Celestial Emperor Han Chapter 11


Chapter 11 – Condensation of Qi and blood


Jiang Han felt a bang, before his entire mind was filled by that blade which dominated the heavens and earth, as well as the blade arc that radiated with blinding brilliance!

That blade was deeply etched into his soul and sea of consciousness.



The surrounding space started to turn illusionary, as Jiang Han’s consciousness began to retreat from this space. At the same time, a mysterious sound started to reverberate through his mind, causing delight to surge in his heart. This sound was a narration, and was precisely the inheritance art for martial cultivation!

With his powerful soul, it only took an instant for him to remember it. This art was called the “Yuan Martial Cultivation Art”.

In the main hall.

Everyone watched silently, looking at Jiang Han, who stood quietly near the top of the sacrificial altar.

Countless radiant strings of blood-red light moved about beneath his skin, as endless Yuan Qi from the heavens and earth surged out from the ground. Transforming into a stream, it circled around him, converging together as it did so.

As this happened, the essence blood from the demonic beast poured down over his head like water. Flowing down like a liquid, it coated his body, before being absorbed into his skin.

“How’s this possible…”

Jiang Zheng exchanged glances with mountain villa lord Jiang Yangshan, who was standing far away on the sacrificial altar. Both of them were showing inconceivable expressions within their eyes. Being Martial Ancestors, both had travelled around, gaining an extraordinary knowledge of the world. One of them was a family leader, while the other was privy to many secrets in this world.

Therefore, both of them understood that Jiang Han’s performance on the sacrificial altar definitely wasn’t something an ordinary 5th Rank talent could accomplish!

Just now, was Jiang Han concealing his own talent?

“Blood light forming lines, a 4th Rank talent?” Jiang Zheng locked his eyes on Jiang Han’s small body.

After the talent test and the Passing of Inheritance, the first cultivation of the martial dao would automatically begin. This three-stage process would usually occur during the blood essence baptism.

For ordinary cultivators, they would display what was known as the “initial appearance of a blood glow”, a result of their meridians being cleansed by the surging qi and blood. However, this was insufficient for them to condense any martial patterns. Continuous cultivation, along with the absorption of enough Qi into their body, was required before they could be classified as a genuine martial practitioner. This was the norm for people with 6th Rank or 7th Rank talent.

For people with stronger talent, they would display what was known as a “blood glow forming threads”. That was indicative of the unlocking of one’s potential in all aspects. As long as the blood essence used in the baptism was sufficiently strong, a martial pattern could be condensed in the first cultivation attempt and the person would become a martial practitioner. This would greatly increase the rate of cultivation. This situation would generally be achieved by people with at least a 5th Rank talent, and was sufficient for the person to be deemed as possessing extraordinary talent.

For those people with exceedingly high talent, they would display what was known as “blood glow forming lines”. Again, if the blood essence used in the baptism was strong enough, they would even be able to reach the Martial Master realm or stronger on the first cultivation attempt! This was an apex level talent, and was commonly seen only in people with at least a 4th Rank talent!

The disparity between “blood glow forming threads” and “blood glow forming lines” was extremely small, with the majority of the people being unable to notice the differences. Within the entire Jiang Family, only Jiang Zheng and mountain villa lord Jiang Yangshan could do so.

As for the strongest 3 talent ranks, they would be equal to the geniuses from the legends, or the natural spirits of the heavens and earth. Once awakened, even Jiang Zheng and Jiang Yangshan didn’t know what situation would occur when people with those talents experienced the Blood Essence Baptism. 

Hua! Hua!

The blood essence pouring down over Jiang Han’s head was rapidly absorbed into his body as though he was an endless pit. This continued until all the blood essence clumps in the air were absorbed into his body.

It had to be stated that all the blood essence absorbed by the dozens of people that underwent the Blood Essence Baptism before Jiang Han, was only one-third of the amount he had absorbed. That also took into consideration the fact that all of the people before him had absorbed the blood essence to the limit of their bodies! Yet, Jiang Han had absorbed all of the remaining clumps by himself!

“Brother Zheng, Han’er’s …” Qin Wei’s body shook slightly with emotions surging through her mind, as she too had an extremely good understanding of the possible results of talent identification. “A blood glow forming threads! Only with “a blood glow forming threads” would anyone be able to endure the cleansing baptism from that much blood essence!”

“You’re right! Han’er should be classified as a 4th Rank talent!” Jiang Zheng replied with a smile. As for a 3rd Rank talent? Jiang Zheng did not dare to consider the possibility.

