PD3M Chapter 25


Chapter 25: Suspicion And Jealousy! (2)

“Qing’er is very beautiful, but you are so anxious to get married?” Feng Yuewei knew what was on An Qing’s this mind, else she wouldn’t have taken advantage of today’s birthday and pester her royal brother for a long time before having him agree to come to the party today.

Yet, Yuewei didn’t really know what went on in her brother’s mind. While he did come, he came under and hidden identity and went as he pleased without causing any alarm. Now he quietly left and she didn’t know where he was.

“Don’t tease me, sister-in-law,” said An Qing. She sighed, a complicated expression on her beautiful face. “Sister-in-law also knows that Jin’er will get married to Wei Zhitan in a month or two. He’s the eldest son of Grand Tutor Wei. Qing’er was fortunate enough to see him today and he is a very good, talented husband candidate.”

Feng Yuewei listened to these words and thought, ‘You little hussy. Day after day you pretend to be indifferent and of noble bearing before others, but you’re actually so competitive. When you saw that your own sister found a good marriage candidate, you suddenly want to find a better husband. Yet, it isn’t easy to swallow royal food.’


“That young master Wei indeed appears to have a stately bearing.” Feng Yuewei parroted An Qing’s words and didn’t say anything more.

An Qing couldn’t calm herself. She knew it wasn’t easy to see that person. Furthermore, he wasn’t just any prince but the crown prince. She was but the daughter of Minister An and couldn’t see the crown prince whenever she wished. As such, she could only ask for him to come to her birthday gathering.

It would have all been for naught if she dressed up so nicely for this, only to have that person be missing.

“Sister-in-law, don’t tease Qing’er. Quickly tell me; did Mu gege come? Why can’t Qing’er see Mu gege?”

When she couldn’t endure it any longer, she finally asked Feng Yuewei. As a girl, her usual smart demeanor fled once she encountered love and she became less rational and more foolish.

“Royal brother has come, but at this moment I do not know where he is..”

Feng Yuewei appeared embarrassed and awkward; she really didn’t know where her unpredictable brother was now.

If An Qing could become her brother’s consort, then it would be good news for Feng Yuewei. But she wasn’t sure if her unconventional brother would accept this opportunity or destroy it.

An Qing began to fret even more when she heard those words. She recalled the farce that had just taken place and became angry at An Yan.

“Could that bad luck person have been such an eyesore for Mu gege that she made him leave?” If this were really the case, then An Qing would tear An Yan to shreds and disfigure her fox-like charming face into something unrecognizable.

Feng Yuewei frowned, but kept silent. All she gave was a calm, general look.

An Qing grew mad and angry. ‘For the past decade, not only did I feel ashamed whenever I was asked about An Yan, now that poisonous girl disturb all my great plans.’

“Sister-in-law, please continue to help Qing’er. Since Qing’er saw Mu gege, Qing’er promised not to marry anyone but Mu gege.” As An Qing said this affectionately, she laid a hand on Feng Yuewei’s arm.

“Okay, okay. How can I not help Qing’er when she asks me? But for this, Qing’er also has to play an important role,” Feng Yuewei said with a smile. As she appeased the somewhat impatient An Qing, she suddenly recalled something and bent over to whisper into An Qing’s ear.

“By the way, sister-in-law still has to tell you about something. Royal brother…”

While the two girls planned inside the room, they didn’t expect An Jin to be standing outside.

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