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Thunder Dragon Body and the Fifth Phoenix Transformation

It should be known that the third Phoenix Transformation, the Illusory Phoenix Body, is the foundation for the fourth transformation, the Trifold Phoenix Shadow. The Trifold Phoenix Shadow would split one into three figures, all of which contained an equal amount of attack power. The jump from the third transformation to the fourth was definitely a qualitative leap in strength.

Feng Kong’s voice trembled as he said, “Fourth transformation… it’s actually the fourth transformation, the Trifold Phoenix Shadow! Little Yan, there’s no doubt that you’re the most remarkable talent of of our Phoenix Clan. Abandon the humans. I can make a personal request to Elder Brother on your behalf. We won’t kill your husband or your daughter as long as you return with us.”

The three Yu Ru Yan’s all spoke at once and said, “Elder Kong, ever since I was young you’ve shown the utmost care for me. You were the most charitable one out of everybody in the clan. Thank you for your kind intentions, but as I’ve said, Yu ge is my most beloved. I will never leave him. You simply wouldn’t understand.”


Feng Xu coldly said, “Little Brother Kong, there’s no need to engage in useless chatter with here. So what if she can use the fourth transformation. She might not necessarily be able to bring out the full strength of the Trifold Phoenix Shadow.

“Besides, even though we can’t use the fourth transformation, we’ve stringently cultivated our Nine Flames Qi for so many years; it’s not something that she can match. If we attack both attack her while using the Illusory Phoenix Body, we’ll definitely be able to defeat her and her stolen techniques.”

Yu Ru Yan snorted coldly. “Is that what you believe? If the fourth transformation’s no good, how about the fifth transformation?” The reddish-golden flames around her began to recede, and the speed of the light’s pulsations began to slow.

“The true color of the phoenix’s flames isn’t red or gold. In the legends it’s written that the phoenix we’re descended from used a chicken’s head, a snake’s neck, a swallow’s chin, a turtle’s back, and a fish’s tail to shape a five-colored feather. Eight years ago, I finally broke through from the fourth transformation and achieved the fifth. Perhaps you can’t even imagine this.”

The first things to change were the wings on each of the three Yu Ru Yan’s backs. As the reddish-gold light pulsed, their wings began to ripple and change between five different colors. Even though reddish-gold remained the primary color, the five colors that washed across the wings were much more magnificent.

Yu Ru Yan flicked her wrist and cast her silver soft sword to the side. All three of her bodies simultaneously extended their right arms and condensed five-colored flames in them. The multicolored flame twisted and turned in each of their hands until it formed a one-meter long, plume shaped figure. Afterwards, all six of their wings began to flap in sync with one another, and an emblazoned voice split apart the heavens and the earth.

“Fifth Transformation: Five-Colored Phoenix Shaking Wing!”

The hearts of the Phoenix Clan members shook1. Feng Nu outright stared at this senior of hers who’d condemned the Phoenix Clan. She was youngest ever to have achieved the Royal Wings transformation in the clan, yet she didn’t have any modicum certainty that she’d be able to attain the fifth transformation by the time that she’d reached Yu Ru Yan’s age.

Yu Ru Yan’s three bodies suddenly charged at the four Phoenix clan members in chorus. The mysterious plumes in her hands seemed to be ethereal, as if they’d travelled through the nine heavens. With a flash of light, the multi-colored light surged forwards in an attempt to wrap around the her strong foes.

The two elders unleashed the fruits of their many years of cultivation at the most crucial moment. Even though they were just using the third transformation, their qi was extremely explosive. They managed stop two of Yu Ru Yan’s figures, but the final Yu Ru Yan still managed to force Feng Nu and Feng Xiang backwards, little by little.

At that moment, seven figures were engulfed in battle with one another; none of them were discernible. All of their surging qi had been compressed into the narrow area around them. As they fought, both reddish-gold and multi-colored light entwined and separated alongside constant collisions. The ground shook with each explosion.

The person who had the most complicated emotions currently wasn’t Thunder Dragon Body Lan Yu, but rather Nian Bing. Two of the people he cared about the most stood on each side of the fight. He was afraid that Yu Ru Yan would harm Feng Nu, yet he was also scared that Feng Nu and the others would harm his auntie, who was like a mother to him. He unconsciously stepped forwards and began to mumble an incantation.

A hand larger than his shoulder suddenly slapped it. “I know that you’re worried about Ru Yan, but don’t interfere. This is an old grievance between Ru Yan and her clansmen. I believe that Ru Yan has the strength to defeat them.”

