MCIF Chapter 23.2


Chapter 23.2 – The Scroll of Fusion Magic

Luo Rou spoke with meaning, “Of course. Even if I didn’t find anything, the Wise Girl is a person who abides to her promises. We had already talked about this together. Ling’er, I’m sorry, but this is a private matter I need to discuss with him alone.”

If this was requested to Xue Jing instead of Long Ling, maybe Xue Jing would have tried to ask and get to the bottom of the matter. However, this was Ling’er whose nature was sweet and gentle. Ling’er gently nodded and said, “Then, I’ll leave. Nian Bing, you should go to living quarters and clear things up. Oh! That’s right! Father originally wanted you move you to the Elder’s residence, but you just kept staying here the whole time so your rooms haven’t been switched yet. He said the switch would be made once you’re done researching in the library.”

Nian Bing smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter; those are simply superfluous matters. Miss Luo Rou, after you.”

Nian Bing led Luo Rou out. It had been a month since he came out of the library. Ling’er didn’t follow; she just left after she talked to them.


Although he didn’t return for a while, his dorm room was still fresh and cool. By reflex, he checked the magic seal he left behind and made sure that no one had trespassed and the thing he had hidden was still in its place. When he was satisfied that nothing had been touched, he invited Luo Rou in. “Please take a seat first. I’ll go clean and tidy myself.”

How did it feel to not take a bath or a shower for a full month? Nian Bing finally learned that making himself clean and presentable after one month of no showering took him at least two hours. He inwardly vowed to himself that he will not repeat this kind of shameful lifestyle in the future. He would lose face in front of all the beautiful women. Nobody would be happy to face  beautiful women in a state like this.

Nian Bing skillfully used his Morning Dew Knife to shave his beard and then changed into thick cotton clothes before he walked out of the bathroom.

Luo Rou, who waited for two hours, didn’t seem impatient at all. Upon she looked at Nian Bing, her eyes couldn’t help reveal a trace of astonishment. When compared to before, Nian Bing now wore normal cotton clothes and his body exuded a fragrant odor after taking a bath. With his long blonde hair neat and perfectly combed, he looked like a completely different person. Although Nian Bing didn’t practice martial arts, his slender body had broad shoulders, which was complemented with his handsome features. As the saying went, “Looks can kill”. Towards the confident and strong, Luo Rou’s heart couldn’t stop palpitating.

Nian Bing went and sat next to Luo Rou on the couch. He let out a sigh before talking, “So refreshing! Miss Luo Rou, what do you want to talk about? If you came here to concede, may I ask you for a favor?”

Although Luo Rou forgot her manners for a moment, she had recovered quickly. She faintly smiled and said, “That’s not it. I just came to collect the due rewards for my victory for our bet.”

Nian Bing leaned on the armrest of the sofa and looked serenely at Luo Rou. He signaled her to continue as he said, “I would like to hear what our Wise Girl had been able unearth from her investigation.”

Luo Rou smiled with confidence as she stood up and walked to the center of room with her back facing Nian Bing. “Magic Reaper, shouldn’t these words be enough?”

Hearing the two words, Magic Reaper, Nian Bing almost jumped off the couch. His heart rate accelerated and, although, he already thought very highly of Luo Rou, he still didn’t expected that her investigations would lead her to this point. After a few seconds of silence, he forced his tone of voice to be as unperturbed as possible, “Can you tell me the reason?”

Luo Rou turned around and smiled as she looked at Nian Bing. Her eyes flickering with wisdom and farsight. “There are a lot of reasons why just these two words will suffice. I have to acknowledge that you as the greatest opponent I have ever encountered. Even in this situation, you can still keep your calm. This is already proof that you are certainly not a simple person. At first, I also didn’t expected that you can be a killer, but as I investigated at the Pure Wind House, I realized that you are rarely present in the firewood house late at night which raised my suspicions. So, I dared to make an outrageous hypothesis and after careful deductions, I’m almost certain that you are the Magic Reaper who killed Manager Liao.”

At this moment, Nian Bing’s mood was now truly unperturbed because, as he thought about it, even if Luo Rou guessed everything right, the facts that she came to find him by herself and didn’t talk about that matter to another, made it very clear that he still have a certain leeway. “Please continue.”

Luo Rou faintly smiled before continuing, “First of all, I have asked Jingjing how she got acquainted with you. After carefully listening to her, I understood clearly that you two got acquainted because of Manager Liao. Furthermore, you were already extremely insulted by him at that time. That was the origin of your hatred and your motive.”

