Celestial Emperor Han Chapter 5


Chapter 5 – 2nd Master


Embracing Jiang Han in her embrace, Qin Wei stood at the corner of the high wall, with guards protecting them by their side. Nevertheless, Jiang Han was still able to clearly see everything beneath the high wall.

Several hundreds of horse riders galloped over. They were similar to the Jiang Family’s armoured horse riders, the only difference being their blood red armour, appearing exceedingly malevolent as they radiated a bloodthirsty aura.

From this visual inspection, Jiang Han felt that the horse riders hailing from the “northern army” were the stronger ones.


“These hundreds of armoured horse riders are all cultivators of the same realm. Their power should be sufficient to let them rule over a region like an overlord.” The thought surfaced in Jiang Han’s mind as he continued to observe the scene before him.

“However, if this army is really going to fight against that incoming northern army, this army wouldn’t be able to win!” Jiang Han continued to ponder.

Without considering other factors, just the dozens of high-level experts from the Jiang Family were already tough to deal with. What’s more, there were also the hundreds of Jiang Family armoured horse riders, who all possessed considerable strength.

The hundreds of horse riders came to a stop before the moat surrounding the high walls.

The large male in the lead steered his horse forward. His garb appeared slightly different from the other horse riders, and he possessed a heavy, ominous aura. Looking towards the crowd of Jiang Family members standing on the high wall before him, a sneer appeared on his face as he shouted out. “Jiang Yangshan, come out.”

“Leader Xiong, it’s been a year, and you still are as elegant as ever!” Villa Lord Jiang Yangshan replied with a smile as he stood on the high wall.

“Jiang Yangshan, don’t joke with me. Your Jiang Family and the Lei and Mu Families have obtained quite a bit from mining at the Green Spirit Ore vein.” Leader Xiong gave another sneer. “Today’s tax isn’t much, just 8000 Yuan Stones!”

“What, 8000 Yuan Stones!”

“It has always been 3000 Yuan Stones for the past few years, yet it has actually risen to 8000 this year! You really are bullying people!”

Some of the Jiang Family members standing on the high wall immediately became unhappy upon hearing Leader Xiong’s demands, before shouting furiously back at him.

“Looks like you all aren’t willing to hand it over, huh?” Leader Xiong roared in response, an ominous glint present in his eyes. “If I say it’s 8000, it’s 8000! You don’t want to pay up, does that mean that you want to pick a fight with my Northern Mountain Stronghold?”

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Immediately, dozens of horse riders behind him raised their powerful bows while nocking their arrows, causing faint glows of brilliance to radiate over.

“Xiong Kai, repeat your demands. Exactly how much does our Jiang Family have to pay this year?” A calm and ordinary voice rang out. Although it sounded extremely soft, it could be clearly heard across all directions, with everyone being able to hear every single word.

“Who said that?” A slight frown appeared on Leader Xiong’s forehead.

“Me!” A white-robed Jiang Zheng appeared on the high wall, a faint smile on his face. “What’s the matter, Xiong Kai? Don’t you know who I am?”

At the instant when Jiang Zheng appeared, that Leader Xiong’s eyes immediately contracted, while the sneer at the corner of his mouth instantly froze. Even his war horse could not help but to subconsciously retreat back a few steps.

“Chilling Blade Jiang Zheng!” exclaimed Leader Xiong in dread, while an expression of terror appeared in his eyes.

“I hope that this great sir would accept my apology for not knowing that you were here! Is there anything I can help with, great sir!”

Without the slightest doubt, Leader Xiong immediately got off his horse before going down on one knee, giving a respectful greeting. There was no pause in his reply, nor did he dare to reveal even a sliver of unhappiness. At this moment, there was only dread and terror in his heart.

Why was this god of slaughter at this place! Shouldn’t he be at Jiangbei Regional City?

“I’m a member of the Jiang Family, so it’s natural for me to return to the Jiang Family.” Jiang Zheng replied with a smile. “Now, does my Jiang Family still need to pay this year’s taxes?”

“Since your great sir is the leader of the Jiang Family, and will naturally take control of Flood City, you definitely don’t need to pay this year’s taxes.” Leader Xiong hastily replied.

How would he dare to collect taxes; was he tired of living? He knew exactly how frightening that white-robed youth was! The latter would not even need to use half of his strength to slaughter him and the 300-strong group of armoured horse riders behind him!

Even the imposing aura of the 300 armoured horse riders, which had blotted the skies, had now wilted. Within the Jiangbei region, there was no one who did not know the existence of that figure! He was an expert who was more than sufficient to become a regional overlord!

“I know that you’re here to collect this year’s taxes, and that a mountain villa family’s minimum tax amount is 2000 Yuan Stones. I won’t bully you. Our Jiang Family will pay 2000 Yuan Stones for this year!” said Jiang Han in a soft voice as he gave a light wave of his right hand.

