squadron, Jiang Tong, with a hearty chuckle.

Everyone began to smile and laugh.

Indeed, each and every demonic beast possessed frightening strength. Anyone of them that could be known as a Great Demon was not only a frightening demonic beast, but also an expert that could rival a martial Ancestor. However, this time, a number of top-class Great Demons had been successfully hunted.

One of them was an Iron Rhino, whose skin would reach a thickness of half a metre; its body was just like a small hill. It could generally be found in mountainous forests, where it would wander about freely. It was able to move about in a majestic and unrestrained manner. However, at this moment, there was a gigantic gash on its abdomen.

There was also a giant python that appeared to be one step away from transforming into a wyrm. Lording over the Flaming Dragon Pool, it would transform into a genuine wyrm if it was able to push its evolution to the next phase. Nevertheless, it was already a demon king that lorded over a region and could rival those innate stage experts among the human race.

These demonic beasts were definitely experts amongst their kind, while ordinary experts in the various mountain villas would simply not dare to come into contact with them. In those once-in-a-blue-moon situations where they wished to hunt them, they would need to be prepared to throw lives at it.

“All of these are the hard work of 2nd brother. He brought us into the core region within the Northern Mountain Range. After hunting in the Flaming Dragon Lake, we were finally able to kill a large number of demonic beasts.”

“Just by himself, 2nd master had killed that giant python in that Flaming Dragon Lake. When the Chilling Blade appears, its might is peerless beyond compare.”

“While we were hunting that Iron Rhino, we encountered the people from the Mu Family Villa, who tried to steal our prey. In the end, a single blade from 2nd Master was enough to defeat the so-called 3 heroes of the Mu Family.”

‘2nd Master truly is the figure whose might has shaken the entire Jiangbei Region. I believe that even the Head Chief of the Northern Mountain Stronghold can’t surpass that.”

Everyone started to chat merrily, while the sturdily built male carrying the gigantic corpse of the Iron Rhino, Jiang Zheng, become the focal point of everyone’s attention.

Instead of the white robes he would usually wear in the mountain villa, Jiang Zheng was now clad in green leather armour.

“Father’s so, so strong!” thought Jiang Han as he looked at his father from a distance. Despite Jiang Zheng already restraining his aura, Jiang Han was still able to feel the unfathomable power radiating from his father. “This is a Martial Ancestor? A person who is able to kill a 10-metre long giant snake demon? Furthermore, he can do so while in the water?”

After being in this world for several years, Jiang Han finally understood something.

The giant snake from this world was a completely different concept from the forest anacondas on Earth. This was a genuine demon that had surpassed those anacondas in all ways, whether it was in strength or flexibility.


The Sacrificial Platform in the main hall was opened.

Numerous corpses of powerful demonic beasts were piled up on top of the gigantic sacrificial platform, causing wave after wave of bloody smells to spread in the air. Upon placing all of the corpses, the great doors of the main hall were shut.

These Great Demons would be used for the upcoming Great Sacrificial Ceremony.

At this moment, the various troops from the guard squadron had already scattered and returned to their respective houses.

Alongside his father, Jiang Han entered the inner courtyard.

“Han’er.” lowering his head, Jiang Zheng extended his hand out and rubbed Jiang Han’s head.

“Father.” replied Jiang Han with a nod.

“It will be the Great Ancestor Sacrificial Ceremony in a few days. It is for children who have come of age to undergo a baptism of their bloodline and talent, as well as to check their talent for cultivation. You will be required to participate this time.” said Jiang Zheng with a smile.

Within the Jiang Family Mountain Villa, all 6-year-old children had to undergo a test to evaluate their talent for cultivation. After all, due to their limited resources, they could only provide corresponding levels of resources and nurturing in accordance with their talent.

As a father, Jiang Zheng naturally hoped for Jiang Han’s talent to be as high as it could be.

After all, in this world, regardless of how strong one’s ancestors were, they would still have to rely on themselves if they wanted to gain genuine respect from others.

“Yes, Father. I will work hard.” replied Jiang Han as he nodded his head.

