Amnesiac Queen – Chapter 60 – 64

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Ya know, I kind of regret majoring in this degree at my university??? Because I have no free time. When I’m not working on a project or studying, I’m trying to get enough rest/relaxation to function the next day.

So yea, have another chapter dump. (^^;;;;;;;)

Here’s to hoping that I have time to actually translate with midterms coming up.

TL: Kiseki

TLC: Phi

ED: Snow 

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Chapter 60: Twins — Do you believe in the supernatural?

Chapter 61: The Start of a New Term — I’m very happy to place first!

Chapter 62: Competition: Let’s go home immediately and celebrate!

Chapter 63: Birthday — You will like it.

Chapter 64: Signing a Contract — That person just now…was Emperor Mo?

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