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The Fire Dragon People

When they heard Nian Bing call them the Dragon People, the silent  Dragon People started. The front most elder frowned. “You know about us?”

Nian Bing nodded. “I have  about the existence of the Dragon People before. That said, the cave you are guarding must be a greater dragon’s treasure trove.”


“That’s right, we are the Fire Dragon People. I can tell you that I am the elder of this clan, Jin Ni. Even if you know this, it is no use. Today you must die here, for offending the sanctity of the Dragon People. Now kill them!”

“Go, Dance of the Billowing Waves,” said an aged voice. A ring of blue light suddenly condensed and spread outward, pulsing at the Fire Dragon People. Nian Bing opened dialogue with them at Li De’s prompting, so that he could buy more time for the incantation. Their opponents never had any intention to release them, so they could only fight back their hardest.

Dance of the Billowing Waves was a rank 8 AoE attack water spell. It consumed an extremely large amount of magic, but it was the best choice for dealing with a large amount of enemies. It was just a shame that in the Fire Dragon People’s domain, water magic spells were greatly weakened. This normally rank 8 spell only had the power of a rank 7.

The waves rippled out in all directions, like a hoard of water arrows stopping the Fire Dragon People’s advance. Red qi blew around them, holding back the Dance of the Billowing Wave’s endless attack. Feng Nu suddenly shouted. “Head for the caves! It will be easier to defend there!”

Nian Bing’s eyes lit up. That’s right! To advance you must retreat. Before Ka Luo, Jia Te Lin, and Hua Rui could head for the cave, he first threw out two magic scrolls. This was his life saving skill.

Ice and fire. The two strongest rank 6 spells that Nian Bing could control instantly burst out of the scrolls. Red, blue light smashed together and a violent explosion seemed to shake the entire mountain range. The Ice and Fire Source was pushed to its limits to produce a powerful force equivalent to a rank 8 spell that charged at the elder.

While Li De’s powerful spell incoming on the other side, the Fire Dragon People elder  grimaced when heard Feng Nu’s shout. Silver qi covered his body, and he pressed his two hands in front of him, intending to destroy Li De’s spell when the Nian Bing’s magic slammed into him.

A rank 8 attack spell could not threaten a martial saint ranked warrior, even less so with super strong bodies like the Fire Dragon People. But it was able to produce giant vibrations. The Fire Dragon Elder only stepped back one step to stabilize himself, but the ten or so Fire Dragon People next to him were suddenly sent flying by the tremors. They seemed to be frightened of the giant hole behind them, preferring to be hit by the spell than step back. They forced themselves to the side, making the only left in front of the cave mouth the elder. Right at this time, Hua Rui came charging in with her massive battle axes.

Ding! Ding! Hua Rui flew backwards, spurting blood. Her opponent had actually gouged her two battle axes. Ka Luo and Jia Te Lin were not any slower than her as they flew backwards too. Against a true martial saint, martial masters had no chance. The elder vented his anger, intensifying the silver qi around himself. To be attacked in succession by magic and three martial masters’ all out attacks, valiant as he was, could not himself from bleeding.

The mercenaries were pressing forward as Feng Nu suggested. At the moment, the first attack arrived on them, but a red light countered it. The light came within a meter of the Fire Dragon People elder when the red suddenly turned silver. The resplendent cry of the phoenix burst free and a silver, fuzzy silhouette of a sword appeared vaguely before Jin Ni’s eyes. His expression changed slightly as he thrust both his fists out of him. Holy qi surged from him, about to collide with the sword.

“Phoenix! Plume! Slice!” came a voice like broken silk. Just like the silver qi, the hazy sword suddenly formed substance, firmly cutting down on Jin Ni’s emitted qi. The tail flames were headed straight for Jin Ni’s chest.

“Are you truly looking for death?” Jin Ni roared angrily. He suddenly leapt upwards, bellowing like a dragon. The light of a sword flashed as Feng Nu attacked at the place where he had been standing.

