KawaiiDesuChan arrives with HC-24

kawaiidesuchan Heavenly Calamity 5 Comments

advertisement advertisement hey guys i just joined the team last week u guys can call me kawaiidesuchan ill be picking up heavenly calamity i normally translate 10 words per day so that means it’ll be 3 months till the next update advertisement see you guys on christmas~~ —->>HC-24<<—- advertisement advertisement advertisement

Heavenly Calamity Status Update

Hyperdimensional Space Vampire Announcements, Heavenly Calamity 0 Comments

advertisement advertisement So all of our translators for HC have either gone missing, or chosen to focus on other projects. We have some work done on chapter 24, but it’s nowhere near completion. Thus, Heavenly Calamity will be on an indefinite hiatus from this point onward. We’re open to translators joining us to continue it, or if anyone wishes to …