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Long Ling, Reunited

Nian Bing suddenly felt gloomy. Why was it when he was even more inclined to avoid romantic entanglements that new trouble cropped up? “No, she’s just a normal friend. You go ahead and eat; I’ve lost my appetite and will take my leave.” Having said this, he didn’t wait for Li De to say anything more and stood up to go. When he was leaving, Long Ling finally looked at him.

Ka Luo watched Nian Bing leave and wanted to go after him, but after thinking about all the people in the eating hall, he could only helplessly shake his head.

Returning to his room, Nian Bing once again sat on top of his bed1. He closed his eyes and resumed meditating. Because he had left the Ice Moon Empire, he wasn’t overly worried about meditating while holding the Ice and Snow Goddess’ Sigh and the Flame God’s Roar in either hand. Quickly, the ice and fire magic elements in the room began to converge around him.


Magic power couldn’t be increased by any sort of trick. Only through continuous cultivation could magic power become more vast, increasing overall strength. The stronger his magic power became, he would be able to produce a greater effect on the environment when casting a spell. This was the reason for the large disparities between ranks of mages.

From his recent extensive research in magic and Magic Scholar Hei Ye’s guidance, Nian Bing had changed meditation methods. Unlike before, where he used every single part of his body to intake magic element, he now completely absorbed the magic element in the atmosphere using his two devastatingly treasured knives. The Ice and Snow Goddess’ Stone and Flame God’s Stone acted as filters, amplifying the magic element he then absorbed through his palms.

This was beneficial, firstly because using the two top-grade treasure stones as filters reduced the instability of the magic element very well. Secondly, the magic gathered through the stones was much purer and concentrated. This saved Nian Bing from having to manipulate the magic in his body some. Thirdly, by absorbing magic through two points, when the elements entered his Ice and Fire Source Whirlpool, they would be more balanced, especially since the whirlpool spun faster when meditating.

After switching to this meditation method, Nian Bing clearly felt that his magic was advancing at a much faster rate. One night now was like four or five days of cultivation before. He firmly believed that if he continued like this, he would definitely be able to break into the magic scholar realm soon. Whenever his two magic elements started to swell would also be the time when he needed to seek a breakthrough.

He didn’t know how much time had passed when Nian Bing suddenly heard a knock on his door. His spirit power immediately prevented himself from absorbing any more magic from the outside world, and he woke up.

“Who is it?” Right now it was late in the night. The haze of night could be seen outside of the window. Nian Bing stood up, first pulling open the window curtains and then walking to the door.

“Hurry and open up. It’s me,” The beautiful voice came from outside. Nian Bing’s heart thudded. Feng Nu had actually come.

Opening the door, he saw Feng Nu standing at the door adorably, smiling as she looked at him.

“Why are you here so late?” Nian BIng asked in surprise.

Feng Nu smiled and replied, “What is this, you’re not going to invite me in?”

Nian Bing smiled bitterly. “No need for that. It’s so late. What would a young lady like you be doing in my room?”

Feng Nu snorted. “A wise man doesn’t believe in rumors. I am not scared, so what are you scared of?” She pushed Nian Bing aside and walked into his room.

Nian Bing could only close the door. He watched Feng Nu deposit a small cloth bag onto the table. “Eat this. You didn’t eat anything tonight. Are you angry? What did that old mage say to you?”

Nian Bing opened the cloth bag which was piled with snacks. He couldn’t help but feel a rush of warmth in his heart. He walked over to Feng Nu, and full of emotions, drew her into a hug. “Thank you, Feng Nu.”

In a flash, Feng Nu had escaped to her sight, her pretty face red. “Don’t you dare move. Just eat it.”

Nian Bing somewhat awkwardly took out the items and put it on the table. Feng Nu sat down on a chair to the side, looking at Nian Bing with interest.

While eating the snacks, Nian Bing asked, “Feng Nu, don’t you want to ask what sort of relationship Ling’er and I have?”

Feng Nu smiled and shook her head. “That is your private business. If you wanted to tell me you would. Otherwise, I know there’s no use in asking.”

Nian Bing sighed lightly. “Actually, it’s not a big deal to tell you. I met Ling’er after I met you…” He recounted the tale of his and Long Ling’s first encounter, as well as how he had ended up joining the Ice Moon Empire Mage Association. When he was finished, he had finished eating all of the snacks Feng Nu had brought him.

“That said, you have a lot of beauties, huh. That Miss Ling’er is very beautiful. Why don’t you consider her?” Feng Nu was still smiling.

Displeased, Nian Bing said, “I’m also very handsome; are you going to consider me?”

Feng Nu blushed. “That’s impossible. We’re from two different worlds.”

