Pivot of the Sky Chapter 84

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Second release of the week!

First thank mr.tanen for joining to edit for the chapter. Thanks to Meeseeks and WenHui as well, who have also helped me with the editing of this chapter. Of course, if you are still interested in editing or just want to tell me something about the text quality, how it flows, etc., you are welcome to leave a message or contact me in NUF.

There’s also one thing about the content of the novel: there’s a warning I have left to the readers when the novel was still at volare and I forgot to put it here. The warning is : this novel talks a lot about religions and real (existing) religions. If you are a firm believer of one of the Abrahamic religions or practice one of them on a regular basis, to you, some of the contents may be offensive or blasphemous.

Volume III : The Divine Emissaries

Chapter 84 – Mount Horeb

Editors: Mr. Meeseeks, WenHui, mr.tanen

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