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Happy 1 year anniversary Radiant!

Sir Jynx here again. I am sorry I wasn’t able to get TSW out today, but it will be out this weekend. 100% by Sunday and 80% chance by Saturday night. Will depend on time it takes for TLC/Edits.

I wanted to take this time though, to talk about transitioning into May now. My work schedule will be changing on Monday, which will hopefully lead to a more balanced daily routine for me. Don’t expect a flood of chapters right away though. Should still have around 1 chapter a week, and some weeks 2! I should be getting into the flow of things by then and we’ll see what the future allows after that! I will also be including a little about my TLing experience so far, and learning Chinese with the next Chapter release for those who like to read a little extra with their chapters.

Everyone have a safe and happy weekend!



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  1. 😀 thanks for the update
    TSW es numero uno (i say this a lot but this time im actually serious, TSW > most novels I’m reading these days…)

    1. Post

      It would be in bad form to take Bagelson’s chapters he worked on, and redo them here. There isn’t much to term changes, but if any come up, I will announce them in the release post of the chapters they show up in. Only if for some random reason Bagelson decides he doesn’t want to host the chapters anymore (don’t see that happening, because he really should continue to host his work) will I re-edit them.

No spoilers