Magic Chef of Ice and Fire


Magic Chef of Ice and Fire (冰火魔厨 “Bing Huo Mo Chu”) by Tang Jia San Shao

A Chinese fantasy webnovel by the author of Doulou Dalu, Kuang Shen, Child of Light and  Shen Yin Wang Zuo.


His mother kidnapped by the Ice and Snow God’s Pagoda at a young age, Nian Bing grew up travelling with his father, avoiding pursuit. One fateful day, he was forever separated from both his parents and inherited two immortal treasures from them, the Ice and Snow Goddess’s Stone and the Heavenly Flame God’s stone, allowing him to use ice and fire magic in harmony, a feat unheard of. Taken in by a former chef of legends, once known as the demon chef, he creates legendary cuisine while walking the path of vengeance!



Chapter 0.1 Early April Fools!

Chapter 1.1 Chapter 1.2 Chapter 1.3
Chapter 2.1 Chapter 2.2 Chapter 2.3
Chapter 3.1 Chapter 3.2 Chapter 3.3
Chapter 4.1 Chapter 4.2 Chapter 4.3
Chapter 5.1 Chapter 5.2 Chapter 5.3
Chapter 6.1 Chapter 6.2 Chapter 6.3
Chapter 7.1 Chapter 7.2 Chapter 7.3
Chapter 8.1 Chapter 8.2 Chapter 8.3
Chapter 9.1 Chapter 9.2 Chapter 9.3
Chapter 10.1 Chapter 10.2 Chapter 10.3
Chapter 11.1 Chapter 11.2 Chapter 11.3
Chapter 12.1 Chapter 12.2 Chapter 12.3
Chapter 13.1 Chapter 13.2 Chapter 13.3
Chapter 14.1 Chapter 14.2 Chapter 14.3
Chapter 15.1 Chapter 15.2 Chapter 15.3
Chapter 16.1 Chapter 16.2 Chapter 16.3
Chapter 17.1 Chapter 17.2 Chapter 17.3
Chapter 18.1 Chapter 18.2 Chapter 18.3
Chapter 19.1 Chapter 19.2 Chapter 19.3
Chapter 20.1 Chapter 20.2 Chapter 20.3
Chapter 21.1 Chapter 21.2 Chapter 21.3
Chapter 22.1 Chapter 22.2
Chapter 23.1  Chapter 23.2
Chapter 24.1 Chapter 24.2
Chapter 25.1 Chapter 25.2
Chapter 26.1 Chapter 26.2
Chapter 27.1 Chapter 27.2
Chapter 28.1 Chapter 28.2
Chapter 29.1 Chapter 29.2
Chapter 30.1 Chapter 30.2
Chapter 31.1 Chapter 31.2
Chapter 32.1 Chapter 32.2
Chapter 33.1 Chapter 33.2
Chapter 34.1 Chapter 34.2
Chapter 35.1 Chapter 35.2
Chapter 36.1 Chapter 36.2
Chapter 37.1 Chapter 37.2
Chapter 38.1 Chapter 38.2
Chapter 39.1 Chapter 39.2
Chapter 40.1 Chapter 40.2
 Chapter 41.1 Chapter 41.2 
 Chapter 42.1 Chapter 42.2
 Chapter 43.1 Chapter 43.2
 Chapter 44.1 Chapter 44.2
 Chapter 45.1 Chapter 45.2
 Chapter 46.1 Chapter 46.2
 Chapter 47.1 Chapter 47.2
 Chapter 48.1 Chapter 48.2
 Chapter 49.1 Chapter 49.2
 Chapter 50.1 Chapter 50.2
 Chapter 51.1 Chapter 51.2

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  1. Richards I feel like you tried to copy my name, I am the original Richards who bitch slaped all in gravity translation.

  2. The above is an admirable example of an average conversation the likes of which can be found everywhere online under videos, thread topics or, like in this case, translations. Well done!

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  6. ReadManga.Today started releasing scanlations of the manga today. So there might be an influx of people coming do to that.
    The physical appearance of his master in the manhua was at least more correct to the novel, unlike other stories making the master way younger or more attractive than they were in the novels.

    1. Post

      Thanks for informing me! We were actually planning on releasing the Manhua once we were further along in the novel, but it looks like they’ve saved us some trouble. 😀

    2. Yeah… I decided to read this after reading the manhua, though I’m kinda suprised that it has the same author as kuang shen and shen yin wang zuo, is the story good? I liked doulou dalu but I cant say that I liked the previous 2.

    1. 3 chapters a week?
      Including the free chapter, that would be 120$ USD, I wonder what software they’re using, but if theyre the ones translating as is (Someone reading then translating) they have my respect, Chinese is a pain in the butt, tried taking it up in grade school, and i failed miserably

  7. I love this novel..
    I found only 26.1 chapters, here. Can anyone tell me where can i find 26.2, 26.3 and continuation of the novel .

    1. I just wanna clarify that these chapters are literally split like this by the author. So each (.1)(.2)(.3) etc represents one chapter. I could do it like ZE and just list chapter absolute numbers instead of these half chapters, but it’s too late. There’s actually like 80+ chapters translated. Rage quits.

  8. What chapter is the current manhua (on March 27 2017) matches to the light novel? I really want to start but I want to start at that chapter I will reread I just need to know what happens next.

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