The person who’d stopped Nian Bing was Lan Yu. Even though he was in a berserker state, a faint smile was still present on his face.


“There are no buts. Ru Yan is the most outstanding talent of the Phoenix Clan, and is also the number one expert of the Ao Lan Empire. Now that she’s used the fifth phoenix transformation, even I might not be much help against her. Just keep watching. I believe in Ru Yan’s strength.”

Even though Lan Yu had said this, Nian Bing was able to see that both of his powerful hands were balled up into fists.

Could he really just remain a spectator until they determined who was the victor and who was the loser? There were people on both sides that Nian Bing didn’t want to see hurt. Light flashed through his eyes, and he walked back to the wall. Suddenly, he said, “Salamandhys, don’t just watch the show. Come on out and help me.”

Lan Yu and the others not embroiled in battle looked at Nian Bing in astonishment, not understanding what he meant.

Nian Bing didn’t intend to stop. He continued loudly, “Salamandhys, don’t hide. I know you’re there. Look at them, they’re destroying the place. If they continue, that stove over there will soon be destroyed. If you don’t come out and help me, I’ll won’t anywhere to cook a meal at. Could it be that you don’t want to eat the delicacies that I make with all my heart?”

The seven figures on the battlefield were fully engaged with keeping their opponents tied down. None of them had time to pay attention to Nian Bing. And even though Lan Yu, Lan Xun, Ru Yi, and Ru Meng had heard what he’d said, they hadn’t understood what he’d meant. Right at that moment, something strange happened.

A languid voice seemed to sound from all directions. “It’s not one meal, it’s three. Remember that Nian Bing, you stinky brat.”

A ghost-like red silhouette suddenly appeared and entered the fight that even Lan Yu had said he’d have trouble entering like a needle-thin gust of wind. Intense sounds of explosions rapidly went off, and the seven figures that had been engulfed in battle were all actually separated by that red figure.

Once everything had calmed down, Salamandhys was revealed to be floating in the center of where they’d been fighting. He had a crooked grin on his face as he looked at everyone around him.

All three of Yu Ru Yan’s bodies had recombined into one, and her face had become extremely pale. Only half of her phoenix plume was left.

On the other side of the battlefield, blood trailed from the corners of the Phoenix Clan member’s mouths. They’d obviously been at a disadvantage in the battle.

Salamandhys turned to gaze at Yu Ru Yan. “Little girl, your feather hurt me! Tell me, how are you going to compensate me?”

He then turned to face the Phoenix Clan members. ”Oh, right. You guys need to tone it down. Are you trying to tear me apart?”

Both parties were overwhelmed with shock. Only they, the parties involved, understood what had just happened. During that battle, all of them had surrounded their bodies with their strongest qi. The five peak experts of the Phoenix Clan had been going all against Yu Ru Yan, such that it would’ve been hard for even a martial god to interfere.

Yet, this red-robed youth had easily charged into the fray. Since the moment he had appeared, his arms had remained crossed over his chest; he hadn’t attacked them. All he’d done was use his body to block Yu Ru Yan and other four’s attacks. However, they’d clearly sensed that they weren’t striking a human body, but rather a staunch mountain.

Actually, if they’d really struck a mountain, their attacks would’ve turned at least a portion of it into fine powder. Yet, this person was just fine! In fact, not only was fine, he was floating there and making sarcastic remarks!

Lan Yu sighed. “A martial god.” In his imagination, there was no one who could do that save for a warrior in the martial god realm.

Salamandhys snorted contemptuously. “What’s that? I resent being called such.”

Yu Ru Yan coldly said, “This is our matter, why are you interfering?”

Salamandhys chuckled. “I’m not interfering, I’m merely inserting my body.2 You descendants of that stupid chicken seem a bit stronger than the previous generations, especially you.”

He glanced towards Yu Ru Yan. “You could’ve easily killed them earlier; you wouldn’t have even needed to use your hidden sixth transformation. If you didn’t need it, I remember that that stupid chicken had some sort of ‘five color soaring heavens’ he used. Wouldn’t it have been easy to kill them with that?

“However, the sixth transformation is your limit. Unless you have some sort of fortuitous encounter, you’ll never be able to reach the seventh transformation. Your fight doesn’t seem to be that urgent, go outside to finish it; don’t destroy the stove. Nian Bing, don’t forget: You have to make me three meals with all your heart. However, how did you know that I came? With your cultivation, you shouldn’t have been able to sense me.”

