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Hi all, ed.L here.

First and foremost really appreciate all the support in me continuing the translation of GDK. The main reason i decided to continue translating the novel was because I saw the large number of readers who were disappointed from the very moment etvolare announced she was dropping GDK all the way till even the last few chapters that were posted on volare.

I’m aware that there has been much disappointment and unhappiness regarding my release rates, especially in comparison to previously when etvo put out chapters daily. I’m working on it, which I know doesn’t mean anything at all if there aren’t chapters appearing.

First and foremost, please feel free to tell the translators who are willing to take over GDK and pump out chapters daily (unlike me) to contact me, I’ll gladly hand the novel over to the new person. In the end, I’m a reader as well and having daily releases for GDK would sure make me happy too. Feel free to quote me on this if people tell you on NUF that the novel is still being translated.

For those that have pledged on patreon, or have stated that are willing to donate/pledge for more chapters. Really thank you for your support. The main reason I haven’t started donations is also due to the release rate, as I don’t want to end up disappointing those who have donated and owe chapters as well. That would just make you guys think that I’m just cheating away your money.

So, as it stands. Do let me know what option you guys want this to go. This includes those that normally read silently without commenting and are (hopefully) fine as long as they are chapters.

  1. I’ll continue working on increasing my release rate. (I’m definitely not planning on stopping the novel unless anything major happens.
  2. Let me know who will take over and do 1 chapter a day, I’ll hand over the novel.
  3. I’ll temporarily stop posting, till I have a stockpile so that there can be multiple chapters a week, so that there isn’t a large gap in between each chapter.
  4. I’ll drop the novel and leave it to the next translator to pick it up.

Please let me know what your thoughts are in the comments and I’ll gauge the response after a week, or shorter if you guys want a shorter time frame. I’ll check it once when the weekend ends to see how many responses there are.

the release rates is something that is controlled by me and has nothing to do with Radiant as a whole. Ruze has been really kind to allow me to host my translations here on an established site rather than me having to create my own.

All in all, I still thank you guys for reading my translations and hopefully the journey with GDK will still continue.
– ed.L


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  1. If you by yourself can only support 1-2/week at this time all I’d like to ask is that you establish a release schedule. If low release rates bother you it ought to be possible for you to find a partner TLer to work with and split a higher release rate provided any “support staff” you’ve got can handle that. I never like to see a project abandoned because it’s not guaranteed that someone else will pick it back up.

    We the ravenous masses can’t expect all TLers to maintain the insane release rates of ISSTH (Deathblade @ Wuxiaworld) being 2x/day all week long. Do what you can while you still enjoy it.

    1. I would go with option 1 but I also like the idea of partnering with another translator for a higher release rate

    1. Go back to your kindergarten teacher… It’s better that you learn some basic English… You can’t even speak properly.

        1. So what? I’m trilingual, English is like the THIRD language I learned. Oh wait, I shouldn’t measure his level of intellect with mine. Somebody is just lacking in that department, just like how you lack manners and common courtesy!

  2. Seriously, you lil’ beaches should stop complaining. The release rate is slow? So what? I don’t think that most of you whining crybabies can even translate that shit! 2 chapters a week is way better than you entitled lil’ shits who can’t even translate 2 sentences, let alone 2 fucking chapters! Grow up! Suck it up! The translator DOES NOT owe any of you lil’ ungrateful shits ANYTHING! I’ve even seen people acting all high and mighty acting disrespectful!

    Like this particular comment from Noob:
    “What 1 chapter/week? Please be professional… like old translator in violern .. its because qidian faking greedy… if u just 1 chap per week its better u drop it to another get pick this novel…. we need more faster translation… ur work so slow but u wanna our money keep dreaming dude -_-”

    Who the fuck you think you are? “Your work so slow but you wanna our money keep dreaming dude”? WHAT? Did ed.L paywall GDK now? You fucking read it for free you dumbass! Heck, you probs read this shit with adblock on! I highly advice you to refrain from reproducing, you’ll be doing the world a service.

    Give the guy some time and show him some respect. His/her decision to pick this novel up itself is worthy of respect. If you don’t have useful shit to say, shut the fuck up!

  3. I’d like to vote for 1, also seeing how addicting these novels can get dont worry about it. Even if you did 1 a day I’d want 2 lol. Thanks for the hard work

  4. Ed, thanks for working on GDK, I appreciate any and all people translating it! You’re way better than that last guy (jk, love you too etvo)

    You’re a new translator, slow speeds are completely normal. You will get faster with each chapter you translate.
    Take all the time you need to build up a stockpile, us expecting you to be at etvo’s level when you’ve just started is a little unfair!!

  5. I do not really understand what it means “working on increasing the release rate”.

    To me, it seems that you are committed to other translations, and you took this one because you feel you may spend more time on it in the future.

    Also, you seem like a honest guy because you are not looking for the money if you feel you cannot deliver. On the other hand: you don’t seem to know what you want to do!

    I am willing to support you, and I am willing to patiently wait for the chapters. But…

    …as I and some many readers remarked in the comments, if we are going to follow this novel, then we need regular releases. At least once a week!

    In my opinion, if you cannot commit to that, it is better if you found somebody else to do this or to share the workload with you.

    Also, to me at least, regularity is more important than frequency. I would like to know that I can read GDK for example, on Friday. It would be something to look forwards to!

    In short – dear translator, please make up your mind wether you can commit to a minimum of 1 chapter per week, regularly on the same day. If you can, choose option 1 and try to increase the pace. If you cannot, please choose option 2 or 4. I do not have enough data to make this choice for you.

