Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Wife Chapter 127

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Here’s Sponsored Chapter 127. Miki had seen that some people have been having trouble accessing 126 and now it seemed chapter 125 had something wrong as well. Can you try to see if you can access this chapter 127? I might have a clue as to what went wrong in that case. Miki is sorry for any inconvenience caused. She will try to get this issue settled ASAP. For the mean time, for chapter 125 and 126, try using a method suggested by a reader that seemed to be working, which is to refresh the page and clear the cache. Thank you. P.S Miki will only be a prankster only in teasers and not elsewhere. If a post says the chapter is up, it will definitely be up unless something went wrong. Well now fingers crossed that everyone can access chapter 127~ If not, Miki will be clueless as to what went wrong and continue to investigate about the cause.

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Chapter 127



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  1. kuu~ dang it~ alright~ I will continue to find out what is going on… For now, try to see if it works by using the method in the post. Thank you.

    1. Some tips here about this kind of Problem.
      Pressing F5 just make a “Fast” refresh of a page and that will not solve a lot of problems that have cache, cookies and etc involved.
      To do a REAL REFRESH of a page press CTRL+F5, that will solve most problems in a lot of cases.

      1. that sounds great xD Hope it will work for the readers that have problem accessing the chapters. Thanks for suggesting <3 Miki is completely lost in the IT world. *Lightly Bangs head on table* Miki is scared of pain so yup lightly 😛

  2. At least people above is luckier than me… they can see teaser while I got straight to recruitment page… as if they want me to start learning to translate XD

    1. You’re not the first xD Well I also don’t know what is going on, but we will see if there’s a problem at our side. My colleagues are mostly asleep now, so I will have to wait for him to see if we can get it settled since Miki is IT noob. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hmm~ try spamming refresh 5 times/ clearing the cache/ use a different browser and see if it works?

  3. miki for me its working, the last chapter i only needed a refresh and i didn’t check the teaser of this chapter and it worked straight away, i think its a problem where the catche and the page are getting mixed up and its only loading the catched version

  4. Hi. Miki….helppppp. cannot access 126 & 127. 126 access to.teaser only. 127 cannot access at all. Only can read 128. What to do?


    1. Try different browser/ clear your cache and refresh the page with Ctr-f5. That’s the ways that seems to be working. I don’t know what is going on as well, but my group is looking into it. Sowwy for any inconvenience.

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