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The Secret of the Phoenix Clan

However, what they didn’t find out is just as they left, the sound of someone swallowing their saliva came from deeper within the cave. Mixed in was an angry voice. “Fuck, why is this cave so small. It’s smell so good, soooo goood. Never mind, I’ll just go back to sleep. Those tiny insects’ food cannot be that delicious. Right, it’s definitely horrible. Sleep, must sleep…”

After resting for three days, everyone’s injuries were much improved. Nian Bing’s gash had been healed, but for him this was nothing good. His bones had been broken. Being healed on the surface didn’t mean much. This arm was useless for him. On a happier note, Zi Qing Jian woke. Because he hadn’t exhausted all of his strength, he was still as lively as a dragon and animated as a tiger after recovering.

“President Ka Luo, I think that we should go into the cave to investigate the way first. The injured people should stay here to rest. After we’ve found the way out, we can come back and take them,” Nian Bing said.


Ka Luo nodded. “Nian Bing, your injuries aren’t light. You should stay here. Us and Miss Feng Nu should be sufficient.”

Nian Bing shook his head. “I’m fine. I still have many scrolls with me. I might be able to help you. Teacher Li De, how much of your magic power has recovered?”

Li De, “I’ve already completely recovered. I will go with you. We must look after one another.”

Through discussion, it was decided that Feng Nu, Zi Qing Jian, Ka Luo, Jia Te Lin, and Li De would search for the away out. Everyone else would wait here for news.

Leaving the majority of the things there, Nian Bing and the other five set out. Feng Nu walked at the very front, followed by Zi Qing Jian. Nian Bing walked at the very back due to his injury, but used a flame spell to light the way. Before setting out, Nian Bing asked Feng Nu about her injuries. Feng Nu told him she recovered about fifty percent, but the damage to her qi was very severe. Without several months she couldn’t completely recover.

The cavern was truly deep, alternating between becoming suddenly big and suddenly deep. At the smallest point they had to bend at the waist to pass through. The majority of it was easily passable for the six. The deeper they went, the hotter it got. Fortunately, the ventilation was good in this cave. Although it was hot, it wasn’t unbearable.

After walking for an hour, the cave in front of them was still unfathomably deep. Feng Nu turned to look at Nian Bing at the very back. Nian Bing nodded at her, indicating he was fine. Right at this moment, they suddenly found there was a bend in the cave. Beyond the bend, there seemed to be a bright light.

They exchanged glances while increasing their vigilance. Nian Bing pulled out Heavenly Flame, Zi Qing Jian plucked his heavysword off his back, Nian Bing and Li De chanted their best spells in preparation.

As they went around the bend, a massive change appeared before them. The six people gasped in surprise almost simultaneously, completely stopping in their tracks.

Before their eyes was an indescribably humongous cave. Natural light filtered in from above. From what they could see, the giant cavern seemed to be almost three thousand meters high, a completely hollow mountain. The wide space could easily fit ten thousand people. What surprised them even more were the two mountains in front of them. One of them was a sparkling, glittering mountain of treasure while the other was a giant beast in the shape of a mountain.

The glittering mountain of treasure was thirty-five meters high. Every piece of treasure shone bright as the sky. Every kind of precious gem was present, as well all sorts of bizarre items. There even seemed to be some superb weapons. What attracted Nian Bing the most was a small box encrusted with jewels. From what he learned at the library, it was used to hold books. If Ka Luo’s informant wasn’t wrong, it might be the ancient magic books he desperately wanted.

Ka Luo swallowed a mouthful of spit and murmured, “Heavens! This treasure trove must be comparable to any country’s royal treasury. Fortunately we didn’t bring Hua Rui here; she wouldn’t be able to stop herself.”

Nian Bing walked next to Feng Nu and said quietly, “This, this really is a sub-dragon? Why does it look just like a greater dragon?”

Feng Nu forced a smile. “See if our luck isn’t bad. You didn’t speak wrongly. This is definitely a greater dragon, a fire greater dragon.”