Feng Nu was abnormally calm as the cry of the phoenix came from her mouth. The silver qi around her body expanded several times. “Dance! Of! The! Nine! Heavens! Phoenix!” The Heavenly Flame Sword suddenly slowed as she raised it. She and her divine sword then engaged in a beautiful dance.

Jin Ni’s expression completely changed. Although his qi was more powerful than Feng Nu, he was not certain he could withstand such successive attacks from Feng Nu’s Heavenly Flame Sword. He waved his arms weirdly in the air, looking for the chance to interrupt the Nine Heavenly Flame Divine Sword’s qi, but Feng Nu would not give him such an opportunity. Dance of the Nine Heavens Phoenix’s bizarre movements forced him to output qi all around him.

Blood sprayed. Jin Ni’s chest scales came off, leaving only half an inch deep, approximately 1/6 of a meter long wound. The fresh blood on his scales made them even more vivid. He was also sent flying backwards and fell just outside the mouth of the cave. His scaly head was expressionless, but Nian Bing was paying close attention, so he caught the sliver of panic in his eyes. So he hadn’t suffered major losses. What was he worried about?

Finally, Li De’s spell dissipated after a wild attack by a large quantity of fire-attributed qi. But fortunately, Feng Yun was right in time to use his own rank 6 earth spell as well and so was Long Ling to use her AoE Ice Blade Slice, assisted by the mercenaries temporarily stopping the Fire Dragon People’s attack. The Fire Dragon warriors’ attack was extremely powerful. Each of them were at least swordmasters in strength, and there were no lack of martial masters. Ka Luo and the other two vice-captains who had been sent flying away earlier forced away the pain of their wounds to desperately assist their underlings. They managed to restrain the enemy’s attack and kept the mercenaries in formation. Despite this, a large portion of the mercenaries were already wounded.

Feng Yu shouted, “Quickly, into the cave!”

Nian Bing decided to throw caution to the wind. With great pain, he took out for of his precious magic scrolls. Similar to his Ice and Fire Source attack earlier, but this time it was a fusion of rank 5 spells. The four scrolls combined to form two mighty spells. The fusion was an astonishing sight to see.

In the next instance, two red and blue flowers bloomed at the center of the enemy warriors. It was a magnificent light display that even the sun paled in comparison too, as a violent explosion completely held back the enemies’ attack. But Nian Bing was surprised to discover that this rank 7 attack could only at most split their scales and give them shallow wounds, but not threaten their lives.

However, taking advantage of the instant explosion, all the mercenaries rushed into the cave. The strongest mercenaries followed Ka Luo, Feng Nu etc. into the cave, as they continued to battle with the Fire Dragon warriors. After entering the cave, they felt that their backs were safe. Although their opponents were many, all they could do was rush them head-on.

Facing Jin Ni who had been pushed back, Feng Nu spoke calmly. “Elder Jin, tell your kinsmen to step back. As you can see, I am no killer, and I don’t want to cause trouble for your esteemed clan. Why is it necessary to meet so bitterly on the battlefield? We will leave the Tian Dang Mountains and keep your secret safe. Isn’t that enough?”

Jin Ni was angry. “You dare enter Lord Dragon’s cave? That is the biggest insult to our Fire Dragon People. Only blood can wash away the dishonor. If you have the dignity of warriors, come out of the cave and fight us fairly.”

A fireball and iceball smashed together, forcing the Dragon People back. Ka Luo’s voice came from behind Feng Nu. “We are mercenaries, not warriors. If you have the ability then come at us. Go out for you to attack us? Only if we were idiots. Be strong everyone. Whether or not we can return alive will depend on us.”

Jin Ni angrily retorted, “Fine. Let us see how long you can hold on before you die. Archers in the trees, destroy those mages first.” He now knew that before those pesky mages were killed, it would be very difficult to breakthrough their defensive line.

