I Seem Unsuited for Dating — Chapter 14 + Truly Precious Universe Discord Server Announcement

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Hello~! ISUD update~!

Yue and I have been talking for a while about this, and we finally decided to make a discord server! Truly Precious Universe is a discord server for all the novels in the shared universe, and I contacted all the translation teams that are working on the novels at the moment as well. Hopefully they’ll join and thus open to interacting with everyone. 🙂

This server is for all of us to share the love and joy of reading the romance novels and for all of you readers to get to know the translation teams as well. Yue and I are very friendly and don’t bite at all~ (well, not much? hehe)

Truly Precious Universe Discord Invite Code:

TL: Kiseki

ED: Moonclipse

? ISUD ? I Seem Unsuited for Dating ? ISUD ?

Chapter 14: Gold Medal Hunter — Is there anyone interested in catching stray cats with me?

? ISUD ? I Seem Unsuited for Dating ? ISUD ?

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