Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 27

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Hehe~ Were you expecting something again from my last post? Kuku~ I only ask question when I think on the spot when writing the post. Looks like none this time too~ Here’s Chapter 27 (4/5 reg + 0/4 sponsored chapters!) [P.S Wow~ it seems you guys want to work me to my bones 😉 Not that I’m complaining~ My snack time is increasing haha]  Enjoy!

TL: Miki

TLC: lovelyxday

Editors: Argos Yesu, Kiseki

Chapter 27


Battle Frenzy – Chapter 8

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Here’s a chapter~

NOTE: King of Speech has been changed to All-mouthy King to better express the pun in English. Check out the footnote in chapter 7 for more details. And a shout out to user Meh for coming up with a decent way of expressing it.

Translator: Ruze
Editors: Argos

Chapter 8