Hearing that, a smile appeared on Jiang Zheng’s face. Being a precocious child, Jiang Han had already gained an understanding of many matters. Therefore, there was no need for him to continue reminding his child.


Deep in the night.

Opening his eyes, Jiang Han turned his head and looked out of his window, discovering that the water crystal lamp in his parent’s room was still lit.

Ever since 4 years ago, he had already been sleeping in a different room from his parents.

“What are father and mother doing? Why aren’t they sleeping?” Suspicion appeared in Jiang Han’s heart, as his parents would usually go to bed extremely early.

Waking up, he quietly crept towards the entrance of his parent’s room. Since it wasn’t closed, Jiang Han was able to observe the scene within the room through a crack in the door.

“Brother Zheng,” There was a medicinal paste in Qin Wei’s hand, while she was currently rubbing it onto Jiang Zheng’s back. At this moment, her eyes were slightly red as she continued, “The Northern Mountain Range is the most vicious region within the whole of Flood City. It’s alright for you to stay in the outer fringes. However, despite being aware of the various kinds of dangers there, why did you still bring the guard squadron and head into the core area?”

Looking through the crack, Jiang Han could see a heart-stopping wound present on Jiang Zheng’s back. However, at this moment, the two sides of the wound had already been forced shut, and it was no longer bleeding.

“Didn’t I already return safe and sound? Although I’ve been injured slightly, this is nothing.” replied Jiang Zheng with a gentle smile as he consoled his wife.

“That’s because you encountered a snake demonic beast that had yet to evolve into a wyrm. What if it was an Innate Stage Demon King instead?” tears started to appear in Qin Wei’s eyes.

She was usually very gentle and soft-hearted. However, anything that involved her husband’s safety would always get her flustered. “What would I and Han’er do if something happened to you! Have you forgotten the matter from that year? After so many years, there definitely are Demon Kings in the core area of the Northern Mountain Range.”

Demon Kings were demonic beasts that rivalled the Heavenly Yuan experts and were existences that no ordinary Martial Ancestors could match up to.

As she was speaking, tears were filling up Qin Wei’s eyes. Hastily standing up, Jiang Zheng quickly embraced his wife into his bosom while consoling her. “Wei’er, I promise you that this is the last time, alright! I’ll definitely not do such risky matters in the future.”

Resting her head on her husband’s chest, Qin Wei placed down the medical paste bottle she was holding.

“Wei’er. Han’er’s already 6 years old, and will be undergoing the bloodline baptism.” said Jiang Zheng in a soft voice, “Only with the blood essence of sufficiently powerful demonic beasts can his talent be stimulated to the greatest degree.”

Qin Wei gawked upon hearing that.

“If it’s possible, it will be the best if Han’er can be baptised with the blood essence of Innate Stage Great Demons. However, it’s unfortunate that I’m not good enough, and I’m unable to obtain such treasures.” Jiang Zheng continued to speak. “Regardless of that snake demon or that Iron Rhino, both of them are just one step away from evolving into Great Demons, and can sufficiently rival a perfect Martial Ancestor. Using their blood essence for Han’er’s baptism would have an effect comparable to that of a Great Demon.”

“Being a father, this is the least I could do.” said Jiang Zheng in a self-deprecating manner.

“Brother Zheng.” Qin Wei hugged her husband tightly

In the darkness of night, the lights in the room were quietly extinguished.

At this moment, Jiang Han had already returned to his bed.

“For my sake, father had risked his life to enter the core area of the Northern Mountain Range?” Jiang Han muttered to himself. “So that’s why father brought the squadron and hunted at the edges of the mountain range for the past few years, yet decided to enter the core area this year. He was aiming for those few Great Demons.”

Ordinary demonic beasts could be hunted by ordinary Martial Masters. However, even Martial Ancestor experts would need to put their lives on the line in order to hunt Great Demons.

His father had done this for his sake; for the sake of obtaining the essence blood of sufficiently powerful demonic beasts for his baptism.

“Father did this in the hope of improving my performance even just one bit?” Lying on his bed, Jiang Han slowly closed his eyes.


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