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Slaughtering the Land Dragon Legion

Two crystalline tears slid down from the corners of Nian Bing’s eyes. He knew that no matter what, he could not maintain his present attitude to Long Ling. Ling’er gave this vest to him and also said those things. Very obviously, she had given up on her own safety for him. She hadn’t even told him the truth, instead spinning a tale for his sake. Nian Bing’s heart trembled. This was the first time it had trembled for a woman. He gripped the hem of the vest tightly, trying his utmost to tamp down on his emotions.

Long Ling’s warmth stayed in his mind, roiling in his heart. That gentle, beautiful face, that delicate voice deeply shocked him to the core.

Inhaling deeply, he forced himself to calm his emotions. Ling’er, how could I let you abandoned your own safety for me? If I did that, I could not call myself a man. His heart felt like it was struck with lightning as he looked at the vest he couldn’t even feel. He made his decision. He picked up the phoenix flute ot the side and gently blew through it.1


Early morning the next day, Li De had finally recovered all of his lost magic power. The group set out again, the mercenaries still vigilant despite the peace of the day before. They were on watch for everything that could happen around them.

Nian Bing sat on the sedan, sneaking glances at Long Ling from time to time. Long Ling wore the same expression as yesterday, calm, with a tinge of sadness. Occasionally, she would look off into the distance, her eyes empty. Nian Bing’s heart stung. He knew that he would never be able to forget what Long Ling looked like right now.

Ka Luo’s hand rested on his sword handle as he walked while reading the map. Loudly, he said, “Everybody focus. We are getting ever closer to our goal. After passing two mountains and going through a cavity, we will be able to find our treasure. In order to reunite with your families, in order to be able to live better days, please, give you me your focus so we may all go home.”

Just as he had finished speaking, a low roar from not far away tensed up all of the mercenary group. The ground shook, and a gigantic silhouette came barrelling from behind a mountain. As it roared, it became obvious it was headed for the Ice Moon Mercenary Group.

Nian Bing was surprised to find that the strange beast charging ahead was about 2.5 meters tall with it’s upper half erect. It was covered from head to toe in steel grey skin that looked extremely hard. It was shaped roughly like a lizard, though it was obviously much bigger than a lizard. Two rows of fin-like protrusions stuck out of its back, and its two powerful hind legs supported its massive body. A long tail dragged along behind it. When it roared angrily, it exposed its giant teeth and mouth overflowing with saliva. It was about 7 meters long, and its front limbs were much smaller than its hind limbs, but were adorned with large claws. It charged forward rapidly. How could they be so unlucky? It was an iron-backed land dragon!

While his heart howled against the unfairness, Nian Bing did not forget to warn his companions, “Watch out, everyone. This is a iron-backed land dragon; it has a fearsome defense.” With a shout, he immediately condensed his magic power. He had already seen a iron-backed land dragon before and did not dare be lenient.

Nian Bing consoled himself that this was just a iron-backed land dragon, obviously smaller than the one from that time. Its attack power should also be less. He waved both his hands and formed a fireball and ice ball and took the initiative to attack the land dragon.

This land dragon was obviously not very intelligent and did not slow down its attack at all. When the fireball and ice ball converged in front of it, it exploded powerfully. In the sound of the explosion, the iron-backed land dragon charging speed slowed. Just as Nian Bing had determined, the fusing of rank 1 spells had no effect against this guy. Even the special ice and fire attack was not enough to effect its actions. As he was preparing to attack again, a large silhouette jumped out of the group of mercenaries.

“Fuck, this little reptile thinks it can block our way. This old woman will hack you to death,” came the angry bellow. Hua Rui’s rotund figure charged to the sky, colliding directly with the land dragon. Nian Bing was afraid to accidentally hurt her, so he hastily released his spell.

A strange scene played out before them. When the iron-backed land dragon tried to swat Hua Rui’s wheel-like axes, a explosive sound erupted. Its forward momentum was disintegrated entirely as cracks appeared in its claws. Hua Rui did not have the slightest intention of letting it go. An intense white qi emerged from her body, dying her giant battle axes white as she came hacking down at the land dragon.

