PD3M Chapter 33


Chapter 33: A plan in the open and a plot in the dark(1)

An Jin hurriedly returned to her courtyard. When she saw An Qing came out from her room and approached her, she happily skipped over to her sibling.

“Qing-er, Jin jie has something amusing to tell you!”

An Jin really looked excited and her eyes appeared radiant. Her cheeks were also flushed. It was unknown as to whether it was due to her excitement or other reasons.The tip of her nose also turned pink like that of a cat. She looked very lively and adorable.

Seeing this, the noble sons who had been invited to the party and were standing nearby, could not help sighing and gasping in praise and admiration. These two young misses of the Prime Minister’s Mansion were indeed beauties.


Seeing An Jin, An Qing felt an indescribable emotion in her heart. All the time, she put on a cold front in front everyone and her current expression was still just as cold. She seriously listened to her sister’s words and a trace of doubt flashed across her face. She opened her red lips to ask,

“Oh? What delightful matter does jiejie have to tell me? Quickly tell, let me also share in the delight.” An Qing’s speech conveyed curiosity of what she wanted to say, but her tone was cold. If An Jin had not become used to her sister’s mannerisms, she would have felt her enthusiasm dying upon hearing these cold words.

An jin giggled inwardly when she saw that An Qing was so curious about her words.

“I was taking a stroll with my servant in that side garden just now. When I was telling the servant to beat away some snowflakes, our younger sister appeared there seemingly from out of nowhere. Do you know what we spoke about?”

An Jin deliberately spoke slowly, so as to raise the curiosity in An Qing and make her be more interested in what she was about to say.

An Qing heard this and she inwardly felt a lack of interest. What is interesting to hear about that rotten courtyard’s wench?

At that moment, her interest was decreased by ninety percent, the remaining ten percent of interest was to deal with An Jin.

“An Yan? What can she have to say?” An Qing asked, contemptuously. She was not at all interested in what An Yan had talked about. How could An Yan’s status be compared to hers? Hence, even if An Yan had said something, it didn’t have anything to do with her.

The snow falling outside appeared to be big as it came down. It fell on the skirts of the two siblings who stood under the eaves of the house. It was a beautiful sight to look at.

“Qing-er would not be able to guess what happened. That poison girl actually turned to me for a matter. And I hurriedly moved ten steps away from her so as to avoid being poisoned by her.” While An Jin spoke, her expression was one of disgust, as if An Yan was something like a snake or a lowly insect, things that cause loathing and disgust in many people.

She will ask for help?

An Qing snorted inwardly, although she was not that close and familiar with the poison girl, she knew that An Yan still was sharp with her words even when she clearly had a very low status in the family. Yet, she never summits and extends her claws in all directions. If a person tried to hurt her once, she would pounce over and return it by ten folds.

Actually, these thoughts of An Qing were facts heard from the gossip among the courtyard’s servant girls.

“Okay, I will stop teasing Qing meimei. That An Yan, ah,” here An Jin gave a mysterious pause as she glanced around her and then moved closer to An Qing and continued, “that poison girl starts to dream about men. She asked me to look for a good family’s son for her. Yan-er also said ‘Jing jiejie is going to get married soon, how about finding a husband for Yan-er? Yan-er is alway alone and hopes somebody could take care of her. Jiejie, as a sister, definitely will help me.’”

An Jin imitated An Yan’s clear and bright voice. Yet, she used a petty and lowly manner of speech that had never been used by An Yan. It was as though to make it seem as if An Yan had really said those words.

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