Nian Bing sighed. “Actually, I refused two girls. They were both outstanding and could have become my wife. I am indeed very fortunate. However, I can’t! I must succeed in my revenge. And my enemy is very strong. I also must fulfill my master’s wishes. I can’t decide on things so quickly, so I could only refuse them. I don’t want to implicate them. Before I achieve revenge, romance is a luxury.”

Feng Nu nodded and said, “I understand. You’re probably right, because I’m the same as you. I do not have the right to talk about matters of the heart. However, girls are the most sensitive to emotions like these. Since starting anything with you would be hopeless, don’t lead other people on so you can avoid more mistakes from appearing. You know, you’re most attractive when you’re fully focused on cooking.”

Nian Bing teased, “So you are attracted to me?”

Feng Nu said ill-temperedly, “Attracted my ass. You still owe me. You should compensate me with clothes.”

Nian Bing’s eyes twinkled. “Okay, I’ll pay you, but I don’t have any money. How about this? I will make you delicious food your whole life.”

Feng Nu snorted. “Then you can just be my servant. I just reminded you not to tease girls, and then you just did it.”

Nian BIng laughed. “That is because I know that you will not be fooled! It’s late. You should go back and rest. If not, I may have my wicked way with you. With a beauty in front of me, not even my willpower is that strong.”

Feng Nu’s lips curled into a provocative smile. “Aren’t you afraid that I will smash out all of your teeth? Don’t forget, you aren’t strong enough to overpower me.”

Nian Bing’s eyes flashed. “Don’t forget that I am a mage. My total body strength may be inferior to yours, but if I get the chance, I’m seventy percent certain that I can stop you.”

Feng Nu was stunned for an instant, then said, “I would like to try it then.” Nian Bing was confident that she would be interested. After all, qi was one of the best tools for combatting magic. She knew clearly that Nian Bing’s magic power could not compare to her own Nine Flames Qi, but he spoke so confidently that Feng Nu couldn’t help but have doubts. She did not have a very deep understandings of magic, but her thirst for strength was no less than Nian Bing’s.

NIan Bing smiled strangely. “Do you really want to try it? If I do manage to immobilize you, I can’t guarantee that I won’t do something out of line.”

Feng Nu responded confidently, “I don’t believe it. Let’s make a bet.”

Nian Bing was equally confident. “Okay. I’ll accept whatever you wager.”

Feng Nu thought over it, then replied, “I will let you show off one spell and I won’t even interrupt it. If your spell can immobilize me, then I will write off what happened yesterday. If not, you’ll have to agree to three of my conditions.”

Nian Bing smiled. “You’re scheme is pretty good, but if we do it like this you hold too much of an advantage. If I succeed, you have to give me the kiss you owe me from before. If I lose, then I’ll agree to your three conditions.”

Feng Nu looked at him in surprise. “You’re really that certain? You really want to bet?”

Nian Bing grinned. “It’s nothing to me to agree to your three conditions. What is it, you having regrets?”

A light flashed in Feng Nu’s eyes. “Fine. I will bet with you. Where are we doing this?”

Nian Bing pointed at the ground. “My room is fine. Allow me to display my magic. You can sit down first; I have to prepare. Just relax, I will definitely remind you before I cast my magic.”

Feng Nu nodded and went off to the side. However, her gaze was locked on to Nian Bing, waiting for his move.

Nian Bing thought it over, then chanted quickly. A snowstorm appearance next to him. Using his shocking magic control, he maneuvered the snowstorm into an extremely small area. It rose into the air. He waved his hands, and the Morning Dew Knife and the True Sun Knife appeared in either hand. Under the influence of magic power, the whole room filled with red and blue light. Without hesitating, Nian Bing moved his hands in concert, the two knives transforming into balls of light. He started to drag them across the ground.

“A magic array? You’re making a magic array?” Feng Nu looked at Nian Bing with shock, her former certainty declining.

Nian Bing didn’t respond. His attention was completely on the pair of knives. The knives flashed creating one red and one blue triangle on the ground, forming a six-pointed star. The crossing of red blue gave off powerful magic fluctuations. Nian Bing didn’t stop there. He drew two circles in the hexagram, then quickly drew a complicated symbol in the center. His motions were quick, but he didn’t slip-up at all. One by one, he drew more and more symbols, intensifying the aura of the magic array. The strange thing was, even though the magic aura was intense, it was limited only within the array. Feng Nu, who was outside the array, could sense that the magic array wasn’t normal, but she had no way of gauging it’s true strength. Her heart squeezed as she quietly circulated her Nine Flames Qi, keeping herself in peak condition.

It took longer than he had imagined. Sweat dripped down Nian Bing forward, but it quickly evaporated from the red aura of the magic array. Nian Bing’s face had turned pale, and the light given off by the divine blades wasn’t as strong as it had been initially. Obviously, the construction of this magic array consumed much of his energy.