Nian Bing smiled with indifference and said, “Manager Liao is known as a mangy dog. Excluding me, there should be many who had a deeper enmity and hatred towards him. Just basing your point on opinions, you’re accusing me of being the Magic Reaper? That’s very biased on your part.”

Luo Rou smiled and continued, “Of course, it’s not just based on that point. Later that night, Manager Liao met his death. At that time, you didn’t have any alibi. I asked Jingjing and Ling’er, but you were neither present at Pure Wind House nor were you in the Mage Association. To be exact, after you left the Mage Association, and before you returned to Pure Wind House, Manager was disposed off. In addition, according to my investigation, the real cause of Manager Liao’s death was from ice magic. When the Ice and Snow Goddess’s Worshipper came to question, all the Ice Mages in the Association had an alibi at the time of the murder. I heard from Ling’er that only you have an extremely strong magic control while possessing the strength of a Great Mage. You have enough ability to kill Third Manager Liao. By combining all these points, in addition to my intuition, I am extremely certain that you are the Magic Reaper who killed Manager Liao. Without a doubt, you also had an accomplice who is a fire mage. As for who he is, I just couldn’t find any clues.”

Nian Bing faintly smiled and spoke, “In the end, Wise Girl is not that impressive. Don’t you feel that these reasons are very far-fetched? Many of theses reasons stemmed from your own opinion. By basing your arguments on your subjectivity, you are unable to give a valid proof that I’m the Magic Reaper. Besides, President Long could also investigate all those things, but he already investigated about me.”

Luo Rou looked at the dripping water and avoided looking at Nian Bing. Her eyes couldn’t hide the trace of hesitation. “That’s right, these are all my conjectures. I didn’t have any witness or evidences. However, my intuition tells me that you are the Magic Reaper.”

Nian Bing faintly smiled and continued, “You have no choice but to admit defeat. Miss Luo Rou, you are very intelligent, but you lost our bet.”

Luo Rou”s brows creased as she asked, “Could it be you simply refuse to admit that you’re the Magic Reaper? You can rest assured since Manager Liao isn’t someone known for his goodness. As for you admitting your true identity as the Magic Reaper, I won’t force you in any way. For this matter, I swear to not tell anyone else.”

Nian Bing shook his head and said, “I never felt anxious about this. First of all, I trust Miss Wise Girl. Next, even if I said anything, I’m afraid that no one will believe it. Even if President Long Zhi knew that as the truth, he certainly will absolve me. When you investigated about me, Ling’er might have already told you that I am currently the Association’s most important asset. Honestly speaking, although your conjectures lack evidence, it is still correct. That’s right, I am the Magic Reaper who killed Manager Liao. I never leave loose ends when I handle matters. Although your conjectures were correct, you are unable to prove it.”

Luo Rou smiled as her eyes gave a lovable and touching splendor. “That’s great! The Magic Reaper was really you. Right now, you just admit it. Should we think about how to fulfill our bet?”

Nian Bing also smiled, “Surely not. I only confirmed your guess, but you still lost the bet from lack of evidences.”

Luo Rou’s expression slightly changed, “What do you mean? Just because I didn’t have any evidence, I lost? Our bet is about guessing your profession, and I already guess it right. As a man, you cannot act so shamelessly!”

Nian Bing laughed, “You’re joking! No matter my gender, that kind of shameless act is still beneath me. A win is a win, and a lost is a lost. I understand the concept of ‘if you agree to a bet, you must be prepared to lose’. The reason why I said you lost is because your guess on my profession is wrong. I’m not an assassin by profession. It was just on a whim that I felt Manager was an eyesore. Of course, my profession is also not a mage.”

Luo Rou was completely dumbfounded. From Nian Bing’s look, she didn’t see any signs of him lying and his enormous confidence wasn’t something that could be faked. “No way! I don’t believe it. I really don’t believe it. If you are not a full-time mage or an assassin, then how can you be so successful? You are the youngest Great Mage!”

From Nian Bing’s eyes, there was a brilliance that terrified people as he indifferently said, “It’s time we should settle this bet. Miss Luo Rou, I will use actions to let you know what my real profession is. Please follow me.” As he spoke, he turned and walked towards the door.

He barely moved when a knock suddenly sounded on his door. Nian Bing opened the door and saw a charming Ling’er holding a brand new ice mage’s gown in her hands. She looked at Nian Bing and couldn’t repress a smile. “How was your chat together? I bring this for you to change into.”

