Zither Emperor – Episode 1: Chapter 3.4

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First regular chapter of the week~!

Now that I’ve gotten accustomed to translating,  I decided to lower the donation queue (yes, there is one if you didn’t realize) to $45/chapter. I’ll try to get to them as quickly as I can, but I’ve just entered exam season (aka hell) which lasts for 4 weeks. Don’t worry, I should still have enough time in the rare breaks I have to translate chapters to maintain this twice a week chapter release pace.

PS. Please be more respectful of the translators here. I know the ‘slow’ pace may frustrate you, but all of us have full-time obligations outside of translating. Several of us are still in schooling of some kind or work full time jobs. While we do understand that a faster release pace would draw in more readers and popularity, it would place too much stress on us to maintain it. It is more reasonable for us to establish a constant release pace and keep it, stockpiling any extra chapters we were able to translate as a safety measure for weeks when we are too busy to translate, instead of releasing several in one week and then disappearing for a while because of real life.

Thanks for reading.

TL: Kiseki

TLC: Jian

ED: Burning Ice, Jian, Argos Yesu

ZE Episode 1: Chapter 3.4

Chapter 4.1 Teaser is up as well~! ← >o< should I even add this link here? I think I established that I’ll try to always have a small teaser up for the next chapter, just to keep you guys wanting more.


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