Suddenly, Nian Bing muttered some lines of chants and light poured out of his eyes. His weakened magic abruptly increased, and his two knives also flashed several times in a row. A halo rose up from the magic array, and in the next moment, the light had disappeared. The markings from the knives were clearly visible.

Nian Bing gulped for air. Putting away his knives, he sat on the bed. Although he looked extremely tired, he was obviously extremely excited. His eyes glittered, and he seemed to be more excited than when he completed the carving of the Ultimate Cauldron of Nine Dragons. “This is was actually possible. This is too wonderful, too amazing.”

Feng Nu asked suspiciously, “Nian Bing, what did you do? Didn’t you say you were going to immobilize me? What kind of magic array did you draw?”

Nian Bing chuckled. “You just try and see it. To use this magic array, all you have to do is walk into the center. If nothing happens it will be my loss.”

Feng Nu skeptically stood up and breathed in deeply. Immediately, a layer of faint red light covered her person. Her gaze roamed around. She wanted to discern something from Nian Bing’s expression, but Nian Bing simply smiled without any hidden indications.

Feng Nu glided forward. Although she was very curious about this magic array, she didn’t really believe that it could trap her. However, she wasn’t going to be careless. She raised her output of qi to eighty percent and settled onto the array.

Suddenly, a powerful sucking force erupted from the ground. Feng Nu jumped in fright, urging her qi to her feet in order to break free from the magic array’s hold. However, just as she was moving it, she was shocked to discover that her qi seemed to have found a giant sinkhole and was rushing away beneath her feet.

The magic array on the ground glowed, red light being dominated. In an instant, it encircled Feng Nu, the strangely powerful sucking force continuing to erode her. Her qi disappeared faster and faster because of that strange sucking force.

Feng Nu was frightened. Although she had a great amount of courage, she couldn’t help but feel afraid. After all, she had bitterly cultivated her Nine Heavens Qi since she was young. With her seniors help, she had come to where she was today. But presently, her qi seemed to have completely disappeared. Was all of her years spent cultivating in vain? When she thought this, Feng Nu couldn’t help but be troubled. She tried to push her qi into the saint qi realm to shake off this strange magic array, but her qi had been exhausted too much. More pushing would only increase the absorption rate. The red, blue light rays resembled a bottomless abyss, swallowing everything.

“Nian Bing, what did you make, quickly let go of me, my qi will…” She was overcome with weakness because of her qi being depleted. Feng Nu looked at him with such pleading. She believed that Nian BIng wouldn’t hurt her, but everything before her was beyond the scope of her imagination.

Nian Bing smiled. “That is to say, you admit defeat?”

Feng Nu opened her mouth and was about to say anything when her last shred of qi was extracted. Her whole body went limp, and she immediately fell on the ground.

Nian Bing chuckled and walked inside the array. Even Feng Nu, who was close to the Martial Saint realm, couldn’t contend against this ray, but it didn’t hurt him at all. He picked up Feng Nu and let her rest against his shoulder. “You should know now that magic is an extremely strange ability. Although my magic is not stronger than your martial arts, in special circumstances I can suppress you completely. This magic array is a special one handed down from ancient times. I just wanted to try it; I didn’t think that it would be truly successful.”

Tears began to stream down Feng Nu’s face. She said sluggishly, “M-my qi, my qi.”

Nian Bing smiled. “Silly girl, I will return your qi. However, I want to claim my prize. If I wait for you to recover, I’ll have no way of contending with you.” While he said this, he embraced Feng Nu’s flexible body tightly and brought his face near.

Feng Nu heard Nian Bing say that her qi recovered and immediately was relieved. However, her attention didn’t recover fast enough. A manly musk grew closer to her. At the moment, she was so weak she couldn’t even move a finger, much less resist. Her pretty face immediately flushed red in embarrassment and she shut her eyes, waiting for the coming lips.

For a long time, the manly musk remained concentrated near her, but the kiss she imagined hadn’t come. She cracked open her eyes and was surprised to discover Nian Bing right in front of her face. His face was only three inches away from hers; she could smell his breath.

Nian Bing seemed to shake his head in distress. “Never mind, if you won’t voluntarily kiss me, how could I force you?” He muttered a few lines of chant, and the magic array immediately transformed. Dense red light seemed to pour into Feng Nu’s body like rivers running to the sea. Feng Nu felt her whole body shake as her familiar returned to every nook and cranny of her body. As she gained in strength, she trembled in excitement. The feeling of her qi recovering was too wonderful.

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  1. Fun fact: This word was written weirdly since “on the bed” could have a diff meaning and was censored 🙂

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