On the Yangguang continent, just as Xi La De had told Nian Bing, several humans had taken greater dragons as their totems and become Dragon People. Because of their beliefs in greater dragons, they had become a different species. Fire Dragon People were just one type of dragon person. The Ice Moon Mercenary Group were lucky that although the Fire Dragon People were strong, but they were weaker than other types of Dragon People’s. They only had one martial saint realm elder.

Tens of Fire Dragon People had climbed into the trees outside the cave mouth and were nocking the bows, threatening the mercenaries within.

Jin Ni glared at Feng Nu. “The Phoenix Clan and we Dragon People have always not bothered one another. If you leave now, I will let you go.”

Feng Nu said gravely, “Then I ask you to let all of us go. I will definitely keep the promise I made. If after we leave here someone leaks the whereabouts of the Dragon People, I will take your place and enforce your rule. How about that?”

Jin Ni snorted coldly. “Do you take us for a human city, coming when you will, leaving when you want? I do not care at all about the Phoenix Clan and Dragon People becoming enemies. Since you cannot be reasoned with, don’t blame for being impolite.” While saying this, he waved his hand in front of him. Together, the Dragon People launched a violent attack.

A whistling noise. Dozens of fire arrows descended like shooting stars from the trees, heading straight for Nian Bing and the other mages. These arrows were imbued with fire-attributed qi. Nian Bing and them bodies could not withstand such an attack.

“Water Screen Meets the Heavens.” The only magic scholar Li De showed off his impressive magic power. A screen of blue light appeared, not only completely resolving the fire arrows, but also forcing the opponent’s advance back, reducing the strength of their charge.

Jin Ni did not take part of the battle, instead just watching the mercenaries, while directing his kinsmen’s relentless attack.

The mouth of the cave was too wide. At least half of the mercenaries were needed to guard the whole entrance, while the oncoming attackers were all martial masters. Without Nian Bing and the mages magic support and the mercenaries 120% strength in order to save their life, their defensive line might have been broken much earlier.

“Feng Yun, use an earth spell to seal off the cave a bit,” Nian Bing said anxiously. At this time, the best choice was to narrow the cave mouth. Aftera all, the mercenaries were strong but few. If they could narrow it a bit, Feng Nu and the martial master experts could stay at the front, while the mages supported from the back. At least, there wouldn’t be trouble for a period of time.

Feng Yun smiled bitterly. “I tried it already, but the mountain here has a special composition. The earth element is extremely inert; I just can’t move it!”

Nian Bing sighed internally. He knew that in this situation wanting to go out would be pure lunacy. “Feng Nu do not be lenient. Otherwise everyone will die here. One killed is one less.”

Feng Nu flashed with light, as the qi around her intensified. Jin Ni noticed this, so he speedily rushed forward before Feng Nu could kill anyone. He used his holy qi to fight against Feng Nu. Though he had the advantage in qi, Feng Nu had the Heavenly Flame Sword. The two people clashed, locked in a draw.

A wind blew gently, ruffling the leaves on the trees. With the clear air and the lush mountain underfoot it should have been a beautiful scene, but right now an intense battle was going on. Great swordmaster realm warriors were desperately fight against martial masters. The mercenaries became more heavily injured. Long Ling was not attacking the enemy, completely focused on healing the mercenaries. Without control of the earth, earth great mage Feng Yun was useless. He could only blink and observe the ongoing battle. Suddenly, his spirit was jolted. He turn around and ran into the cave. At the moment, everyone was paying attention to the battle, so no one was looking at him.

Li De had a heavy responsibility. He had to defend against the archers in the treetops, which required a sustaining magic for a long time. Although he was a magic scholar, against so many warriors, the amount of time he could keep it up was gradually decreasing.

Out of the four mages, the only one who could assist in the attack now was Nian Bing. Since he left the Peach Blossom Forest, this was the first time he gave it everything he got. Dual wielding the god grade treasures Ice and Snow Goddess’ Sigh and Flame God’s Roar, he was able to cut down enormously on his magic power consumption. He brought the Ice and Fire Source to its limits as red and blue light slammed into the Fire Dragon People one after the other. With his all-out attack, he bought time for Long Ling to heal the injured.

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