Enchantress Amongst Alchemist: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 16

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Hey~ To those that read COL, how did you like my tiny devilish prank? πŸ˜› And to EAA readers, don’t worry~ I don’t prank often. πŸ˜‰ Comment if you don’t want any pranks forever or alright with occasional pranks~ I’ll determine which have the higher percentage and go with that as I don’t want you to hate me for some of my fun, since the main point of translating is for you guys to enjoy the novel that I like. <3

TL: Miki
TLC: Grenn
Editors: Bella, Argos Yesu

Chapter 16




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  1. I just posted another update post and just wanted to ask if it ok like that or if I should change anything? πŸ˜€ And Thanks for the new chapter canΒ΄t wait to read more of this story ^^

    1. Hey thx for updating the post xD Hmm~ about the first post for chap 1-15, I find the donation button a little too much as it gave me a slight headache seeing it~ It might be due to me being tired *shrugs* I wasn’t able to find your second post using google as I don’t have a reddit acc so no comment on the second one. Thx for your effort and time <3

      1. It is my pleasure πŸ˜€ I donΒ΄t know if the donation thingy is changeable. It is nothing I myself put into the post I can only suspect that it is due to the links to radiant translation.

  2. I don’t mind prank from time to time. All I want is more EAA, first novel I’m reading with a female protagonist but looks amazing!

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