    1. Post

      Hi there! what i mean is finding more time to translate GDK! i’m currently working on decreasing my commitment on other translations actually, so that I can spend more time on GDK. I’ll definitely promise at least once a week. Noted on the scheduling. realise that would be something that might help. Thank you for your input!

      1. If you can post 1 chapter a week regularly, on the same day, readers will realize that you are committing at least part of your time to the translation.

        Also, they will know that the novel is continuing. Plus, if the chapter will be regularly on the same day, I think that GDK will not loose much readers. They will be coming back.

        On the other hand, I am not sure how many readers would decide to support you unless you manage to increase the pace to at least 2 chapters per week. Some might, though. I would 🙂

  6. Honestly I don’t usually comment, I read several novels throughout the translation community and the only thing that irk’s me is lack of communication, not trying to be offensive but my favorite translator is Yang Wen-li of martial god asura and it’s not because of the story or quality of the translations it’s because when he cant post a chapter he at least notifies his readers so I’m not constantly checking to see if a chapter is posted, a simple one line saying no chapter today is all I need so I don’t waste time checking and is greatly appreciated, I have to say this is one of my favorite novels and am happy that it is still being translated so keep up the great work and take the comments with a grain of salt people can be jerks.

  7. You should release at your own pace without minding the whining of readers. If they think it’s to slow then they can translate themselves or atleast offer to edit/proofread. You have no responsibility to keep etvo’s pace.

    If someone think they can keep a higher pace while keeping up the quality and you’re fine with handing it over then by all means go for it, but until that happens I’m perfectly content with getting what I can get. And again, it’s not your responsibility to find a new translator.

    Keep up the good work

  8. if you can do once a week then do on a regularly scheduled day. Any bonus progress can be used a stockpile for later. If it means you have to skip a week to get the ball rolling that’s fine. For example say you say that day is a friday. Then every week we can expect one chapter on that day. no guesswork. Eventually you will have a buffer of some sort that in case something comes up the scheduled chapter shouldn’t be affected.

  9. Hello, I am one of those “normally read silently” you mentioned and I am indeed fine as long as there are chapters being released. So I vote for 1 but am also fine if you find someone to hand it over to that translates faster. Please don’t drop it and leave it for someone else to pick up. I thank you for taking the time to translate this and providing it for free for us fellow fans.

    Also, I would like to say that I absolutely appalled at some of the mean comments I’ve seen about you’re translating speed. Do these people seriously not realize that one chapter a day is an incredible treat that etvo’s team managed to pull off? I hope that you do not take those mean comments to heart and keep translating at whatever speed you are comfortable with. I would hate if you pushed yourself too hard or simply gave up do to lack of support. I am happy as long as there is a constant and steady flow of chapters, and I am sure I am not the only one that feels that way.

    As for those mean commenters, this is what I have to say to you: you are a bunch of spoiler brats and this novel does not need fans like you. Shut it and accept your free chapters and if your not happy with the speed do something about it like looking for another translator group or *gasp* translating it yourself. Mean comments are unhelpful and demoralizing and will only result in getting the translator to quit which means NO CHAPTERS AT ALL YOU MORONS.

  10. Option 1 or 3 sound great and 1 decently translated chapter a week is way better than no chapter at all or 7 shitty chapters a day!

  11. to etvo if you are watching this discussion i was wondering if you could be a proofreader for ed.L as that wouldn’t take much of your time while helping him/her out

  12. i know 1chap a week its better than none at all… But guys you know what is 1 chap a week , it is 48 chap per week ….. It means that would take 13.38 years to finish….. And i dont know if the TL would keep going úntil the end(most TL who do this for love end up dropping or just a couple of chapts now and then to not let it die)

  13. In advance – Thank you for your hard work and picking up this novel

    I would prefer option Nr.1 or Nr.2 – I dont really read any novels with less than 5 Chapters/Week and with a novel over 1000 Chapters it dosent really matter if it is 1 or 0 Chapters/Week.

    Perfect chapters are nice, but i translators for novels like “Dark King” with some mistakes dosent matter!

  14. as long as theres at least 2 a month, baring you getting sick, hurt, or dragged down by real life events (please give us updates if you can if that ever happens. I’ve seen too many people vanish for months), I’m fine with the release rate.
    Thank you for translating!

  15. Lol this translator is suck… the aurhor or something (qidian) has good TL and stable realese… 1 week for 1 capter fakk me … this novel will end when we grow old … if u can handdle this novel just drop it dude… i think iGDK is popular novel and somuch another TL wanna take this novel…. just fuck off u not proffessional TL … 🙁 you disappointed us

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      Like I already stated, if you know someone who is willing to do the 1 chapter per day that everyone would love (me too since I’m also a reader), feel free to ask the person to contact me, I’m open to handing it over!

      Well, I definitely wouldn’t call myself a professional TL and rather a fan translator. I do this on top of my full-time job, so there are time constraints there. If I was doing this full time, of course, one chapter a week is far from acceptable. It wouldn’t even be able to feed me through the ad revenue.

      Currently, releases are once a week on Sundays.

      If you are really disappointed, do feel free to stop reading. I’m open to comments and I approve all comments that are related to the novel. But there’s no need to be rude and hurl vulgarities.

  16. It would be 1 for me but I agree that some kind of release schedule would be nice.

    Even if it is just 1 or 2 chapters a week, it be fine if I knew when they would arrive.
    I don’t follow any other novels on Radiant so now I’m just mindlessly checking daily if there might be something…

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