Pivot of the Sky Chapter 42

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Second release of the week! I’ve been having a cold for about a week… really slowing things down. And the Labor’s Day is coming… Hope I can keep the current pace in the next few weeks.

The real story is taking place now. More mysteries are coming… Have you guessed Inanna’ identity before chapter 41? What do you think of Amon’s sudden level up? What do you think is the “devil’s temptation”? Please give your opinion!

Volume II : The First Sin

Chapter 42 – Where Is the Devil?

Editor: Mr.Meeseeks


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Miracle Throne Chapter 114

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Here’s the second chapter of the week, enjoy!

On an off note, I’ve made a private discord so come and nag me to do more work!

Chapter 114


Editor: Iht


Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire — Chapter 8

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Late release from…two weeks ago? I think Blaq is two weeks behind. (She so busy, so apologies on her behalf—Uni exams are killer)

So…here ya go! As for me, Kiseki, one more exam tomorrow in addition to three more exams over the next two weeks—to the best of my knowledge. I got sprung with tomorrow’s exam 3 days ago >~< Gah, so real life coming back with a vengeance; I’ll come back next week and translate as a stress relief from exams pt.2

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