SHHD Announcement + My World Falls into the River of Love — Chapter 18

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advertisement advertisement I HAVE WONDERFUL NEWS~! Do you remember 《Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire》? My lovely, darling Yue/Moonclipse convinced her friend to read it, so now we have a translator!!! So yes, Radiant Translations is claiming the continued translation of SHHD. :3 Blaq (the SHHD translator) still hasn’t finalized the release schedule for SHHD (will most likely be once a week because …

We’re Recruiting Editors

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advertisement advertisement Hey readers, we’re looking for more editors again! Come apply here if you’re interested. advertisement advertisement advertisement


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advertisement advertisement College started again. And also juggling with work. So starting from February, there’ll be a decrease in release. And I finally found a way to contact VGAFH author. If (s)he approve, then I wouldn’t stop at chapter 60 (that’s the limit of free chapters on yunqi and my parents are worried about the legal part.) So finger cross. …

【 Truly Precious Shared Universe 】Reader-Picked Novel Poll

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advertisement advertisement OPEN FROM 08:00 UTC-8 | 01/19/2017 to 12:00 UTC-8 | 01/22/2017 CLOSED POLL Kiseki here~~~♥ Thank you for following this whirlwind of romance and fluff. Honestly, I can’t choose which novel I would want to translate because I fell in love with all of them. Amnesiac Queen, however, is the choice my editor and I ended up on because drama + …

Welcoming ExploreAndTry!

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advertisement advertisement Hi everyone, as you may all have seen, we have two new novels hosted on Radiant now! Maggie (ExploreAndTry) has decided to host Village Girl as Family Head and Ghost Emperor Wild Wife here on Radiant! Check out these two wonderful novels. I personally find the story of Village Girl very refreshing and Ghost Emperor is by the same …

We Need Translators and Editors!

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advertisement advertisement Hey readers, we’re currently recruiting translators and editor! Specifically, we need more translators to help increase the pace for Magic Chef of Ice and Fire, Tempest of the Stellar War, and Unrepentant! As for editors, we need editors for Lord Xue Ying, Tempest of the Stellar War, and  Magic Chef of Ice and Fire! If you think you’re able to help translate, then …