Tempest of the Stellar War – Volume 1: Chapter 13 + Introduction

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Sir Jynx here! I am proud to present my first chapter of Tempest of the Stellar War, Volume 1 Chapter 13. This chapter was brought to you with a lot of help of Ruze and my TLC/Editor Phillip!

I would also like to use this inaugural release post as a platform to kind of set expectations for releases, and maybe share a little insight from behind the scenes! Chapter and wall of text after the jump! (Quick note, will be using same system as Bagelson. CAPS for the words the author writes in english. Any change of terms will be mentioned as they come up)

TL: SirJynx, Ruze
TLC: Ruze, Phillip, Kiseki
ED: Kiseki, Phillip, Hydramon

Don’t worry. The chapter is at the TOP! I am placing the chapter HERE after the jump just to hopefully get more eyes on the fact I am including a wall of text for those interested.

First of all, I want to say thank you to all the people who have been speaking out in defense, for not only this site, but for TLers in general, over the last few days since it was announced I was picking up the chapter here.  

I also want to say sorry to all those people who are upset that I cannot spam out lots of chapters of this amazing story for all of you. I know some of you speak out of passion, and that leads to lots of angry messages. I get it. Trust me.

Now, to set some expectations. I first want to say that more weekly chapters are coming. How soon? I cannot say, yet. The main reason for the slow release pace at the start is because, beside being new at this TL thing, I am also new to the Chinese language. I am currently learning Chinese, and TLing is a great tool to accelerate that process. Honestly, don’t think I am not putting in the time, guys; it took an embarrassingly long amount of time to get this chapter to you this week. (many hours!) Now, this doesn’t mean you need to have any worries about the quality of the chapters. Ruze will be personally checking all my translations for quality, as well as some other great people we have here at Radiant! It just means I need some time to get some experience, and develop my own flow.

I am a reader of many Chinese web novels myself. I feel the pain as much as you all when I can’t get more chapters of my favorite story. I will definitely hold myself up to common release pace standards, and I soon hope to be able to release 3 chapters a week, with chances of bonus chapters on weekends.

I know many of you might be saying things along the lines of: “Then don’t TL until you’re ready!” etc. etc. And you wouldn’t be wrong, but I really wanted to TL a story I am excited about. It is the best motivation. I really WAS also going to be waiting a bit longer until I announced I was going to TL this story. I was actually part way through chapter 1 of this novel, when I learned that Bagelson wanted to do a 12 chapter preview of it. So, although I wanted to wait a bit, I decided to push my timetable up and begin translating immediately after Bagelson’s teaser, instead. In preparation for that, Ruze has been helping me with the transition from Bagelson’s teasers to translating my own chapters by communicating with Bagelson on lots of naming things, stylistic choices, etc. I will try to live up to expectations now. Just give me a little of your patience.

I don’t want to write too much more in fear of scaring off readers, so I just want to say one more thing in the defense of Radiant. When I first expressed interest to Ruze about wanting to TL, he did ask me to help out on other novels we were behind on. It was my decision to start a new novel, and Ruze backed me up, and trusted me. So I am grateful for that. We are all individuals, after all. I hope you enjoy the story!


P.s. I will try to answer any/all reasonable questions in the comment section of this release post. (Assuming there are any)

P.s.s. And for those who couldn’t find the chapter link in the wall of text above: TSW Volume 1 – Chapter 13


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  1. If you clicked in from the announcement link on reddit, you might have missed it. It is the paragraph right after the credit is giving to those who worked on the novel.

  2. well ty for translating it, see you in uhm… wait 1-3 chapters per week. On avarage novels has 1k chapters so 52-156 chapters per year, alright! be back in 10 years gl 🙂 Have fun translating. Ohh also have fun learning chinese! Oh I also forgot… GROW THE FUCK UP!

    1. There’s no need for your input.

      The translator and crew all put in their own time and effort to give us something. They are not obligated to, they could all go read the story for themselves and we would be left with nothing.

      If I don’t hear from you for another 10 years I will count myself lucky.

    2. Although this can’t be classified as a reasonable question. I will go ahead and give you a reply. If you read it properly, it’ll be 3-5 chapters a week. Not 1-3. That is also, not a changed being made soon, just the short term goal. Which is pretty standard amongst other books. This doesn’t mean it is were I will cap it, once/if I can to Ren and DB like speed. I can also only request you heed your own advice and grow up. Life will be less extreme for you.

  3. Well there is need for my input because, blebs translators, “Try” translating and then drop it after few chapters, because its, “Real life reasons” or more like, “It’s too hard for me, I am only 11yo pleb” When they realise that with their translation speed is so slow that they never going to translate in in their lives. If you want to try translating or have fun trying to translate few chapters, then do it at your fucking home, and show it to your fucking friends!!!! FFS! Show it to your mom or dad FFS!

    Another thing is that if you know your translation speed is slow, then TRANSLATE IT WITH MORE PEOPLE! Translating with more people can be 1861745841 times more fun then translating alone!!!!

    GOO recruit and advertise that you are looking for more translators or smth FFS

  4. I’m stoked that you are translating this for us. I loved the teaser and can’t wait to read the rest. Just keep plugging away and watch your ability soar.

  5. Great work and Good luck learning chinese. I was thinking of doing the same thing in some years as well. Love the story cant wait for weekly chapters. Again thanks for translating:)

  6. Will you be interested in retranslating the previous chapters!it is much better if you will retranslate everything again for correction of terminology s and names as well as typos?

    1. Since Bagelson did the work on the first 12, unless he decides he doesn’t want to host them anymore, I will not try to redo them here. Any changes to terms etc though, I will explain on the chapter announcement, when/if any occur. So far though, I think I will only be changing his ‘Galactic Coalition’ into ‘Milky way Alliance’.

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