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The Dragon King’s Personal Chef

Nian Bing chuckled. “Then I’ll make you something good.”

Salamandhys got excited. “Good, good. Quickly now. Your friends left behind quite a bit of ingredients; I reckon there will be enough for several meals. En, I’ll give you the honor of being the mighty Salamandhys’ exclusive chef!”

Nian Bing nodded. “No problem, but I want to know how did you manage to get up there so quickly? You’re so big, so if you’d flown past me, I should have been able to notice you!”


Salamandhys snorted. “Idiot, did you forget about my mimicry? I can imitate light magic and water magic, so why can’t I do the same for space magic? For just a 3000 meters, a rank 7 movement spell is sufficient.”

Nian Bing asked in surprise, “You’re saying you can imitate any magic? Darkness too?”

Salamandhys replied arrogantly, “Of course I can. Our dragon race are innate magic users. We can easily use what humans call forbidden spells. Even if it’s a different attribute of magic, we can imitate the basics. All magics, in their fundamental forms, are quite similar to each other.. Although every magic element has a different form, as long as you can control the changes in magic waves, you can imitate any kind of magic. Of course, It’s impossible for you humans, but we dragons can imitate magic of other natures rank 9 and below.”

Imitation— although Salamandhys spoke very generally, it had given Nian Bing an idea. Since dragons could do it, wouldn’t human mages be able to replicate it on a lower level? Although humans were naturally inferior to dragons, he wasn’t your average human; he possessed both fire and ice magic. As the two magics were rotating in unison, if he could make both of them imitate the other, the Ice and Fire source would no longer be a threat.

Not only would cultivation become easier, with a few tweaks, he would be able to better utilize the Ice and Fire Source.Although, to advance in imitation, he needed to have a better understanding of similarities of ice and fire as well as their variations. As always, this would require more time.

Making a meal for dragon was certainly a laborious task. Just how big were dragons’ stomachs? Nian Bing and them had brought enough ingredients to feed thirty people for a month, but Salamandhys alone had eaten  a third of those ingredients in a single meal. Nian Bing had made the simplest food he could prepare, but even making this one meal tired him terribly. He had a couple bites to eat, then sat on the side, breathing heavily.

Salamandhys ate each plate very slowly. “Nian Bing, boy, by eating slowly like this wasn’t I supposed to experience the best flavor? Why is it I can’t taste any of the variations you talked about!?”

Nian Bing said ill-humoredly, “Boss, don’t forget that you’re a dragon. How could a dragon’s sense of taste be the same as human’s? It seems that your sense of taste isn’t keen enough, so naturally you can’t grasp every flavor.”

Salamandhys stopped his feasting. He said angrily, “Fuck, why didn’t you say that earlier, you brat? I ate all those things without enjoying their best flavors.”

Nian Bing stared blankly, then said, “If I told you before, what use would there be? Wouldn’t you eat it the same way?” Although they hadn’t been in contact long, Nian Bing discovered that except for Salamandhys’ self-importance, he wasn’t all that hard to get along with. At least,when he was making him food, he was exceedingly desperate, going as far as to be his assistant. That thirst for food was just like a gluttonous child. Anyways, he wouldn’t be leaving this place for a while so he relaxed. It wasn’t really that hard to interact with Salamandhys.

“Nonsense, of course it would have been better for you to have said that earlier. What are humans? If I turn into a human won’t I have a human’s sense of taste?” Under Nian Bing’s surprised gaze, a red light enshrouded Salamandhys, then suddenly rippled, condensing around his massive body. Gradually, the red light intensified until the piercing glare blinded Nian Bing. Then the light suddenly vanished. When Nian Bing regained his sight, his mouth fell open in surprise. Salamandhys’ massive body was nowhere to be seen, and in his place was a man that looked to be about Nian Bing’s age.

He was also almost as tall as Nian Bing and had a head of fiery red hair. Although he wasn’t as handsome as Nian Bing, he emitted a domineering aura. A dark red warrior’s robe covered his perfect body. The pressure he emitted gave people an extreme sense of danger. Chuckling, he said, “How do I look? Bet you didn’t expect this. There’s nothing on this continent that the mighty Salamandhys cannot do.” He wriggled a bit in his now human body. Then in a flash, he arrived in front of Nian Bing.

Nian Bing’s mouth was still hanging open. “Y-you’re really Salamandhys?”

Salamandhys knocked on his head. “Idiot, you forgot ‘the mighty’ part.” Now a human, he felt more real. Looking at the someone of his age before him, Nian Bing couldn’t stifle a dry laugh. Creatures like dragons were indeed not something within a human’s scope of imagination.

Salamandhys continued to eat his massive serving. “Ee, as expected the taste is different. A human’s sense of taste is really useful! Fuck, I was missing out on so much before. It seems good to be a human.” Although he was in a human form, he still had the stomach of a dragon. Bit by bit, he managed to finish everything that Nian Bing made. Satisfied, he patted his stomach and reclined on his pile of treasures. “Nian Bing, I finally understand what flavors you were talking about. It truly is wonderful! Is all human food so fantastic?”

Nian Bing managed to recover while Salamandhys was finishing up the meal. He walked next to him and sat down. “Not all of it. But for me, cooking is its own culture, and human’s cooking is a boundless sea. There are many delicious foods that even I haven’t seen. Among humans, I am definitely a outstanding chef, but I can’t say that I am the best.”

Salamandhys flipped over in surprise. “So you’re saying that there are even better foods?”

