Unrepentant — Chapter 18

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Hah…apparently the web version of Chapter 18 is actually two of the paperback chapters? (paperback chapter 17 & 18)

QAQ no wonder it was so long

pokes fingers together

I’m…only a little under halfway through Chapter 19 at the moment, and I do have midterms next week…

Hopefully I’ll get it out by Sunday sweatdrops

TL/ED: Kiseki

TLC: Phi

Chapter 18 … As it turned out, this was a secret everyone knew of.


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  1. Hi… Can you please update the next chapter….
    there are only few stories that speak to heart.. this is truly a jem … my heart bleeds for the herione… so alone and so brave.. thanks for translating this great novel…

    1. Post

      *checks when I last translated a UR chapter*
      Whoops, I should get back to working on Chapter 19 (it’s slow going and long as well, thus why I’ve barely worked on it)
      It’ll be out by the end of this month qwq

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