Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire — Chapter 17

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Hi, everyone! Kiseki here.

Blaq seems to have taken off for Japan (for some reason) and apparently won’t be returning for couple more months. I had not expected her to be gone for so long, so I had not done anything about this hiatus-ed novel for some time.

Essentially what’s going to happen is this: I’ll temporarily pick this up until Blaq returns, but I do have a full course-load this semester and won’t have a lot of time or energy in general to translate. This novel will fall in rotation with the other three projects I am working on—Amnesiac Queen, I Seem Unsuited for Dating, and Unrepentant. The release rate will hopefully be once a week, but it will more likely be once every two weeks. My apologies, everyone, for the several month delay.

Anyway, this chapter had been laying around in the folder, half-finished. I completed the translation and had the team polish it up just recently.


TL: Blaq, Kiseki

TLC: Moonclipse

ED: Xu Xian

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Chapter 17 — Would you be willing to teach me how to make a cake?

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