“When a land dragon meets a mommy T-rex, it’s all out of luck,” said a mercenary in schadenfreude.

No other mercenary went up to help. They seemed to be accustomed to Hua Rui’s battle style. With her martial master qi and her innate strength, she delivered a fatal blow to the land dragon. The iron-backed land dragon’s strong body actually was unable to offer up any resistance against those giant axes. Several, ear-piercing sounds erupted in succession. Nian Bing was shocked to discover that the iron-backed land dragon’s gigantic head had been separated from its body. Fountains of blood spurted out of its stump as its massive body fell to the ground with a thud.

Heavens! Was this not the same kind of land dragon that narrowly claimed his life? Although it was not on the same level, it should not be that easy to kill it. Nian Bing looked over to Hua Rui’s eyes, which were gleaming.

Hua Rui had been very depressed for the past two days. The enemy had been hiding away like a mouse playing a trick on a cat, flashing in and out of sight. She could not resist meeting with the sudden but upfront attack. Her powerful body strength and qi was actually enough to hack it to death. The dead land dragon was not free of her anger, as her battle axes continuously hacked away at its corpse along with a slew of blood flowers.

Long Ling had lowered her head, unable to look at such a sight. Feng Nu and Zi Qing Meng were not so affected, but they were surprised by Hua Rui’s ferocity.

“Ruirui, that’s enough already. Save your strength; there are still many unknown things ahead of us.” Ka Luo stopped Hua Rui from desecrating the corpse. Hua Rui hoisted both her axes, acting as if there is no one second to her. A wild beast roared. She said roughly, “Well fuck. See who dares offend our Ice Moon Mercenary Group. Not even one land dragon, even if it was ten, a hundred, i would slaughter them all.”

Jia Te Lin said angrily, “Shut your goddamn crow’s beak2.”

Hua Rui retorted, “What, you don’t accept it? If you have the talent, then face me.”

He snorted. “You idiot. Look behind the mountain.”

Everyone saw over twenty land dragons marching out from behind the mountain. Their bellows gradually grew clearer. The frontmost land dragon violently slammed its foot on the ground, heralding the wave that came behind it.

One iron-backed land dragon was already quite imposing. Over twenty of them conducting a simultaneous assault could even cause the mommy t-rex Hua Rui to grow grim. This attack power could not be stopped by one person alone.

Ka Luo barked out his orders, “Quickly, get the mages back. Don’t let them have a direct confrontation.”

The eight mercenaries hoisting the sedan flew backwards. Right then, Nian Bing suddenly shouted. “Do not sway. Warriors, prepare for battle. I will deal with their assault.” He waved his right hand, and two magic scrolls came flying out. Red light and blue light simultaneous erupted–it was the Fire God’s Left Hand followed by an ice globe, flying at the land dragons.

Previously, Nian Bing’s rank 5 Ice and Fire Source fused spell had made Magister Long Zhi have a whole new level of respect for him. Right now, in the face of these gigantic land dragons, he once again used his special ability. Only this time, time was pressing so he had to use his magic scrolls. He firmly believed in the three mages with him, so all he had to do was stop the initial onslaught, and support would arrive.

Currently the ice and fire fusion magic was much different than before. Through deeper comprehension of the two types of magic, Nian Bing was able to truly bring out the might of the Ice and Fire Source. When the two rank 5 spells exploded, they produced the force of a rank 7 spell. Even a golden-backed land dragon would not be able to calmly pass through the spell, and these were just iron-backed land dragons.

With a massive explosion, the front four land dragons were immediately sent flying backwards, colliding with the land dragons behind them. A pit six meters in diameter was left on the ground and the land dragons’ momentum had dissipated. The dragons hit by the explosion lost their scales, their flesh and blood flying. Although it was not fatal, this was no light injury. Most of their defense was on their backs; their chests were far weaker.