A mountainous pile of gemstones appeared in the air, before floating down and coming to a stop before Leader Xiong, appearing just as though it had been carried by an invisible force.

“Great sir, about this.” he spoke out hesitantly.

“When I tell you to take it, you better take it!” Jiang Zheng’s voice suddenly turned cold. “However, as for how you’re gonna report this to Jue Cheng, you’re gonna settle that problem yourself!”

“Yes, Great sir! I’ll definitely report the truth to our head chief!” Leader Xiong immediately replied with haste. With a wave of his hand, the mountainous pile of gemstones disappeared in a flash.

Within his mother’s embrace, Jiang Han was able to get a clear view of this spectacle, which caused incomparable shock to surface within his heart. “Are both my father and that sturdily built male using spatial storage treasures?”

Below the high wall, Leader Xiong, hastily mounted his horse. With a wave of his hand, the hundreds of armoured horse riders proceeded to turn around, before galloping away into the distance.

Clearly, upon seeing Jiang Zheng, none of them wanted to continue staying at this place.

As the northern army’s horse riders disappeared into the distance, the tense atmosphere surrounding the Jiang Family proceeded to dissipate away, before the solemn-looking figures standing on the high wall started to smile.

“Everyone, let’s head back to the main hall! The celebrations for my child has yet to end! Order the guards to disperse!” said Jiang Yangshan with a smile.

With smiles on their faces, the high ranking figures of the mountain villa proceeded to walk towards the main hall, while the hundreds of armoured horse riders in formation within the martial arts training grounds proceeded to disperse. Soon after, all that was left was the snow fluttering down from the skies.

As he was brought along by his mother, Jiang Han was pondering about a question. “Those three families don’t seem to know that father’s a member of the Jiang Family, huh?”

Although there were many doubts and unanswered questions in his heart, Jiang Han had personally felt the might and awe-inspiring aura his father radiated. With his mere presence, he was already able to cause so much fear in that powerful army of armoured horse riders.

“We’re lucky to have Second master return home. If not, it wouldn’t have been easy for us today.” said the high ranking figures in the family with a smile.

“Only Second master can subdue them. People like us are non-existent in the eyes of the Northern Mountain Stronghold.”

Clearly, the strength of the Northern Mountain Stronghold far surpassed that of the Jiang Family’s Mountain Villa. The only thing they feared was his father, Jiang Zheng.

As night fell, within the family’s bedroom.

Jiang Han rested in his little bed.

“Having reincarnated and becoming a human once again, never in my wildest dreams did I, Jiang Han, expect there to be a day that I would truly be able to escape hell. However, why can I still recall my old memories?” thought Jiang Han.

He was extremely clear that no one was able to counter the effects of the water from the River of Forgetting, no matter how resolute one’s willpower was. If not, there would be too many reincarnators present in this universe.

The River of Forgetting possessed a mysterious power that affected one’s fate and destiny. Even Immortal gods would be hard-pressed to counter its effects, what more someone like him?

“However, it’s a good thing that my memories aren’t wiped. It’s alright even if I’m a chess piece for some almighty’s schemes!” Jiang Han was very clear that the current him was too small and weak. Even if he were really being used as a chess piece by some powerhouse, he would be unable to even put up the slightest bit of resistance.

The only thing he could do was to grasp hold of this opportunity and become strong and powerful. Only when he achieved that would he truly have the possibility to break through the fetters of his destiny.

“Only when my cultivation reaches a certain level will the true situation reveal itself before my eyes. No matter how bad it is, it can’t be as bad as being unable to reincarnate, right?” chilling intent surfaced within Jiang Han’s eyes.

To some people, enduring 90 thousand years in hell might seem to be a miracle; some might even exclaim in surprise. However, for Jiang Han, all of that was simply a form of humiliation; a humiliation he had endured for 90 thousand long years.

“One day, I’ll take back everything I’ve lost! Hell’s not empty? Hmph, it’s because Yin Mountain’s Ksitigarbha being too compassionate! If not, Hell should have already been empty!” thought Jiang Han.

The 90 thousand years of pain and torture had already removed all his past delusions and resentments. Now, the only thing left was a world filled with hatred present within his chest. He was not willing to experience it again! He wanted revenge; he wanted to take back everything that was his!

“The most important thing to do is to cultivate. Also, I definitely cannot reveal the identity of my past life.” thought Jiang Han quietly.

Having just arrived in this world, he was already able to sense the turbulence present here. The overall strength of the Jiang Family Mountain Villa wasn’t bad, while his father had an extremely high status in this region.

However, it was extremely clear that there were other powers and experts present in this world, like the Northern Mountain Stronghold, as well as the war against the “Demon Kings” that his mother had mentioned. Apparently, there were also had never-ending conflicts present in this world.

“In this life, I’ll definitely step on the saint’s path, and climb to the very top!” declared Jiang Han in his heart as he closed his eyes. At this moment, the Spiritual Soul cultivation art had already surfaced within his mind as he proceeded to begin his slow cultivation.


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