However, a sliver of regret appeared in his eyes. “I’m sorry for being useless, Wei’er. Our child is so talented!  If I’m able to obtain a Demonic Beast King’s essence blood or the legendary Saint Medicine Baptism, he might immediately become a Martial Master, or even a Martial Ancestor, and will be able to lay the strongest foundation, so that in his future…”

“You’ve done enough, brother Zheng. Our Han’er is very talented. Even if his starting point is slightly lower, he will still be able to accomplish great things in the future.” Qin Wei replied with a resolute tone while holding onto her husband’s hand.

As the last drop of essence blood entered his body, Jiang Han felt waves of intense pain racking his mind.

The blood essence started to enter his meridians and circulated around his body, while massive amounts of Yuan Qi from the Heavens and Earth seeped into his fleshly body, causing the quality of his body to skyrocket. Furthermore, his skin started to grow tougher, while his organs grew more robust and sturdy.

This was followed by the condensation of blood lines, which formed a complicated pattern filled with a divine power. Nevertheless, this pattern was extremely faint, and was unable to form completely. In the end, it stopped at a lotus-like shape.

Nevertheless, no one present at the scene was able to see the martial rune pattern in its entirety.

“Qi and blood condensed into a rune, immediately stepping into the martial path upon awakening! Truthly worthy of a 5th Rank talent!” Some people exclaimed with emotion.

The Martial Forefather’s inheritance cultivation Art, Martial dance and worship, and Qi and blood condensed into a rune. This was the entire process of the Blood essence baptism.

Only those who had condensed a martial rune with the Qi and blood within their bodies would be genuinely considered to have stepped onto the path of cultivation.

The reason why those with 8th and 9th Rank talents would find it extremely difficult to cultivate, was due to their extremely low affinity with the Yuan Qi of the Heavens and Earth. Without any external aid, it would extremely difficult for them to condense a martial rune.

“Martial Rune formation.”

Finally, the Yuan Qi of the Heavens and Earth wrapped around his body dissipated, while the white lotus pattern gradually faded away.

Slowly opening his eyes, Jiang Han felt a miraculous feeling gush into his mind, as though a heatwave had flowed across his limbs and his bones. This feeling was exceedingly familiar, yet somehow foreign to him.

“Is this my Qi?” Massive ripples shook through Jiang Han’s heart, as memories of his past life surfaced before his eyes, “In the past, I had cultivated bitterly just to reach the Martial Artist Realm. Now, I’ve stepped in the same realm when I’m only 6 years old?”

Jiang Han gave a helpless sigh in his heart.

An extremely comfortable feeling surged through his body, while his mind felt a sense of satisfaction that he never felt before, a feeling that he was much more powerful than before the Blood essense baptism.

Raising his head, Jiang Han could easily see the little specks of dust present on the beams of the main hall in the distance. In fact, he could even hear the sounds created by flying bugs! It appeared as though the world before him had become much clearer and distinct. 

Jiang Han knew that it was because the quality of his body had increased greatly, along with his senses.

Although he did not test it out, Jiang Han could feel that his strength had increased correspondingly as he slowly raised his hands.

His strength, his mind, his senses, as well as his speed, had all improved greatly.

“Now, I’ve just stepped on the path of cultivation. Even though I’m now considered to be in the Martial Artist realm, the transformations are really massive.” Jiang Han thought. “If I become a Martial Ancestor, or even higher like an Innate realm expert, or Saint, how strong would I be?”

Shaking his head, Jiang Han removed this thought from his mind. He had to take one bite at a time, just like how the path of cultivation had to be tread one step at a time. Those legendary realms were too simply far away for him to consider with his current ability.

Subsequently, Jiang Han turned around and walked down the steps before smiling towards his parents.

“2nd bro, your 6th nephew is truly formidable!”

“5th Rank talent, a 6 year old Martial Artist, this… he will definitely become a Martial Ancestor in the future! In fact, he might even become a legendary Innate Realm expert!”

The Jiang Family members were all cheering and shouting in delight. Being the last person to undergo the inspection, Jiang Han walking down the sacrificial altar meant that the Jiang Family’s Great Sacrificial Ceremony for this year had come to an end.

The people of the mountain villa were extremely excited. 5th Rank talent, 6 year old Martial Artists! Either fact alone would be sufficient for them to feel proud! In the future, when Jiang Han grew up, how high of a realm would he reach?


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