Zither Emperor – Episode 6: [C139]

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First regular release of the week~! (1/3)


Presenting… 『ZE Spoiler Cheat Sheet ft. Thyaeria』!

If you may not know, Thyaeria is the translator for Tales of Demons and Gods and The Great Ruler over at Wuxiaworld! Almost a year ago, he typed up a rough summary of Zither Emperor, unknowingly ranting for 70 minutes on the novel (I swear, the only reason Thy didn’t pick up the novel himself is because of the poetry). Disclosed is the unedited conversation above! Warning! Spoilers! (Obviously.) Read at your own peril! (Honestly, read it and understand why I translate this slow-paced, unassuming novel)

TL: Kiseki

ED: Moonclipse

ZE [C139] Episode 6: Chapter 37.1

[Teaser] [C140] Chapter 37.2


No spoilers