Although Nian Bing had secretly guessed as much, he couldn’t stop himself from trembling. His eyes suddenly exuded surprise. The gigantic body next to  the mountain of treasure was exactly same as the wind greater dragon he saw before, only it was much bigger and its scales were red. It was thirty-five meters long. It’s giant wings were drooping onto the floor and covering its body. On its head were a pair of deer horns. At the corners of it mouth it had whiskers, and on its forehead was a red gem. It’s whole body was covered in red-gold scales. Although its eyes were closed, its fearsome presence told everyone that this was an extremely mighty being. The ones the Fire Dragon People called Lord Dragon wasn’t a sub-dragon, but a true fire greater dragon. This fact filled Nian Bing with fear.

“Feng Nu, what should we do now?” Nian Bing turned to the beautiful girl beside him.

Feng Nu smiled lightly and pointed upwards. “There should be a way out. Of course we can leave.”

Nian Bing went blank. “You don’t seem to be worried?”

Feng Nu smiled. “What’s there to worry about. A true greater dragon loves to sleep more than a sub-dragon. As long as we don’t touch its treasure we won’t attract its attention. Even if we shout loudly it won’t wake up. Our lucki is pretty good. Relax, for us a true greater dragon is less dangerous than a sub-dragon. Of course, that’s only if it doesn’t wake up. I’ll remind you again that no one can touch the treasures. Otherwise the dragon will kill us, more easily than crushing an ant.”

Ka Luo saw Feng Nu look at him, and hurried to say, “As you can see it’s a true greater dragon. This was a pretty good experience for us. Despite your lack of worry, I definitely don’t have any thoughts of disturbing it’s treasure. I have lived many years, but it won’t be weird for me to live another twenty. I do want to become old. What should we do now? We should think of a way to get out.”

Nian Bing said, “I’ll go out first. However, this cave is much higher than we imagined. It might not be easy to find a long enough rope. Feng Nu, my magic should be enough to carry two people out. After we go out we can think of something.”

Feng Nu nodded. Nian Bing was just about to use the snowstorm spell when something strange happened. A black shadow, with speed invisible to the naked eye, charged out to the pile of glittering treasure. With a bang, the treasures were sent flying into the air. The black shadow snatched something within, a black bottle, and laughed strangely. “Haha, thank you idiots for opening the path for me and becoming my scapegoat.”

Nian Bing and them were about to respond, only to see a person cloaked in black. He couldn’t see his face, as his whole person was wrapped in a black mist. Li De’s eyes shone, “A darkness attributed mage!”

An angry roar suddenly shook the cave; the fire greater dragon issued an incomparably angry roar after it flew onto the ground. “Whoever dares touch my treasures must die.” A dark red light shot out from its raised claw, shooting straight at the black-clothed person.

The black-clothed person didn’t dare take it head on. He surrounded himself with a black mist, and floated to the side like a leaf in the wind. With a gigantic sound, a 10 meter hole appeared in the firm cave wall. The entire cave jumped in temperature, even vaporizing the fragments from the wall. The site of explosion was glowing darkly.

“You go ahead and play with each other, but I won’t.” The gloomy and cold voice was full of excitement. He ripped apart a scroll and a hexagram appeared below his feet. In a flash of light, he disappeared entirely, not even leaving a scent behind.

Nian Bing and Li De took in a breath of cold air. Because they both knew that the scroll the opponent had used was actually the rank 10 spatial magic scroll–Distant Summons that supposedly didn’t exist. Nian Bing read a description of Distant Summons back on the top floor of the Ice Moon Empire Mage Association Library. It was acclaimed as the greatest escape scroll in the world. It’s just that this scroll couldn’t be made by a magister. Not to mention, there no space magisters on the entire continent.

This scroll could be used to instantly travel over a thousand miles to where a magic array was drawn. If there was a space magister, he would need need to chant the incantation for at least the time it took to eat a meal, and use all of his magic power to have even a chance at success. Such a precious scroll couldn’t be described in value.

