Zither Emperor – Episode 4: [C100]

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Final release of the week (3/3)

We broke 100 chapters! I would actually give you a complimentary free chapter… but… well… sighs

Take these three photos instead!

#1 – ZE Manhua… that’s Ye Yin Zhu, can you believe it? He looks… well… way more girly than he actually is… I even thought it was a girl at first… Orz

#2 – Ye Yin Zhu!!! As he actually is! (and not the poor rendition in the manhua) This is the Vol VII cover (not correlated to Episode #).

#3 – Zi!!! Ahahaha… he’s shirtless xD Anyways, this is the Vol V cover, (once again, not correlated to Episode #) so enjoy~

manhua yz zi1

TL: Kiseki

ED: Argos Yesu, Deyna

ZE [C100] Episode 4: Chapter 25.4

TEASER [C101] Chapter 26.1


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    1. Oh… I did not realize I forgot to add Sura to the glossary;;
      And he actually is a spoiler character… though one of the reasons why I didn’t find a volume cover with his image is because… it’s kinda hard to recognize the other characters on the covers >.>

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