Nian Bing smiled. “Of course there are. If we have the chance later, I’ll bring you out try some.” After Salamandhys turned into a human, he didn’t know why but Nian Bing felt his fear lessen greatly. “Might Salamandhys, did you give up on that Modas’ Sealed Bottle? You don’t seem to be worried at all.”

Salamandhys snorted. “How could I be worried. There isn’t just one one Modas’ Sealed Bottle; there are six in total. Divided between me and the other five dragon kings, except for the darkness dragon king. If you don’t have all of them, one alone is useless. I definitely need it back, but for now I’m not worried.”

Nian Bing was curious. “What kind of things are the Modas’ Sealed Bottles? Why do they need the protection of six greater dragons?”

Salamandhys’ expression changed slightly. “You don’t need to know. That knowledge is of no use to you. Also, remember, I’m a dragon king, not a greater dragon.”

“Dragon king? Dragon kings and greater dragons are different? Aren’t you here because the Dragon God assigned you to protect the continent?” Nian BIng’s curiosity intensified.

Salamandhys answered arrogantly, “After the war in ancient times, many races on the Yangguang continent disappeared. The divine realm felt that us dragons were much too powerful for humans and thus unsuited to living on the continent. Thus, the Lord Dragon God called us back into the divine realm. At that time, Lord Dragon God assigned one greater dragon of each attribute to protect the continent, choosing us as the 7 great dragon kings. Those other six guys were really crafty, actually choosing themselves to stay. So of course I couldn’t be outdone.”

Nian Bing asked, “So gods really exist? What’s wrong with the divine realm? Why didn’t you want to go?”

Salamandhys said, “Dogshit gods. The so-called ‘gods’ were appointed by humans. Actually, gods are humans, just strong humans. Before the ancient battle, every single magic element was much more concentrated on this continent. At that time, some of you humans were insightful and cultivated painstakingly, until they reached extreme heights. They completely surpassed human capabilities and you call them gods.

“This guy who called himself god used powerful magic to create a another continent, but he also sealed it away. That is what we call the divine realm. So it’s not really the divine realm, more like a magic realm item. Because of the mystical protections on the realm, it is undetectable. However, that so-called ‘god’ had too much self-esteem. He made an agreement not to affect the humans, otherwise they would be attacked by the so-called god. The dragon kings are the highest existence in your mortal realms. If we went to that ‘divine’ realm, then we could only be above the ordinary greater dragons at the whims of that god. I have no interest in being controlled, so naturally staying here is best.”

This was the first time Nian Bing had heard the actual reason behind gods. “So you’re sayings that humans can cultivate to become gods? If I work hard and reach that realm, could I enter the divine realm?”

Salamandhys nodded. “Of course. But the world isn’t like it was before. Cultivating to a god level isn’t so easy to do. You humans have limited lifespans. In close to ten thousand years, I have never seen anyone come close to the level of the divine realm. However, there is someone now who is close to that. She probably has a chance.”

Nian Bing shuddered. “Are you talking about the Ice God’s Pagoda, Ice and Snow Goddess’ Worshipper?”

Salamandhys shot Nian Bing a glance. “That is that human girl. I really don’t know how she trained, but she is such a devout believer of the ice god. Harsh cultivation for over a hundred years must be really difficult from here. She has remained a virgin and cultivated since she was young, giving her an advantage ordinary humans don’t have so that she could attain the level that humans call a descended god mage. However, she has a few obstacles in her path to becoming a true god. Me and the ice dragon were talking about her last time we met. Now even we probably couldn’t hurt her. That girl’s magic is certainly impressive.”

“What? Even you couldn’t deal with the Ice and Snow Goddess’ Worshipper?” Nian Bing trembled; it was like ice water had been poured on his head. A chill ran through him. He knew how mighty greater dragons were, but he didn’t think that even someone as arrogant as Salamandhys would admit he couldn’t kill the Ice and Snow Goddess’ Worshiper. Such a strong enemy, how could he contend against her?

“What’s this, you and that little girl have some bad blood? If you do, I advise you to give up. That girl already has a demi-god’s body andis just one step away from god level. In less than a decade she’ll make it into the god realm, then the Divine Realm will take her in. According to what that ice dragon said, that girl knew about the existence of the Divine Realm since she was very young and she always devotedly cultivated ice magic so that she could go to the Divine Realm. Over a century of hard work has been devoted to her goal. You think that you can surpass her?”

Ideas were flashing through Nian Bing’s mind without stop. “No. Even the strongest person has a weakness. As long as I work hard, anything can happen.”

Salamandhys smiled strangely. “Of course it could happen. That little girl is not without flaws. If you take her virginity, then her ice element will be destroyed, forever unable to enter the realm of the gods.”

Nian Bing stared. “Mages who want to cultivate to the limits need to have virgin bodies? I’ve never heard of that.”

Salamandhys snorted. “That’s because you are ignorant and narrow-minded. What do the current day mages understand? The magic you can do is on a very ordinary level. Of course you don’t need to be a virgin, just hard work. With the present state of the magic element on the continent, you will probably need three or four centuries to reach the god realm. However, it would be great if you could even live that long.

That girl took a shortcut. By cultivating with a virgin body and with her hard work and many magic items, she could reach her present state in just over a hundred years. Boy, if you have some unfinished business with her, just take  her virginity, send her dreams of joining the divine realm to the pits of hell. That is revenge. You don’t necessarily have to kill people, hehe. If you want revenge, then giving your opponent imaginably suffering is true revenge! How’s that? If you have the chance, go and rape her. I’ll support you. I’ll go with you to watch. How’s that?”

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