Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 30

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Here’s Chapter 30 (2/4 Sponsored chapters) I want to ask an important question. Do you guys want all sponsored chapters ASAP or try to get it to be daily chapters? Like if it’s the former, I post as many as I can in the weekend. If it’s the latter, it will be if there’s 4 sponsored chapters, I’ll use 2 chapters in one weekend and use the other two for the following weekend. I’ll go with the former this week. I’ll go with what you want next week. ^-^

TL: Miki

TLC: Ash

Editors: Argos Yesu, Kiseki

Sponsor: Jacqueline.S (P.S Wow~ thank you so much <3 )

Chapter 30



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  1. I prefer all the sponsored chapters ASAP at least as much as posible .This is what I prefer but I donΒ΄t complain in either choise if the novel is completely transalted until the end.

  2. First, thank you for the chapter. Second, I rather read then daily, so I have something to look forward to everyday :).

    But I think you should ask the donators? I think some of them would like to get the chapters ASAP.

  3. How about a mix? Save the sponsored chapters to make them daily and if the2 weekend slots are filled then add 1 bonus to thr next day. So in the case of today being, for example, Monday with 4 sponsored chapters in the queue 2 would go Sat/Sun and Tues/Wed would have a bonus that day. It would allow for pacing for everyone and most importantly prevent burn out on your part.

  4. I think it is better to do it like this if there is a mega cliffhanger then do them ASAP but if it is not that much of a cliffy then make them daily πŸ˜€
    I think everyone would be happy if you stack up the chapters and give us more when there is a big cliffy πŸ˜€

    Though I can’t complain xD
    As long as you see the project till the end I will surely come back here haha

  5. If you can I prefer ASAP. But don’t die from overworking, I still would like the rest of the chapters. πŸ˜€ Keep up Miki.

  6. i would prefer them asap if they are not that many (i doubt you want to/can do 6 chaters on the weekend).
    this series just started and already has a queue… it doesn’t seem like there will be weeks with 0 sponsored chapters

  7. I would prefer if you save up the chapter for daily release. But in the case of a mayor cliffhanger I would need all chapters available or else it will haunt me in my dreams πŸ˜‰
    The best in my opinion would be to always have 2 chapters in stock for each weekend. So if 5 are sponsored in one week it would be 3 in the first week and to save the other 2 for the next week.
    Another way would be to let the sponsor decide what he/she wants if he/she pays for all the snacks you need for one chapter (sponsored the whole chapter).
    If the decision is gonna be all chapters asap then I think Miki is gonna need an emergency snack box to keep the energy and sugar up xD

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