The six people stood there dumbly. Right now, they were not thinking about were that black-clothed person had come from or why they had done so. They were rather preoccupied by a fully upright, furious fire greater dragon.

The gigantic figure stood there like a mountain. It’s giant wings were almost thirty-five meters wide. Fire came out of its mouth as it it breathed, and dark red eyes exhibited intense anger. They hadn’t seen its attack just now. Even at her optimum state, Feng Nu wouldn’t be able to stop it. Faced with one of the mightiest beings on the continent, the six people were faced with certain death. Exchanging glances with the greater dragon, for the time they didn’t what they should do.

Still, Nian Bing responded most quickly. With cough, he probed, “Honorable Greater Dragon, w-we are not companions of that thief. If there is nothing else, we didn’t disturb your slumber.”

The greater dragon lowered its head slightly. “Despicable humans, you are talking to me? But that person just said it was you who brought him here. What’s more, he stole Modas’ sealed bottle that I was guarding. This is all of your fault. How about this? I will give you one chance. If you can damage one of my scales, I will let you leave here alive.”

“Then I’ll give it my all. My retracted head is a sword, my extending head is also a sword,” Zi Qing Jian bellowed angrily. He waved his heavysword at the greater dragon’s body. Ka Luo exhaled silently, then together with Jia Te Lin followed Zi Qing Jian forward. Li De also launched the Water Dragon spell he prepared beforehand. Now, they had only one chance.

“Don’t do it!” Feng Nu interrupted Nian Bing who was about to cast his magic. The fire-red silhouette suddenly appeared in front of the greater dragon, the Heavenly Flame Sword turning into a gorgeous display. She first sent Zi Qing Jian, Ka Luo, and Jia Te Lin backwards, before turning to Li De’s rank 8 attack spell. The Heavenly Flame Sword’s dance had not a single flaw for fear that she would miss something.

The spell was under Li De’s control. Because of how Feng Nu had saved everyone so bravely before, Nian Bing believed her very much. When the Water Dragon spells was about to come in contact with her, he immediately drew it back. Despite this, the weakened Feng Nu still coughed out a mouthful of blood, staggering and almost falling over.

Nian Bing ran over to support Feng Nu. “Feng Nu, this was your doing?”

Feng Nu took in several breaths. “I just saved your lives.” She turned around and faced the greater dragon and said coldly, “I really did not think that someone as powerful as you would use such tricks to deceive us.”

The fire greater dragon snorted. “You’re that rotten little bird’s descendant. No wonder you know the rules.”

Feng Nu calmly looked at the fire greater dragon. “So it was true. It was just my speculation, but just now you confirmed it. The Dragon God left you seven greater dragons to guard the human realm. In order to prevent the balance in the human worlds being altered, he set some rules. Unless humans attack you first or steal your treasures, you are not allowed to attack humans. You obviously knew that the black bottle being stolen wasn’t our fault and were trying to trick us into attacking you first because you wanted to kill us.”

When he heard this, Li De and them knew that their lives were saved by Feng Nu. If Feng Nu hadn’t risked the danger of injury to stop it their attack, they might have already been annihilated by that extremely concentrated fire counterattack.

“Don’t call me a greater dragon. I am a dragon king, the mighty fire dragon king, Salamandhys. You’re very smart, but do you think you can escape with your lives? Modas’ sealed bottle was stolen; if the Dragon God knew, I would ignite his anger. Although I can’t kill you directly, I can trap you here. It’s very easy for you to starve. Don’t think I won’t know if I’m sleeping; I know about the fight you had with by servants. You came here for my treasure, but abandoned it to leave. Obviously, you are despicable humans, so taking your lives is the best choice.”

Nian Bing propped up Feng Nu and said clearly, “Salamandhys, although I don’t know what kind of think Modas’ sealed bottle is, I think that it must be very important you. If we help you get back your bottle, will you let us go?”

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