BF Chapter 5


Chapter 5 – Simba…

Simba shot excitedly up into the air, his legs spread apart as he pointed his finger towards the sky. He loudly proclaimed, “LUCKY!”

However, in midair, that clown, which had been about Wang Zhong’s size, suddenly began to shrink rapidly. He continued shrinking until he was palm-sized, then descended at last. The Fate Roulette faded away and the space returned to pure darkness.

After Wang Zhong regained control of his body, he immediately rushed over and held the dying Simba in his hands. He spoke through clenched teeth, “You scoundrel. I didn’t want this kind of damned present! You better return to normal for me!”

The tiny Simba’s nose trembled as he forced out a few words. “Frie… nd. This is the last time I can help you…”


He reached out his tiny hand in a desperate attempt to touch Wang Zhong, but his arm powerlessly fell back down. “I’m so very tired now… I don’t feel well… Friend… We must separate… forever…”

Wang Zhong couldn’t bear it any longer. Tears began to stream down his face, dripping one by one. When he was just two years old, alone on the sickbed, enduring bone-scraping pain, he hadn’t cried. But now, his partner for the last ten years…

Wang Zhong clenched his teeth tightly. This was the first time he felt so angry at himself for his weakness and helplessness.

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