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We’re a group of volunteers who work on producing high quality translations.

The Radiant Translations Team:


Ruze (Head Translator, Translation Checker, Editor, Human Resources Chief, Recruitment Head, Site Administrator, General Manager, Public Relations, Private Relations)

I translate Legend of the Dragon King on Wuxia World.

Miki (Translator)

Hey there~ I’ve had completed in translating Child of Light that was posted on Wuxiaworld and is now on another journey in translating Enchantress Amongst Alchemists (EAA). I’m still having fun in translating and reading the fun and interesting comments by my readers. ^_^


Kiseki (Translator, HR, Editor-in-Chief)

Hello~ I’m a new translator, and it’s a pleasure to be here! I actually used to be an editor until Ruze realized that I could be of more use translating, so I’m a little bit of everything right now. I translate Zither Emperor, a Tang Jia San Shao novel, and Unrepentant, a Ze Mu novel—it’s a romance CN novel! (gasp).

Miseal (Translator)

Hi, after a long time leeching off several translation site, I decided to take a new leaf and try my hands to translate. My Chinese language still lacking, and English also not my mother tongue so as a TL, I still lack in many parts. Hope you all (especially editor) have some patience and endurance working with me. I feel really lucky Radiant willing to accept me as member. I TL for Lord Xue Ying and hope to survive any future purge.

Grenn (Translator)

Greetings everyone! I’ve been lurking and leeching around quite a few translation websites for a few years now. My chinese is not the greatest since I’ve only learn it to read more novels which are not translate yet. I decided to help translate and share to the mass the goodness of Magic Chef of Ice and Fire because I felt I should contribute somehow after all these years of leeching around….and it’s also a good way to practice chinese. [I have to give a special thanks for all the editors who edit my translations. We always need good and dedicated editors.]

Luna (Translator)

Yo! Luna here. Glad to be part of  the radiant Translator teams. I’ve been hooked on chinese light novels recently when my friends introduced them to me. But in anycase, I’m an avid reader of fanfictions especially, especially when the MC is much stronger, and is firm and decisive. Other than that, I also love day-dreaming~ Hope that you guys enjoy radiant as much as I do!

Lovelyxday (Translator)

New translator! I saw the recruitment ad and was like why not? I like reading, movies, and baking with friends <3

Light of Love (Translator)

Hello! Light of Love a.k.a LoL here. You can just call me Light. I’m Indonesian. I pursued my degree in Malaysia and already gotten the title BSc. in Psychology (whew! those 3 years of sweat and tears). Currently, I’m in China studying Chinese (which is what led me to translating). I’ve been here for one semester, another year and I’ll be gone to UK (hopefully) to pursue my master degree. I’m translating Radiant Era. I really hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy translating it!

Roboarc (Translator)

Hi guys! Your friendly TLer for TSW here! I’m just a fellow dreamer 😛


Sir Jynx | Pikaeevee | AudhildS

Translation Checker

Phi (Translation Checker/Editor)

I’m probably one of the newer/newest editors here. During my free time, I like to read novels, which I started doing since January of last year. Other than that, I like to solve math problems as well as work on robotics. Hm….when I have inspiration, I also like to play around on the piano a bit. I help Jynx with TL/TLC/Editing TSW, as he is quite new to the translation world/Chinese in general, and I don’t have too much time, so it works perfectly~~

Pseudonym (Translation Checker)

Hi! I was pulled into this by Kiseki, and now I TLC the novel she translates, Zither Emperor (pls read it btw). I also help TLC a few other novels here and there, depending on what needs help. When I’m not in school, I’m doing homework, and when I’m not doing homework, I’m TLCing, and when I’m not TLCing, I’m on our Discord server! I play the piano, guitar, and ukulele, and I occasionally sing, so if you wanna hear me or any of the other talented singers/musicians of Radiant, join our server! 😉


Sonic | Kookie | Sugar


Argos Yesu (Editor)

cough cough Yea, leeching is bad. Now I can leech visit translated work sites without worrying about much… Now, how to be a part of the manga/manhua/manhwa editing community… sounds like a hassle… I guess three out of four (writing/TL helping/reviewing) is good enough. I’m editing Legend of the Dragon King and Zither Emperor.

Therandomonet (Editor)
….Hi. I like chocolate…(awkwardly walks away)

May: And cute animals. Don’t forget cute animals.

DanDG & Bella~ (Editors)


Prepare for trouble!


And make it double!


To protect the world from devastation!


To unite all peoples within our nation!


To denounce the evils of truth and love!


To extend our reach to the stars above!






Team Radiant, blast off at the speed of light!


Surrender now, or prepare to fight!



That’s right!

wavydashen (Editor)

I came, saw recruitment, applied, and won the grand prize! Wooooo! Err wait, I’m just a lowly editor. Oh well. Real life is full of things, but I manage some time for editing and other work with translations every now and then.

May (Editor)

Weeeell, here we go. I’m at the bottom of the Radiant food chain along with my fellow editors. I play the piano and read Chinese novels for motivation, all that perseverance makes me want to practice more! :O  And I usually alternate between being a full-on workaholic and an ultra-dead vegetable. It’s all extremes for me, livin’ life to the max! Hahah, that’s enough, now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go edit/sleep some more…

MrGoorin (Editor)

Howdy! I’m the regent newbie and cheerleader. Joined to help edit MCIF. Please keep me away from pointy objects, creatures with wings, and fire(so I don’t burn the place down!). Capable of staring at the screen and not notice a week go by before coming to, so if I suddenly go quiet have a rock/paper/scissors tournament to elect somebody to poke me.

Deyna (Editor)

Who am I? Well, let’s just say that an enigma gave a paradox a very special hug twenty-ish years ago.


Hikaru | Jstone | Demossthenes | Tenebris | Jian | Renngon | Spite | Bigredcomrade | Uxorious | LikyLiky | Qwaztop | Zephron | Kidyeon | TeddyBear | Nevaeh



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      Well you see, we’re beta testing our online dating platform internally on Radiant Team members. As luck would have it, we have had some success. 😉

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  1. Thank you for your work! I think is very nice to introduce yourself 🙂 it gives us an idea of who is doing the work… Please keep up the good work, but never forget to enjoy it!
    I’ll be around ;P

    I love you all very much…?? I would love to draw a picture for you but I really don’t know what…haha maybe a panda eating a falling star full of sparkles…?? Haha idk and by any chance if I wanted to send u a picture of the drawing would I be able to send it??? Oh yea tell me what you guys/girls ladies? men? Like so I can get an idea ?
    I’m very good at drawing..I think…haha…maybe…well I hope I’m good ( ̄▽ ̄;)

  3. …my brain did something weird…I thought Argos Yesu’s description said…I’m the editing legend as opposed to I’m editing legend of…on a different note, thank you for the hard work!

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