Amnesiac Queen – Chapter 51-56

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Mass update! Enjoy 6 new AQ chapters~ Because my TLC is back from dying in finals (like I was)~ I’m hoping to get back into the groove with translating now that I’m not constantly swinging between dead and exhausted. I chose to take a hopefully lighter schedule next quarter, so crossing my fingers that it won’t be as tiring!

TL: Kiseki

TLC: Phi

ED: Snow 

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Chapter 51: Setting Out on a Journey — You can’t wear so little during the summer!

Chapter 52: Jia Jia — Do you recognize me?

Chapter 53: Past — I’m your mom.

Chapter 54: Car Accident — How come you’re not curious about who I am?

Chapter 55: Laughing-stock — Qin really is the motherfucking worst surname on earth.

Chapter 56: Murderer — I only stabbed him once.

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