We’re still on Hiatus.

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We’re still on hiatus for LXY. Just be patient. Things are taking longer than expected. Chapters galore once we’re back.


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      1. Saying there’ll be a hiatus for two weeks, then giving sparse updates about more delays and terse responses to inquiries about the timeframes … please put yourself in our shoes and understand why we readers find that frustrating. Can you tell us the specific reasons why it’s on hold, and what’s being done to get it back? I’d rather have the truth than overly optimistic assurances it’ll be back soon that fall through for understandable reasons.

  1. Are you looking for a new translator, or what is going on? Please take the 5 minutes to give another update (something more substantial than “we’re working on it”).

  2. I would also like to ask for more information. I’ve been checking on this for months now… I don’t want to be rude, but I would just like to know wether you will still translate this and when. You take donations. It is not like you HAVE to finish the novel. But if you want to drop it, just give a quick notice. I think that is around what we can expect from you, as money is involved in the translation. Even if it was 100 percent free, it would be polite to just give quick updates. We don’t ask for too much. Just tell us what’s up. Take 2 minutes and just satisfy our curiosity. Most of us won’t be mad even if you drop it – in any way – I won’t. I just get sick of checking up on this so much. It has been 2 months now. I know this practice from the Japanese translation scene and RR, which is why I only read originals even though my Kanji is somewhat weak and I have to look quite some stuff up. Again, I just want to know what’s up. I’m fine with dropping this, if you just got bored of translating. No problem. I just don’t want to keep checking this site. I really like Lord Xue Ying, which is why I want to continue on. Thanks either way.

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