Tempest of the Stellar War – Volume 2: Chapter 17

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Well guys… Despite the good luck thrown my way, the saga continues. So one the second replacement of my windshield, it had rained and made it dirty, and of course with the wipers not working, I couldn’t clean it properly. I went down to the shop to fix the wipers, and they cleaned the glass as a courtesy. With bright clean glass, it became readily apparent, the person who installed the glass, completely gouged the glass with a razor blade, attempting to remove the factory sticker. So there is a large patch of horribly scratched glass. So you guessed it! Need to have a fourth appointment with them, and have my windshield replaced a third time! Unreal… Shouldn’t effect releases though.




Translator: Roboarc

TLC: Phi, Sir Jynx

Editors: Sir Jynx, Argos Yesu, Uxorious, Deyna

Chapter: Volume 2 – Chapter 17


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  1. Now this reaches a new level of customer service and installation failure facepalm
    Gets a sprinkler out (From your windshield)
    And makes a Rainbow for good luck XD this time sends good luck to the DANG Car and over your windshield
    you got the horseshoes and clovers already 🙂

  2. Maybe your should change your nick to something other than Sir Jynx (Jinx) 🙂

    On the “bright” side, they may not have to replace the windshield, it’s possible to buff out the scratches.

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