Nian Bing took the gown and saw Ling’er’s gentle gaze. His heart couldn’t help but slightly tremble. If he were to marry such a wife, it also could be considered fortunate. The idea appeared as fast as it disappeared. He slightly hesitated before resuming to his normal bearing. “We’re already done speaking and are already preparing to go out. Ling’er, you should also come with us.”

Ling’er faintly smiled and said, “Me? Won’t I be disturbing you two?”

Nian Bing shook his head and replied, “Of course not. We are all friends. You wait for a moment, I’ll go change clothes.”

It took a while, during that time, Nian Bing went to the bathroom once more to change into his ice mage gown. When he came back, Ling’er saw that Nian Bing had returned to his handsome self and smiled kindly. Then she stood quietly next to Luo Rou with her head lowered, and seemed like she was thinking about something. “Pretty ladies, we can go now.”

Ling’er curiously asked, “Where are we going?”

Nian Bing mysteriously smiled and replied, “We’re going someplace I know. Ling’er, you don’t want to know what I do in life?”

Ling’er blanked and asked, “You? Aren’t you a mage? Don’t tell me you still have side occupation?”

Nian Bing shook his head and continued, “No, you’re wrong. Being a mage is my side occupation. Miss Ling’er and Miss Luo’er, let’s go!”

Luo Rou heard Nian Bing calling her Luo’er for the first time, and it gave birth to a strange feeling in her heart. She raised her head and glance at him before saying, “Good, let’s me see how you will prove it to me. Let us go.”

After they walked out of the Mage Association, Luo Rou asked, “Are we going somewhere near or far? Where do you plan to take us?”

Nian Bing was distracted all of a sudden before he said, “It’s far as it’s located in the city’s center.”

Luo Rou looked at Nian Bing with widened eyes as she said, “You’re not thinking about making us walk all the way there! Hey! We are ladies. I’ll take you there.” As she finished speaking, she walked to the street and beckoned someone with her hand. Nian Bing followed after her and looked at where she was waving her hands to. He only saw a luxurious carriage quickly being pulled by four tall white stallions approaching them. Seeing this he remembered about the past events. That’s right, she was from a grand family, the Earl’s daughter. She should have a carriage to bring her everywhere and avoid walking around.

Luo Rou turned around and said, “Let’s go in the carriage. I really can’t make sense out of what kind of person you really are in the end.”

Hearing her strange words, Nian Bing simply smiled slightly as the three of them went into the carriage.

There was a faint fragrant emitting from inside the carriage, the cushions were very soft and comfortable. Luo Rou said to Nian Bing, “Just give the coachman the specific directions and address of the place you want to bring us.”

Nian Bing replied with a faint smile, “First, go to the center of the city. When we get there, you will naturally know.”

The carriage’s speed was very fast because on it was the emblem of the Earl’s house. So when people saw it, they all made way for the carriage. There was almost nothing that could delay the travelling speed of this carriage. It only took an hour for Nian Bing and the rest to reach the most bustling district in the centermost of the city.

During the whole journey, Nian Bing didn’t say a word. He only sat down to rest with his eyes closed. Ling’er discovered with amazement that surprisingly, he was meditating. Inexplicably, she felt a pang of pain as she knew how tired he was these past few days.

“Hey! Wake up.” Luo Rou pushed resentfully at the closed-eyed Nian Bing.

Nian Bing opened his eyes and, then lifted the curtain of the carriage to look outside before saying, “Good. Just stop here. Let’s get out of the carriage.”

Even if Luo Rou was intelligent, right now, she wrecked her brains but still had no idea what Nian Bing had planned. Her brows creased before she went out of the carriage, following Ling’er. She looked at her surrounding which was main street in the center of Ice and Snow City.

Nian Bing pointed at the most conspicuous signboard and said, “Let’s go. This is our destination.”

Long Ling and Luo Rou was very familiar with that signboard as it was the signboard of the most famous restaurant in the city: The Pure Wind House.

Luo Rou’s expression was not good as she looked at Nian Bing. “Are you telling me that your profession is a woodcutter? If that is such the case, I think I don’t need to go in. Abiding to the condition of the bet with people like you, it makes me feel like i’m losing face.”

Nian Bing looked straight at Luo Rou’s eyes without yielding. Both of them had blue eyes, but each carried a different radiance. As they faced each other, Luo Rou’s spirit force naturally couldn’t compete with Nian Bing who cultivate magic and she was very quickly defeated. “Hey! What’s going on? Tell me!”

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