Ka Luo responded exceedingly quickly. He intuitively organized the warriors into an expansive formation and charged at the land dragons. At the same time, earth great mage Feng Yun had just finished his first spell.

The earth shook fiercely as a giant crack split open the earth, starting from the center of the giant pit Nian Bing had made. The fissure divided the land dragons; this was the rank 5 Earth Splitter. Earth Splitter could not directly attack the dragons, but it was enough to slow their movements. Hua Rui took the lead and charged at the land dragons who had lost their footing. Right now, she felt she did not resemble a woman at all. Of course, in other people’s eyes, she had never been a woman to begin with. A land dragon’s head was sent flying, blood spurting out copiously.

Jia Te Lin also showcased his martial master strength as he vaulted into the air. While he didn’t have Hua Rui’s explosive power, his attack was more subversive and vicious. His short swords were like the teeth of a poisonous snake, stabbing mercilessly into the weakest part of the land dragon–its eyes. After stabbing one he immediately turned to the next. The dragon with the serious wound bellowed angrily, attacking living things around it while blood continued to spurt out of its eyes. Even if it had a strong body, it could not keep living with a damaged brain. Its death was inevitable.

Multi-colored flashes of qi glinted as the mercenaries fought. They weren’t as fearsome as their vice-captains, but great swordmaster qi was no laughing matter. The mercenaries worked together in silent concert; one portion of them when would use qi to attract the land dragon’s attention, while the other portion, learning from Jia Te Lin, would attack the land dragon’s defenseless eyes. If they used their qi to protect themselves, even if they were swatted down by a land dragon, as long as they weren’t hit straight on they would survive. In time, the flow of the battle managed to go to the mercenary group.

Ka Luo did not take action, instead surveying the land dragons in front of them. He was waiting in case one of his subordinates faced imminent danger so he could rescue them. This was the cooperation of a high-level mercenary group.

Perhaps it was the heavens playing a joke on the Ice Moon Mercenary Group, but just as they held the dominant position, Feng Nu suddenly cried out in alarm. “Careful everyone. There are some to the rear!”

The mercenaries responsible for carrying the sedans immediately responded. When they turned around they couldn’t help but gasp. Behind them were iron-backed land dragons, and they were at least an astonishing thirty of them.

Zi Qing Meng said in shock, “Heavens! Could it be we have broken into a lizard nest?” She and Feng Nu jumped into the fray with blades in hand.

Zi Qing Jian’s ice blade was a broad, heavy sword. In a flash, he jumped in front of his sister. At the moment Zi Qing Meng was looking at Nian Bing. Nian Bing could not help but sigh and curse his carelessness. He should have prepared his two spells earlier, but now the land dragons were already on the assault. Helpless, he could only fish out another two magic scrolls.

At this time, Li De, who had not used a spell before, made his move. If the mercenaries were looking down on Li De because his search spell had been counter-devoured, nearly costing him his life, after this spell, no one would dare belittle this mage of the highest rank..

Nian Bing might have been careless, but Li De had not been. This was the proof of experience. Chanting quietly, his magic wand above his head, a halo of blue light came together in front of him. The blue halo began to rotate quickly and a blink of an eye, a blue vortex had formed. This mighty vortex charged for the land dragon herd with enormous power. Although strong, they were unable to overcome the rotational force of the vortex. Immediately, the thirty or so land dragons had been swept inside, their bodies colliding with one another non-stop. What would happen if similarly hard bodies were to slam against each other continuously? The blue vortex filled with red.

Spiralling Water Waves? Nian Bing was uncommonly surprised. This water spell was extremely obscured. It was classified as a rank 7 spell, but this spell did not have great attack power. If there was only one one enemy, it would not have any attack power. In case there is not enough magic power to support the spell, the vortex would just disappear. Besides causing the enemy to have a dizzying sensation, it was not special at all, especially when used against a warrior with martial skills. As long as the opponent had strong enough qi, they could easily breakthrough the vortex. However, against these super strong land dragons, the effects were extremely obvious. Not only could it stop their forward charge, it could also cause them to slam against one another, causing serious damage.

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