Yu Ru Yan was shocked. This unfathomable youth had actually completely seen through her. On the other hand, Feng Xu and the others were even more shocked. They knew very well that the sixth transformation not only meant that Yu Ru Yan had achieved a half-phoenix body, but that her strength neared that of a martial god’s.

If she managed to break through and achieve the seventh transformation, she’d become a true martial god. She really had been lenient on them before; if she hadn’t, she would’ve immediately used her sixth transformation, which was impossible for them to stop.

Nian Bing laughed and walked over. “Don’t worry Salamandhys. I’ll do as I promised. As for how I found out that you were here… it was just too easy. Even though I couldn’t sense you with my strength, when I was preparing the ingredients you were swallowing so loudly that it was impossible for me not to notice you. I’m not deaf.”

He then turned to Yu Ru Yan. “Auntie Yu, please don’t fight anymore. Since you don’t have any intention of killing them, just let them go.”

Salamandhys was shocked, and a rare blush appeared on his face. He muttered to himself, “Was I really that loud…?”

Yu Ru Yan managed to recover her wits. “Nian Bing, you sure are sweet on that girlfriend of yours.” She deliberately shot Feng Nu a glance when she said this. Feng Nu instantly turned red and lowered her head.

Feng Xu looked extremely angry and flicked his wrist. His longsword streaked forwards like a meteor across the moon as it headed straight towards Nian Bing’s chest.

“Fuck you, anyone who kills him wrongs my stomach.” The high quality sword had somehow fallen into Salamandhys’ hands, while Yu Ru Yan had jumped in front of Nian Bing.

Salamandhys toyed with the sword for a moment, then waved his hand, which caused to the sword to immediately turn into molten iron. As it flowed to the ground he coldly gazed at the Phoenix Clan members. “I’m telling you right now. Nian Bing might not be strong, but he’s my personal chef. As such, he’s under my protection. Whoever wants to touch him is messing with my stomach. And whoever messes with my stomach is my greatest enemy. Since you attacked me, don’t accuse me of not warning you. With your puny level of strength, I can turn you into cinders by simply lifting my arm.”

Feng Nu suddenly said in shock, “Y-you’re that dragon. How is this possible, how are you a human?”

Ever since Salamandhys had appeared, she’d felt that his voice was very familiar. And when Nian Bing had called him Salamandhys, alongside Salamandhys’ tone, she’d finally deduced that this red-robed man was the fire dragon from the cavern previously. When he’d used his body to block their attacks, she under understood how Nian Bing could have appeared here.

“Dragon?” Everyone cried out in shock.

Salamandhys arrogantly replied, “That’s right! I’m the mighty Fire Dragon King, Salamandhys. Alright, you silly chickens can get lost now. Nian Bing, make me some food. I’ve slept for two days, so now I’m rather hungry.”

Feng Xu did several double takes towards Salamandhys, then immediately determined that they couldn’t linger there any longer. Even if the person in front of them wasn’t a transformed dragon, they still couldn’t deal with Yu Ru Yan.

“We’ll leave.” He headed for the outside.

Feng Kong, Feng Xiang, and Feng Nu all followed him out of the duke’s mansion. Yu Ru Yan didn’t stop them; she merely frowned as she watched them leave. Nian Bing thought to call out to Feng Nu, but when he thought back to their previous conversation and Feng Xu’s attitude, he endured it. He didn’t want to cause any more trouble for Feng Nu.

“Good, good. They’re gone now. To give my personal chef some face, I’ll help you clean up.” Yellow light wrapped Salamandhys’ body, then the halo of light entered the ground. The light flashed intensely as the giant fissures slowly closed underneath the yellow light. The ground shook until it had recovered its original appearance.

Lan Yu said in shock, “Earth magic!”

Salamandhys clapped his hands as he walked over to the table and pulled out a chair like he hadn’t done anything. He patted his stomach and said, “I’m so hungry! Quickly now, Nian Bing.”

Yu Ru Yan didn’t know what exactly had happened, but ever since her opponent had admitted that he was a dragon, she hadn’t been able to give him the cold shoulder. As a member of the Phoenix Clan she of knew the strength of the dragons on the Yangguang continent. She nodded at Nian Bing and said, “Even this senior dragon likes your food. Auntie is looking forward to it, Nian Bing. I’ll have to trouble you.”

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  2. The joke here is that the word for ‘interfere’ also means to literally insert one’s hand. Here, he’s inserted his whole body.

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